Saturday, February 11, 2017

Did you really think this was over for the year? Plus, wasn't all that serious on Waco Texas

In a way it is pristine and beautiful, but if you thought the deep snow in Wyoming was over think again. When I went to slumber finally at 15:00 , it was near clear here and the big worry was flooding. Went to snag millk and grub and shazzam, deep, wet, and cold snow. 
 This is really deep wet snow. Snow plows were not out at 03:00 and one Fedex truck that apparently had no idea how to chain up a truck, was stuck under an overpass. So a bit of help with a snow plow, big Dixie and me he was off on his way. Hope he decided to go to a motel and sleep it off. Our complex's parking lot is as deep as it can be, and most likely nobody is going to plow it out until enough of these old lady's here complaign about it. Now sure its bad enough that older lady's have physical restrictions and limitations and so they make lots of noise in inclimate weather. I too have my limitations, with a heart that loves to skip beats and arteries that are needing cleaning, I can't be out shoveling snow. Sure I tow, that's is just what I do, the difference here? Tow truck does most of the work, I don't. When there's a need for shovels, I bark on the Motorola, to Mike and Steve. Yet a living complex that albeit reduced in rent rate still is for those physically challenged as well as those in witness protection programs. 50% of Evanston's population is made up of Witness Protection people, others are federally subsidized, and the rest just make here a sportsman vacation home place. There's not much else. Okay then. 
Yesterday because of recent events, I was Howling about relocation , perhaps to Texas somewhere. In part I was just teasing. If I don't get hitched to SheWolf as planned, I'm staying prowling these forests of life solo. Sure, I wouldn't mind visiting with our Angel from Texas, but live? No way. After Monkee in 1996 , I have been all alone and like it that way. I get up when I want, go to sleep when I want and outside of tow calls, I can settle in and hibernate and not worry much. Yes I'm in trouble with shop rent and all, but I'll make out, yes I'm dedicated to all things Knytes and WolfPack that means my duties on HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM but beyond that I don't give a rats butt about anything. What I've learned about wrenching I have done on my own, no trade school, reason I did, was simply out where we lived near Hazzard Idaho, on the farm, there wasn't no thrifty fix it shop near by. So I provided it. The reason I started towing was that it got expensive having other tow firms drag in the shells and bulk cars and trucks to customize and rebuild. After a while, few people were calling needing drug out of snow drifts, that made money, so LexiBelle begat Dark Angel, that begat big Dixie that begat Lazy Sherrie, and so on. Only two came here to Evanston , since there was no long term plan of remaining here. The Originial reason for me being here is to build and put into operation a Super Station radio station for those hauling through driving a truck. The choice of Etown, was that it was a con job by some jerk that said if we were here, he'd give us the key to KEVA AM, trouble was, he didn't even have the key. But after 3 years of battling with the FCC and others we own KEVA AM 1240. Which we need to put into operation by April, or forfeit the license. Plan is to just sell the license, and prove out our two other Construction Permits, in Malta Idaho and Aberdeen Idaho. The main problem, is no human resources here in Etown . Aberdeen Idaho? Human resources are plentiful in Pocatello Idaho with Idaho State University. Malta Idaho? Human resources are plentiful in Burley and nearby Twin Falls. ETown? Its lucky if you can get someone from metro Utah, and during the winter? Forget about it. We were lucky that I got even for a short term , Cody-Lee from Arizona. More later, need bacon and taters. 


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