Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Sunday Howl

Before I get into my report here, I need to come to a point here. I saw in this morning's Mormon Times a church spin-off of the Deseret News, about the LDS Church becoming a Friend of the Court , on transgender restrooms . While I'm not one that would relish having some heshe visit where I poop, I would feel even worse if I thought some shehe decided to go wiz where my wife poops. So in that regard I'm all for the Church taking albeit a limited stand on the issue. My question becomes how many other things is or has or will the Church go from being a religious organization to a political one? And why is it always Utah ground zero on Church policy? More over attempting to influence Church policy in areas where the issue does not concern Utah. Example, when the Lottery was being pushed in Idaho as a way to gain some advancement in school funding, and infrastructure enhancements, the Church was pouring over those pancakes like maple syrup. Something to do with people spending their hard earned money on games or a game of chance, but then coming to the church for food and assistance when those parishioners had spent all their resources. The real thing? Many of those spending the money were and still are from Utah. Here in Etown we have a horse track complete with gambling and two bars downtown that hosts such activities, want to count how many Utah against Wyoming license plates there are at such events? Same goes for Wendover Nevada and Idaho. If there's a big payout we get Utahrds in like pesky insects during summer breeding season. But the Church says don't do it. I agree with the Church, example, standing in line to get my can of Skoal the other night at Flying J. Kid, must have only been maybe in his mid 20's runs in, with a game ticket. The drawing had just taken place. Well this young man is a dejected. He explained he had just spent, $40.00 to drive here to Etown, to do the drawing. My advice was, why not just have stayed home, bought his child some diapers and paid his bills, rather than , well, take a gamble? 
The influence of the LDS Church is sizable. Like my Cousin Bud once said when he was alive, if Your in Rome do as the Romans do, when your in, Utah do as the Church instructs you to do. 
Which brings me to the next piece. 
Brother McFadden last week, got together with me to facilitate repairs on a car of his. I'm more into bikes and heavy trucks, but I thought I'd give it a look see. Of which, I expected to do that come past Monday. The car cleared of snow, ready so that Rick and I could drag it out to HCC(our shop) and begin a diagnostic and render the fix. Interupted by the call for assistance to unload a DT rig, at the storehouse. A small discussion of the radio station, and upcoming, Air EVAC project, mostly our radio station . Dave I think wants to get on board there, and rightly so, but he is hessitant because he has a family to support. The thing is the guy or gal out there in 18 wheels delivering America, in all kinds of weather making about what he or she did, in 1973 needs a voice, for entertainment, News, and companionship in that cab as he or she rolls those long black ribbon miles. That was why this radio op, was put together in the first place. Dave says, he did not see where the return on investment is; my answer? The truck dealers, and equipment manufacturers and suppliers. Etown sits in prime real estate for this kind of broadcast enterprise. But now that I have said that. 
In 2008 when the decision was made to give a bit more moxy to our biker side of the Knytes, and I fully emersed myself in that lifestyle I have felt a more open arm, wide open arm welcome and a unification of a family, than I have with truckers, the towing brethren, and in some ways even my southern brethren. With my biker friends and family, one does not get the middle finger just because your not from one geographic location. With my two-wheeled, uncaged family, I'm accepted anywhere and everywhere. Yes there is the respect of invading other club's territory, but once you let your presence be known, all of us are the first to buy the other a root beer. I will add here, that in 2011 when I went back over to Heyburn Idaho. I was a member of a ward of the LDS denomination. Yet was always looked down upon because I did not dress as fancy as some of the rest there. When I did finally get back to Twin Falls there, I started to go to the Knytes's Church. Now what makes this what it is. There was seldom, a meeting house for church. We met beside the Snake River down on highway 30 at a rest area. Strummed a guitar , sang and worshiped. There was no judgemental anything on what you wore, what you rode, or how big, short, or such, just that you were there. 
When I reluctantly relocated to Ogden and eventually to Etwon here, and started going back into the LDS thing, I found that again albeit not said, but that I was judged because of one small event due to mistaken identity and thus age, and the fact that I wore jeans with rips in them. Several times the Bishop wrote out a clothing order, but I was not physically able to cruise to Ogden Utah to Deseret Industries to pick it up. In 3 nearly 4 years now could it hurt one or two members of the Church, to do taxi service down and back so I could get some more proper clothes. This translates back to the acceptance thing of our Club and the biker community. Bikers accept each other, not for what they ride, how they dress, bikers accept each other for who we are as a person.
Finally before I get ready for church. 
There is still a move in view for myself and my soon to be bride. The move is to put myself back home in Twin Falls Idaho or immediate area. However there are some things that need to be finished up here. First the reason I'm here and why I have went through hell for 4 years for, that being this radio station. Once that is done and staffed with a supervisor in place, then its off to Salt Lake City Utah to finish things there along the same road. Any mile more to come this afternoon after Church.

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