Thursday, February 16, 2017

She just thinks the idea is returned

Had a true set of rays of daylight today, first was LexiBelle fired up, right off with not much prodding, then out craps an giggles fired up Lil Wolf. So to say I'm feeling a bit uphoric is an understatement. Which is a sharp contrast from the night before, when my trusty desktop, decided to take a serious shit. but a few taps here and there, its now running, as good as it can. Do have a 4 terabyte hard drive coming, and will have my friend down at Cajun Computers to put that in. This was the reason, most of the day I wasn't on the air, nor online. Got a phone call from Senator Enzi's office, today. Saying they are willing to look at the road blocks to us getting our AM on the terrestrial airwaves. This was after all that I relocated from metro Utah to this deep freeze of Wyoming. 
Getting our station license is both something satisfactory, as well as spooky. Satisfactory in doing what few have or were willing to do. Bring to light a tail kicking radio station on a forgotten radio band called AM. The spooky part is that finding people, the human resources to turn the gears that make full time radio station go. My friend and Club member Nate, was saying LIVE radio is a forgotten thing. I say phooey, let's get personality back into radio. Let's not be frightened to go LIVE and be that way 24/7/365. The problem with that is simple, where are you going to find one, let alone he & she teams into a studio to talk, and do comedy and groove on music? 
But we are getting there. More over , it looks like we're getting something, called affiliation with ABC News. 
The worm has turned but it's turning ever so slowly.
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