Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Despite public want, women still have vaginas and men have penis's

I was reading with some interest and a slight chuckle of the condition written in Inside Radio Magazine, that women are not moving up in radio/TV as fast as men are. Seems to be a glass ceiling holding the female corpuscles from advancing. Okay, there may be some accuracy to that, but could it also be the reluctance of and the misperception of women as to operational conditions. Here's a great example; Here I sit in my apartment, running albeit a limited range but still a radio station. Finding the tasks are too numerous requires adding a assistant or two. Preferable of the feminine gender, so I advertise locally, nobody answers. Suggested it down at both Pilot, Travel Plaza and so on. Surely they might like to do radio at $20.00 an hour our bottom wage rate, rather than the maybe $10.00 they make at Pilot. Know what? No show. Now they don't say this, but I know what's in their minds and it is a catch 22. Their minds tell them , that going to somebody's house or domicile, must mean somebody wants to bed them. Not that I would, since I learned years ago that ain't no thing ya'll want to mess with. Think you fly, them is Venus Fly Trap. Now yes if we were, even if available, but even if there was retail or office space with a reasonable price tag that would help. I have been on the other side of the wall, and found having a official looking place, might attract the feminine species. But only slightly. There is still that perception of being alone in a 20X20 studio with this big bad wolf is going to get them ate, like little red riding hood. But yet women wonder why they don't get promoted or get in on higher paying tasks in media or even other professions. Reason? Women flat will not take the same risks that a man will. Women after all will protect that trap between their legs at all costs. Men , shit we don't care. Give most of us a beer and a burger and we'll go anywhere and do just about anything. I just wish the mainstream and national press and ones that will report things would flat tell the damn truth. Say it like it is and get down to the quik. Women will not work with men in tight fitting quarters due to fear of that sliver between their legs could get violated. Even if those tight fitting quarters are fairly big. The other quandry here, does it matter if the task is in say NYC as opposed to rural Wyoming or even slightly larger SLC Utah? I say yes. The reason, that things economicly do not or will not swell here, is the reluctance or the fear of the LDS Church repercussions. If a say radio or TV station might get boycotted or say their wings clipped, by the LDS public, they will suspend or not do business with a client.(trust me had that happen more than once) . Likewise in most cases the LDS Church is all for being industrious, and business. Many of our best service contracts are with the Church. They gave seed money for HazzardAyre Radio, and even my local Ward here in Etown, assisted economicly in fetching the radio gear here to Etown as well as paying back rent to rescue that equipment. Yet can't get one honey for no amount of money to come in and co-anchor a show. Reason? Women have vaginas and men have a penis, and many women do not want to be near that penis as to the possible results that might occur. If women want to progress up corporate ladders, I say this; be willing to do the same tasks that a man will and does. Until then hush, and accept the situation.

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