Monday, February 13, 2017

Cruising the same highway

I just love watching or observing those things or entities that were most likely inspired by our parent media company SouthernSteele Media, yet we seldom get a thank you for that or the handshake back. The first one is an entity called Warbird Radio. Matt started Warbird Radio at about the same time that AyreWolfFM was winding down in Gooding Idaho. Oh for some of the short sighteness of some of the staff there as well as Richard Strickland. Had AyreWolfFM remained on air, the limits truly would have been the sky. However long before that and at the sunset of over the air trucker targeted radio, Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio, which origininated at our studios near Hazzard(Hagerman) Idaho, as Long Haul Radio, named after Long Haul Jeans 
 which in the era, had a TV ad with one heck of a nice set of bunns showing them off. Too bad one can't buy em today. Any mile, there was a juncture in 1994 here in Etown Wyoming during my first tour here, to essentially mend the fence between Monkee and I, who had moved here, after we called a time out, that I got this idea. The idea came just shortly after I went to fetch some Deere paint(love that stuff , covers and doesn't care on method of application) and found that Deere & Company was looking for a service outlet here in Etown and immediate area. Seems as though the Deere dealer in Randolph was going dark, and the service trucks from Utah, were making 35 runs up here a day. So of course the Dixie Diesel Shop/Rat-Shak(skack) opened. This is where Nate and I joined up. But how to market? There was no farm radio here in or near Etown, and what tiny bit of Farm related TV in Utah, was drawing to a close. I guess people at KSL and such don't care where their food comes from. So the Knytes as always accepted the challenge. Of course at about the time we were getting together on that an enterprising man in Omaha Nebraska was firing up a thing that is today RFDTV. Pat Goetsche has done a tremendious job. So since Pat did that we thought, we would focus more on the how do they get that farm to the city, obviously by truck, so we refocused on trucking. In 2009 I was able to scan on low watt analog TV channel KBAX out of Twin Falls RFDTV. I thought how about getting RFDTV to do up a thing about the life and such of us who dust crops and provide application by and from air farm chemicals. So I contacted RFDTV, they said yes, but we had to film it ourselves. With relations between The Knytes and local KMVT strained to say the least that was not possible. What this gets down to is this, Farm TV in this area, started from something we called Farm Kountry TV, a subsidiary of SouthernSteele Media and of course us at the Farm Shop, Etown Wyoming, Montpelier Idaho.

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