Saturday, February 25, 2017

No Crickets chirping here

It looked good on the table, but the tater bowl wasn't stable. went past the lips and past the gums, but once it hit my belly it came out my bum. Guess it's a fact that there are no places worth going out to eat in Etown Wyoming. The countdown is now 32 days. Where at least the staples of such dining enjoyment places as the Depot Grill, abound. 
Ever go to a Facebook page or a group, and its so empty in there that you nearly can hear the crickets chirp? Or for that matter get a emailed post from one of your best magazines, that you have read 100 times through the past week. Can't these people at least post something new and informative? For that matter for many weeks you don't see even a note from a contact then all of a sudden you see many postings. Granted the person might have not had money for Internet or at least Smart Phone interconnectivity or the fact that maybe they were in jail somewhere. But all of a sudden there they are. Of Course There is the following the crowd not sure to strike out on their own or be an individual. Example, when it comes to soda pop. Many follow the popular brands, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Coke, me I like Mountain Dew's hidden cousin , DewShine. The stuff just tastes better, isn't as bloaty and cures my thirst. Same used to go for my choice of Barley pop. My choice for years was Red Dog. Which one can't get west of the Mississippi . So I had to settle for Bud. One of the reasons amongst many but one thing that makes me still proud to wear the Globe and Anchor, is the fact in this nation I can be an individual. Not just follow the popular or the common path that everyone else does. I'm not one who blindly follows orders or authority. One of the lines at the end of the original version of the theme from the Dukes-of-Hazzard says fighting the system. That theme went all through that series, and I believe in that. Face it, no matter where you look, both political parties are corrupt and pushing us towards a one world order. In the next election, what your going to find is, either Michelle Obama, or someone like her is going to be battling for the hot seat in DC. Trump will be outsed, if he lasts that long, face it Trump is a great business person, but not a very good President. I call it all the party of Republiocrats and if we're successful the Confederate National Party. 
Let me give you an example. In the pursuit of an expired FCC license to a more than dead radio station here in Etown, I approached Senator Mike Enzi's office for help. The clerk there said she sent it over to the FCC, yet no noise. When our organization needed to refile for the LPFM license for our station in Buhl Idaho, because much of our staff were fighting fires in Sun Valley Idaho area, the FCC wouldn't even answer our requests. I made two calls, to Idaho Senator Mike Crapo's office. Know what? Not only did we get a response, we got the license. It was bada bing bada boom. Out of many things ask yourself which state in the Mountain West has the most job and population growth, lets just say, it ain't Utah, and damn well ain't Wyoming. That's just in our area. Across this nation, our national population is tearing itself apart, like buzzards pulling apart a dead rabbit. Outside of you who are a Knyte or member of the Wolf Pack, I won't even bark at ya'll for contributions. Especially from people on Facebook and such. To get any traction on Facebook, you have to be first; female, being a minority ethnic female is best. Have 5 children, be on some sort of government support. And have a cause that's not really trying to change anything or rock the canoo. Then you'll get help from Facebook, or some such. Being a rebel, fighting the system, anti-establishment confederate, nope you will not get anything really serious. I have appealed to the Secessionist Party group, very little response except the usual thumbs up. Only one lady who felt we were moving too slow and is in real bad health had to take time off. But anyone else, could they not put off one weekends beerfest and donate that same amount to the Knytes to aid in the fight for true liberty and independence? There is a long list of these atrocities, and there's no real change going to happen until people get off their rear ends and disguard such things as geographical locations and such and admit we're all in this fight together.
Idaho this past week past a law that prohibits profiling of riders just because of their cuts and colors. Last week on the Secssesonists groups page there was the , north don't belong barking about things southern. I'd like to speak on that. Jefferson Davis, and Robert E, always were wanting to spread the message of Confederate values nationwide. Not just the 13 southern region states. Just because of circumstances you happen to have your feet planted in snow rather than southern sand, does not mean that what ya'll were raised on, and taught left you. To put it simply, Dixie is not just a place on Earth, it's a place in your heart and soul. For me its in my heart and soul, and my blood runs confederate grey. Sadly economics prevents me from moving south. But that doesn't prevent me through HazzardAyre Radio, from being the voice of all things Southern. But does any of those so called Facebook groups, that think that by waving the flag of Dixie and all will get them brownie points, ever open a wallet, to support HazzardAyre Radio, or for that matter SouthernSteele TV? Nope, Do I forgive? Yes, will I forget? I'll let ya'll make your own call on that. 
For me when I think about it, our individualism and liberty is slipping away, as for me, I'm not going to be like many and just fall in line. In Star Trek Next Generation lore, there's the Borg, Organizing all populated planets of any sizable amount into a collective. In essence assimilate everyone. I for one believe that resistance is not futile. And I will resist assimilation with every breath in my lungs. I may loose, but at least when I pass those front gates of Heaven guarded by two United States Marines, I can look at them salute and say at least I gave it the best I had. 
Okay then, Sorry this is taking long, just had a bunch of things to say. 
Getting back to empty Facebook groups, pages, repeated news stories from major to minor news services, I think, here we in the Knytes and in SouthernSteele Media hammering things out. We are a mere sliver of 10 of an organization of 250,000 nationwide and in Canada, and Australia. We write the copy, produce radio, and TV, dig up content, write these Blogs and the printed version, and there is little if anything repeated. We create our own graphics, page hedders and so on. Yet here's these multi member and employed people who can't seem to come up with anything creative, or at least Fresh. It's like in 2007/2008 when I was residing in Pocatello, doing Cable Access TV. I went in to do a half hour gig once a week, on military aviation history. What I ended up doing was 4 shows two hours each a week. Why? My stuff was new, innovative and for once even Nielsen ratings popped up on a TV channel not usually on Nielsen's radar. When CH-6 there In Pocatello went to City hall to shut me up because I was upstaging their news. It didn't last long. All of a sudden I lead a outreach of Pocatello City that people in public places was watching, in bars, and cafe's that had cable TV. When I look back on it, I just should have kicked the ass and cut the throat of that little Elf at that bikini bar in Pocatello. 
Reason? Me and the chief engineer at Vision12 there in Pocatello were in the process of doing up an over the air TV channel mirroring Vision12 but for all to watch even if they watched with rabbit ears. However that license and on TV channel license near Gooding Idaho that the Knytes through SouthernSteele Media still owns, is the foundation under what will be relaunched in 2018 as SouthernSteele TV. And why do we do it? Because none of the Knytes or the WolfPack, will rest easy until this flag
 is flying over every state capitol and public building from sea to sea. Now if you think it can't happen, think again. I can remember in 2007, there was a movement in Idaho to get recognition, of our POW/MIA Brethren. The POW/MIA Flag was just an afterthought. Today from the state capitol to every Post Office to City Hall, in Idaho, you will see the POW/MIA Flag flying just under old glory. This can happen nationwide for our Flag of Dixie
 but it takes effort. That's why I do what I do. Any mile catch ya'll in a few on the air and on on HazzardAyre Radio.


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