Friday, February 10, 2017

My Life yesterday Thursday and doing my radio show is not that easy

The need for relief, came very powerful yesterday morning. Got off the air, and with the stress of finances of a personal nature, the tiff twixed Shelly and I the night before, that is really just a continuation of the same fight that started shortly after she stepped off the bus here in Etown. Even then my brain thought , naw not this, and just about drove off to forget what I had done, but after spending nearly $300.00 on a one way bus ticket thought again, and said to myself, ah lets see where this goes. 
I have yet wondered why she was ready to make such a leap to venture out here. I understand that part of it was being homeless or nearly that way living with her aging mother, and goofy brother in a tent in the back yard of her Uncle & Aunt. Plus on my part I thought hey I see an additional source of revenue coming into the Lair. Shop paid each month, utilities paid and so it went in essence split expenses. Nope squeezing funds out of Shelly was like squeezing juice out of a frozen orange, it gets there but my does it take time. With having to nearly beg, plus being told how to run the business and even then getting accused of having an unguided missle, I thought can't do this. So packed her butt outta here. By May most things had leveled off, still had the shop, through countless quick Check loans, life was good. Until Chad's Automotive burned me for $650.00 for a fix on a main bearing etc on LiL Wolf, so when Shelly said she'd pay the Club back for the medical bills and all, I thought groovy, money. Limped on July hit a snag with that Amscot money card of hers. Amscot claimed they hadn't stubbed a toe, but a computer read out of fake charges proved Shelly right. They're still taking Amscot to court on that, so I had to get help from the Church just so I could make shop rent. Which is about where I'm at this month. So yes I'm sweating shop rent. Got everything else paid , but that, but can't find $750.00 for this month. Sure the shop would help, but in going over the books for the changeover from Lemmons administration of the Club, to Muir's , discovered the shop with all the expense and the fact of weather conditions causing the entry of the shop to be blocked by snow drifts, the shop has only made just under $4,000.00 . So Club is not that encouraged in the idea of spending money on it. So then, Shelly did well paying her share until October. Again a breach with Amscot. Am I mad at Shelly for that? Yes and no. No, from the standpoint that she most likely did get funds stolen, through an identity theft situation. Yes, I'm pissed at her for not doing as I told her when the first one hit. Take the money she gets from SSI, get a Wells Fargo account, and have them just directly deposit the money from her account into mine. The real thing here, is she doesn't trust me enough yet, to put her finances in Club control. Or even mine. And considering where this relationship might be heading that might be wise. Since this next week , I'll need to find if I can another shop, or find $750.00 to save the one I have now. 
I'm not yet saying I'm splitting up with Shelly, or anything and she might be what I need, since I can't for any number of reasons move to Waco Texas. Just can't afford that, Texas don't like bikers. But rigs aren't yet ready for a run to Central Idaho yet, so need to find a safe harbor for my trucks to do my own wrenching, and just move, and the answer to the question, why haven't I been doing that, do the math, out of $1100.00 a month, there is $750.00 shop rent, $160.00 house rent, $250.00 for cable/internet, And roughly $300.00 a month in utilities power and natural gas for heat. I'm always in the red, without a whole helluva bunch of a good return, from towing . Summer its a bit better, since there's the motorcycle repair and money made flying dusting crops, but winter it's not that fluid. And the Radio station money? Anything it makes goes straight to the Club, not one dime goes in my pocket. But I do it for the Club and the brotherhood that makes that up. Which brings me to this. Flipping this to Twin Falls, which from what I'm reading is under flooding conditions, with the melting of one helluva snow pack many of southern Idaho highways back roads and even farms are currently under water. So with that said getting back on point here.
Putting together radio shows, even if they are delivered over internet is a lot of work at least if you want online radio. There is a big wide difference between a podcast and online radio. What HazzardAyre did and continues to do, is take what was good on over the air radio and transplant it to over IP, to our delivery points, and But that said, it takes hours of prep time. Researching topics, downloading music, writing copy, just to name a few of the tasks needed, not to mention begging business's to drop some coin on our network to advertise their small business's. In Twin Falls , I had albeit many that were space cases, but still I had a staff to do these tasks. All I needed to do is write my show, park my ass and deliver it. Much of that material, came from just doing something simple, like sitting in the Foodcourt, at the Magic Valley Mall, munch on a sub sandwich, and observe . I got to observe all kinds of people in all kinds of conditions and situations. Then I'd go home scribe my findings then deliver. Now sure I had my duties to Charlie at A1, plus running my own tow company, but I made enough from Charlie every month to where I had some spare, albeit sparse, but some extra pocket change each month. But I had the help staff there for the radio gig. Yes mostly female, and one that was a manger when it was still operating, Radio Shack, who gave us a slight discount, and a bit of ad coin. Here in grand ole Etown, nothing of the kind. Which means I have to alternate my days and arrange time to do it all myself. Some days radio, the others shop. Where are all those damn interns and helpers? Where is Sidney, Chy, Lexi, Andrea, and all the rest that were so gung ho? Must be MIA or something. Let me give you a quicky here though that slaps this town in its face. And yes its too damn bad that money due to some banking/Amscot crap stopped it in its trax, but hear me out, stay with me. 
Last September, I was farting around the Web, and one of the guys staying here at the time with me said, hey lets put up a free ad, on this radio trade want ad site. So I did. second week of September this gal named Cody-Lee, said she wanted to join our A-Team here. So I said okay come on up, take a look try it out. Told her it was in where we live, but she said okay and came up. Got here mid September. Did two weeks of some damn great radio. Fixed one computer and my I could use her here for that now. But grand Shelly, got a burr under her butt of assuming that Cody and I were doing more than radio, so put a pinch on the money. First of October arrived , no money to pay Cody, Cody got pissed, and split. Cody was willing to go out, beat the bushes to get local business's here to spend money on the station to fund her show. The Club was thrilled to say the least. Because of Shelly, no Cody, radio funds got low, and so I have to do all of this myself. 
So closing out here, why did I just unplug Thursday and just unwind my mind? If you've read all this now you know, plus now ya'll know why Shelly is once again, is on the hook, for another $5,000.00 to the Club, for the money she caused the Club, to loose due to her jealousy of Cody. TTYLY See Ya'll on the Radio overnight Friday into Saturday.


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