Thursday, February 23, 2017

The start of yesterday was bad .

Yesterday started out bad and ended with me making many decisions. I had just barely let out my new canine friend Lacey. Lacey came to me through a dear friend, and was just barely gaining some life. Yesterday some jackass that was half drunk, came flying through the complex and hit her. By the time I got her to the vet, her life ended. Lacey was so damn cute you couldn't believe it. I have only known two animals in my life that could go potty on the potty, lay down in bed spread eagle like myself, and sit under a seatbelt on the General, like these two. If Lacey, got hungry, she'd clumsy as it was, but she'd pick up her bowl, by herself bring it over to me and look up at me, telling me she needed food. If I was in the bathtub, Lacey would wander on in, get on the toilet seat then jump in the tub with me. Normally I leave Lacey out at the shop, but because I couldn't afford to pay another $500.00 to fill the propane tank, no heat. So rather than have her freeze I brought her home. A cop showed up here, wrote the bastard a damn ticket and a warning, since it was on private property. Really? The fartknocker just ran over my puppy, and he gets to go out and drive? So I ventured over to CokeVille to check that out, spent most of the day there as well as up in Montpelier looking at housing. Then finally decided to cruise home. I stopped at a pull out area at Sage Creek Junction, said a prayer where I got told that this area was a mistake and no good could come from trying to make the swines ear into a silk purse. Then drove home, went out to the shop, where I proceeded to get stuck, and buried . The guy next door to me reluctantly plowed a way out , but should there not be snow removal for the kind of rent I'm paying? Once I got out of there, went to use my vaccum, guess what? the little belt inside decides to give up. Aske our complex manager where to get such a thing? So I want down to our local Cazzin's True Value store where that slogan of we can help you, on their TV ad's is no wany in heck accurate . But hey we can order it for you. Which I had em do, and hopefully I can get my floor clean on Friday. 
Understand, I'm not saying Twin Falls Idaho, doesn't have its share of idiots and assholes. Cause it does, I'm not saying Twin Falls Idaho doesn't have a slight infrastructure because it does, and there still are things it needs. However since I stupidly left there in 2013 things have boomed. Idaho overall has quadruppled its population base and with it commerce is flourishing. My Subaru having a bad battery in route to Ogden Utah from Twin Falls when I was just considering moving should have been an omen or at least a strong message from Heavenly Father saying, "Don't go there, don't do this." Same thing happened when I left Woods Cross Utah to move here to Etown, in 2014, which was the result of a serious con. The smart thing, when the people who said they had a apartment, that was a sad trailer full of mice out in the boondocks with no access to cable for both TV and Internet, the only Internet was through this crooked bunch of assholes called NGL Wireless. Who because I was complimentry to one of their female staff, thought I was putting the moves on her, and at the end of December 2014 switched me off, came out and took their stuff. No real problem, the only reason I resisted was not the fact they wanted their equipment back, but because I had put a lot of data on the computer they lent me. Who knows what they would do with that data? All I wanted was time to delete what I had put on it, and they could have it. Now to add insult to injury, my cell phone had really died, since my charger was still in Woods Cross, plus my pickup had a really frozen engine due to sub zero cold, and yet from a neighbors house I called NGL to ask what the deal was that they unplugged me? Now when I signed up for the service it was based on me seeing if it would work for the heavy usage I do online. It was supposed to be one month free. But I was being billed. So I paid the $276 some odd dollars with my credit card. What happened to the free? More over where was my refund? Nearly 4 years now still no refund. It was shortly after that, that I moved here to the Wentworth. I only planned on being here for a few months while my friend Nate fixed the little truck. Again 4 years nearly. The list of atrocities that I have had to live through and forgive people for as Heavenly Father tells me to, would make a Black man turn white. Bottom line, I have had it, and I'll be damned if I'm going to go another year in this piss ass'd tiny town. Maybe when all the snow melts, it will cause a flood so bad that it pushes the entire town into the Bear River. 
As for me? I'm done. 

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