Friday, February 17, 2017

Stinky sneaky tried but no explosion, not even a puff

So this morning I awoke, came out to the computer and it was running. the screen was off but the main box running. So after a hard restart, I checked my inbox. Come to find this seat cover by the the name of Vikkie or such on there wanting me to befriend her on Facebook. Yea I know, Facebook, the social plague of the Internet that is more like a snakes bin, and a rumor mill than a so called social site. 
So come to find, that this Vikkie is a friend of the dropped hangaround Martin Clark. The real bedrock of this is this. Seemed that as soon, as I mentioned that the Club because of remarks on a group page on FB, said some very mean things about my old lady. Things that were more than not nice. So okay I turned the screenshots of the posts and personal pages of the perps over to the Club's attorneys and there's a big investigation of those people going on even as I write this. On that matter. So had my old lady look into this Vikkie, she says she wants to be one of our talent finds. In reality? Infiltrate the Knytes. Not going to happen. 
Sorry honey, I might be a confederate in Wyoming, but I ain't stupid.

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