Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The West especially the Mountain West, of America, is where our Confederate ancestors were in ,in 1863

I read with great interest a column by Daniel Lewis on a Facebook group I follow on not being forced to associate with folks that you don't want to. However in that lane what if you were forced to live where you didn't want to because big corporations, Government and just plain greed demanded you have to live in a big metro area? Consider this. People in rural areas of this nation, to get better than DSL Internet in what's called high speed Internet, have to live in areas like say a metro area like Salt Lake City Utah, Portland Oregon, or Seattle Washington. If you live where I do here in western Wyoming , or rural Idaho, forget anything in the 1 gig mbps area of bandwidth or velocity. You'll be lucky if you get 100 down, and maybe if your lucky 4mbps up. Some areas are only slightly higher and only in areas where optic fiber has been strung, but even then your at the mercy of the amount of other people online when you are. Of course children get a better education in major cities according to some estimates yet, I learned more when I went to a two room school, and where there were 4 grades to what would be High School. There wasn't anything in our schools in Hazzard called Junior High. At the dawning of the 2nd term of the Obama administration. There was a concept that was floated here in the nation, that said TV stations would have to go digital, and give up their analog signals. The promise was to use that air spectrum, to give everyone true broadband Internet. What really happened? The spectrum was ran up the flag pole and an auction was held for Cell phone companies to bid on. This was championed by former FCC Chairperson Tom Wheeler, who was in bed with Verizon. Guess who won that auction. However the senseless tragedy was that rural American out on farms and ranches like here in the west, had to switch to either cable where available, or satellite with diminishing programming. Plus Americans had to rush to the mass electronics store like Best Buy, Walmart and others to buy? Yep new televisions. Oh sure there was this thing that if you ponied up $45.00 the Government would give you a discount ticket for the remainder of the cost of a new TV. Trouble is, very few got that discount ticket in the mail, as for me I never did. Then there was a digital converter that was to be near free on the same concept. Guess what few got one. As long as you were hooked up to cable or satellite you were good to go. So now you had to have a 650 credit rating to be able to sign up for cable and or satellite. TV was no longer free as it was once. Then you had the EPA come in telling farmers that their livestock couldn't produce so much harmful gas. Reason, city folk couldn't stand the smell. How you going to tell milk cows not to smell up the air? Then came grazing restrictions which eventually resulted in one man at the Idaho/Oregon border getting shot by the Justice Department's agent just because the man was reaching for a cell phone. 
Everyday I open my inbox, and read from trade publications, of the industries I'm involved in having conventions and trade shows in major metro states, mostly out back east. While the economies of rural western cities, even Salt Lake City, Boise, Pocatello and Twin Falls, gets forgotten , yet we have just as good if not even better than those cities back east. 
In 1863, there were men and just people not willing to accept the changes that anything but honest Abe and his band of pirates were about to throw down on our southern ancestors. The acts were dubbed the battle against northern oppression and invasion. Now in 2017 the West is sitting in the same boat as was our southern ancestors. Rural America needs to be raised up out of DC oppression, and Eastern USA, aggression. 
There are people that have asked me, why I don't just move south to say Alabama , Texas or some such. First its not as easy as one would think. To move I'd have to find a service shop for the same money I'm paying now($750.00) a month(good luck) in a southern state. Two ; unfair or not its a real effort to move a radio station, 3: another boat load of expense moving my trucks, and myself along with SheWolf down south, and number 4: Texas and area states, flat don't like bikers. All of which means I can't just load up a UHAUL and transplant. Its one thing for me to head home to Twin Falls Idaho from Western Wyoming, its a monumental thing to move south. That said I'm fighting for two Confederacies. One for our southern heritage, and rights, the other is what I call, the Western Confederacy. The goal, of the Western Confederacy is simply to get President Trump and other DC occupiers to recognize that there is an entire nation between Los Angeles California and New York City. So that things like getting the BLM and other Federal agencies out of Wyoming so that the coal and oil mining and drilling can resume making our states prosperious again. And so that eastern and big city sportsman don't keep coming up in our areas shooting wolves for sport. I want to see more of that big city telecom and education money come west and enrich our western rural schools, TV stations, Radio stations. I'd even like to see the FCC, broken up and a new agency, created that was regional, after all who in DC is going to understand that there are great expanses of people not being served by a local small mom and pop radio station in Wyoming or Idaho? President Trump has called the electronic media corrupt. I fully agree, to the extent that you have big media firms like FoX News, NBC,CBS and so on, with big radio firms like Cumulus and I Heart radio controlling the airwaves. Back in 2013 there was a pitch by Tom Wheeler and Obama himself to establish community radio. Not controlled by the big media firms. So a PRM was put out that, minorities, Native tribes, and religious organizations and community service organizations like the AyreWolvez/Knytes-of-Dixie could apply for what was termed class C LPFM(Low-Power-FM) licenses. The Knytes were lucky in that we squeeked by and snagged one license for our founding town of Hazzard Idaho, others weren't. My dare challenge to the new FCC Chair, is this, how about opening up the application process for both FM and AM rural community station licenses? If President Trump wants to combat media corruption, I have an idea, put a few more smaal town mom & Pop stations up reporting honest news and content, dethrone those big media giants and watch how that corruption recedes . Yes At first it was our southern states, in the 1860's. Today its the Mountain West. It's time we fight for us as well.
Have a great day.

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