Sunday, February 12, 2017

No matter how you try there will always be hecklers

It makes no difference what the task, or project, the minute you start hitting your stride, there will always be the few that will make it their mission to reduce or reduce the velocity of that stride. Let's examine this from the point of view of this Alpha Wolf. Don't ask me where they came from or why, but thing is there's this maggot that goes by the screen name of Beaver Prick. He has an associate named David Klotz. Who anytime these idiots can invade one of my circles they find the need to jump in and create at minimum a point of doubt. Calling me and of course the Club fake or worse. So lets look at that and them. Both of these idiots, have false email accounts, to gain entry to Facebook. Guess what? Mine and the Club's has been alive and transparent since 1995. Oh yes I'm sure there was the Internet long before 1995, but myself, and the Club found it un-needed to be computerized. A phone and snail mail were fine with us. If you look up Mr. Ktz and Beaver mess, on the net for a phone number, none work or are not any longer operational. Mine have been operational since 1973. Can they say that. I can remember very solidly, the same thing when I did my TV show on Pocatello's Vision12 Cable Access channel. There was one meatball, by the name of Oglvie who was a elf looking feller that was a bouncer at a bikini bar there in the Gate City. As it went, one of the gals who danced there, lived in the same complex as I did there. She invited me to the 91 bar there and I went. The reasons I went back was not to endugle in the dancers, but $1.00 drafts and a cheeseburger that was Heaven was the reason I went there. One evening after this super skini chick came by offering body shots, Bryan the CEO of KPIF TV there who I was a friend of, we were chatting and he suggested having one of those dancers be on the TV ad's for then Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio that evolved into HazzardAyre. Apparently this Mr. Oglvie was smitten with one of these dancers and felt threatened and had to start a turff war. He was on my TV show through landline phone saying that LexiBelle was fake. Only because it wasn't in Pocatello, but in storage in Rupert. All the time, I kept saying, if you don't believe, get off your ass and away from your keyboard and come look. Once I moved to Goon's Ferry Idaho, I had a few there uttering the same noises. Again I said, get in whatever mode of transportation waste a few dollars on some go-go juice and come look, LexiBelle is just outside my door. When one did, that for a time shut em up. A very wise associate of the Club's, a man named Mike Parkhurst, original publisher of the Overdrive, and then President of the Independent Truckers Association, said it best. Don't spread false rumors about me and I will not tell the truth about you. 
I recently barked that when you are the Alpha Wolvez you always have a target on your back. I can remember from Bryan, who as it would turn out, and I were doing up promos for the Club, and eventually the organization was in line to purchase KPIF, before it folded. But Bryan and I went into KPVI-6 on some ad business. The attitude of KPVI was not exactly in a mind to be team players, with KPIF. When Bryan said, " when your the top of the heap, you always have a target on your back. Everyone else in the same line of work or knows someone who is that your stepping on toes are envious and wants a piece of that pie". What I can say is this; the Knytes are the top champions of all things trick go fast , super classic exotic things that burns gas and has tires. We started with meager means, we have grown into a power house , that set the standard and wrote the book on all things hot rod shows and clubs in the Mountain West. There are many people that flat don't like us, and would have a cheering party if somehow we folded. The thing that really bothers many is; Most, not all, but most of those firms that thumbed their noses at the Knytes, have folded themselves or at least lost a bunch of business. Example: Speaking of KPVI-6, have you noticed that when they were and continued to give us a headache, they were the ones hurting themselves. KPVI-6 is no longer available on Cable-One. OOps. There's a very long list, just as when KMVT-11 was caught using our content, on their newscasts, they themselves not only got fined, by regulatory agencies, but darn near lost their license. 
Things are going to take a different course however starting in August when the new administration of the Knytes takes over. While not a member himself, Jonny's wifes Dad is a notable defense attorney in Burley. Not afraid of taking Mr. Klotz and his friends to court to sue for defamation. There's quite a few that had to do that on Facebook to my wife to be on some Wrecker group. Most of em don't have a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out of, and one works at a Walmart, yea a real tow truck guy. But hey between them, and Facebook's reluctance to rein in on them and their bullying, guess what ? Big money return, their loss. 
HazzardAyre Radio is on, at 06:00 be there.

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