Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday must be a day off for most people and can you say Clusterf, in print or on air?

Okay so one of our WyngNuts flew in to have lunch with me, so we went to Jody's Diner here. After all Friday's are the days of the week where most eat & gags have clam chowder. Of course we chatted about everything dealing with the hand off of the unit to Jonny and all, then we came to the point of now what? As it sits right now, the main target is finding a place, in Burley or that area of Idaho, get the pack together and migrate come April. Only one more month and yes the clock is ticking.
Okay then , moving on. So went to our local Pilot Travel Center here and found a bunch of idiots that looked like a monkey screwing a football. The problem is for every 5 people they hire, only about one gets the idea, the rest are a bunch of dope heads. As such I, have suspended the patronage of all of our fleet to this Etown location. That said, over at the Flying J , that is somehow the functional half of this very dysfunctional company, but the Flying J has its stuff together. By this time Steve had to fly out of here. Thing is though for an outsider to view this lack of forward thinking, and a town so stuck in the mud that it can't get any traction for its action, is a sad state of affairs. 
So I came back to the Lair, to go #2, on the potty, thinking too, that our complex manager would be here, so I could get in touch with her on the upcoming of our departure from this complex, but she was not here. My Bishop might as well reassign this indexing thing to someone else as come the first or so of April, my behind one way or another is out of here. Etown Wyoming is great if your retired or pretty much there to be. Its pretty even in the snow. However if your even at age 60, looking to create or build a company or headquarter one someplace, Etown(Evanston) Wyoming isn't the place to do it. Finally, saw in two trade publications the use of the word Clusterf. I'll let you fill in the last 4 letters. So question is; is it now okay to use the word Clusterf, in writing and/or media? 
As for me I'm headed for bed, see ya'll on the cyber radio.

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