Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Got to see my Sidney today in black hose and red skirt just for me at our local Pilot

So being as it was, that chew was needed before I got into this afternoons edition of HazzardAyre Radio I ventured over to the Pilot Travel plaza here in Etown. Hoping that the idiot from Sunday would not be there. So walked in and found to my great surprise , Sidney, who is maintaining a blonde hair color. But this was not all , nope as it is Valentines Day, she figured I'd be wandering in today, must be a 6th sense of hers. Any mile, there she was, wearing a red short skirt, black stockings, and the traditional red top of Pilot. When I inquired why? She just responded that , she knew I was going to drop by, and for Valentines Day she dressed for me. To say I wasn't impressed, would be an understatement. With that in mind, Sid will be in Wednesday at 14:00 . Don't hold your breath, but I think she'll get here.
Okay then. Got in touch with Senator Enzi today the Senator from Wyoming on two issues. One the death sentences of the Wolf population of northern Wyoming, the other issue our radio station. Our license is now on a suspended basis. Reasons are no operational staff, besides me, and two no professional facility. The latter will be tabled, provided that I get a minimum of a staff of 5, besides me. Hence why I'm pursuing Sidney. Sidney is not a radio/media person but she does possess the drive and ambition that HazzardAyre/KDXD AM requires. It's hardly a time that I walk into the Pilot, that she doesn't remember what I want even before I walk up to the cashiers desk. Nor does she miss a beat to call me to make sure I'm okay, and last Sid was the one that did not panic, when she discovered me lying in the bathtub with it running over with a mini stroke last November. That young gal picked me up, (265 pounds) Got me on my bed, and called 911 . In essence she saved my life, so I kinda owe her a bit for that. Now just need to find 4 more besides myself. Of course finding a more business location will help. And maybe it is a bit out there and of a different era, but I can remember when I was engaged to Eva, in Tooele Utah when we had no less than 8 hotties in the attic studio, for what was then Dixie-Diesel/Highway Hooker Radio there. None complained about wearing skirts and such to work, and we rather I had a gall darn staff. Maybe the Church standards are not as tight in Tooele Utah as they are here in Etown Wyoming. Heck even though the concept hadn't reached yet Etown, but one of Tooele's LDS Stakes, and our Ward there let me do a babptism. More L8R on air, starting in one hour on www.spreaker.com/user/ayrewolf on this afternoons edition of: HazzardAyre Radio.

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