Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Attention Lady Wolves, this Alpha Wolf is back in season, and on the market

Last night I think the lid finally was put on this thing between SheWolf and I. I'm not yet saying we broke up, but I need to explore options. The condition of the situation is that last night she called about 21:30 hours. I had just got into a spot where I could sit relax and eat, catch the Utah FoX 13 news. What comes? A call from Shelly. Bitching about the possibilty of Sidney rolling over here at 14:00. Well that's a big maybe, but bitching about Sid when nothing has or could ever romanticly happen twixed Sid and I, is terribly stupid. Of course she did the same with our Texas Angel, to where she got blocked in about 4 groups and pages on Facebook. Last summer , Shelly bitched about Lisa down at the Tumbleweed. Although nothing he & she would ever happen, when Lisa taught me to do the Texas two step I was proud, so I related to Shelly, instead of thinking that this might be something Shelly and I could do together when she got here and be greatful to Lisa for teaching, me that. Shelly gets all tweaked out. Everybody I meet that has a puss and breasts is always a slut, whore and other names I will not say here. Too bad I have many lady friends, it doesn't mean I'm going to get tight with any in the Wolf's Den. 
With that, so Shelly got me me so upset it caused a cascade of stomach troubles, I threw up everything in my stomach. Had a serious drop in sugar levels, dehydration and a case of the shits that I could just about navigate. One of the Ladies-of-the Knytes, showed up, slept in the chair next to the mini sofa all night, right next to me, making sure my temprature and all remained at the 103 that it was and o going higher, putting ice chunks in my mouth to help with the dehydration. No Nancy did not sleep with me nor anything kinky, but it was damn good she was here. After I was in a condition to where I could, Nancy got me in my bed, and then remained here until 06:00 . All caused by one person. Shelly. So this morning after getting further bitched out, I blocked her on Facebook, and although she still can call me anytime she wants. I am taking a serious time out. 
Okay, got up to Dave's beating on the door, went to his place the car is burried in deep snow. LexiBelle needs fixed. I need a ladder, but no money to buy one. So that project is on hold for a short time. So then got a call from the Bishop to unload a DT Truck at the local storehouse. Did that. and that's been my day.
Our Texas Angel, needs our prayers. She is in a very deep amount of pain and suffering. She called and texted me last night, while I was hitting the shitter for the tenth time. 
So in closing Shelly and I are not broke up, but I am going to be honest, I'm exploring other options. I will not be bitched at about what ain't happened over a young gal that is responsible for me even still living. 

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