Saturday, February 18, 2017

Know your battle ground Before YOU deploy resources

So been watching a bunch of video today, started with LaffTV and ended with a dumb show series on Hulu, trust me the latter wont go very far. So then checked my email, saw a posting by TMG so read it. There was a ping there about voice talent auditions. My have I been there. So many auditions both for on air here at the station, as well as ads for the Knyte Research  and related ops like HazzardAyre. You ask for a southern accent, many can't. Ask for a more deep forest accent or flavor for a script read, or and this one is key, getting some gal to come in and howl, like our Wolvez. I remember that immensly/ . I went to a meet and greet script read once. The gals looked so hot, most could melt a cheese sandwhich from across the room. Some got the toew smooch okay, however when it came to the tag wolf howl, they sounded like coyotes or screams rather than a wolf's howl. Many who showed up for that could have snagged the part, but just did not go home before the audition, yet I spent 4 hours there and the trip to Orem Utah. Another one slightly similar. We were (still are) casting for a ad and some promotional bits for both HCC and RodeWolf Toewing. Two days before I had instructed Vickie who owns TMG out of Murray Utah, that what I wanted to see was hot bodies in very tight biker leather, as well as some very leggy types and in nylons, that looked a bit smelly, well worn, and slightly scrungy that would make any guy looking through the TV at home, could really smell and taste those toes in hose, even if they were not there with our talent in person. Only one had the right look , feel, and personality. The rest were just a real waste of my time. The fact that TMG only gave me 5 minutes per audition was bad enough , but no toew smooch. There were many problems, but the fact that neither TMG or their talent had dove into the project was the problem. 
If your going to do an audition you go into the audition after absorbing what the client wants. There is no excuse today for not doing so. If your going to do an audition to voice and visual of a Cowboy store, or horses, go out to a stable, go to a rodeo, or just watch a video of a rodeo. The PRCA has tons of videos to watch. Doing up some audition on going towing, watch old videos of Wrecked from SpeedTV or Highway thru Hell, its been on long enough.
Or on bikes and the biker community? Michele Smith, of the old American Thunder from SpeedTV is a perfect example. She parlayed that so smooth, from introduction, to segments it was a pleasure 
 She made American Thunder rumble. The difference? This Michelle got down in the mud and wasn't affraid to get dirty. She researched the subject matter, dressed for the part and delivered.
If one is to audition and be cast, you need to know the subject and or product, or at least what the paying client is looking for. Talent agencies need to do their parts. They know what of their talent can do a project and who will not fit, these agencies like TMG and Lasting Impressions, Needs to give casting directors enough time to explore the abilities of the talent their auditioning. The list of other points is very long, but if talent wants to get booked they need to know what they are doing and who they're doing it for. With the Internet and Google as well as Bing , the online research is so easy. Every company of reality has at least a Facebook page, most too, are on sites like Google Business, and/or Yelp. One of the most important things though, is for talent to SHOW UP, on an audition. Don't sit there and tease someone, say your going to be there, then not be there, or not giving prior notice. Clients have business's to run, their time is valuable you wouldn't keep your Doctor waiting, so don't keep a client or producer waiting for you, just because you got the jitters all of a sudden on a project. Keep this idea in mind, its not Burger King, you get the gig the way the client wants it or you don't get the gig at all. 

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