Monday, February 6, 2017

And so the drama continues

A good Howlin morning to ya'll from the Wolf's Lair. According to FoX 13 News weather guy its going to piddle on us today but its not going to accumulate so its a warm day any way. Went out to the shop, at first couldn't get in with a snow drift in front of the walk in door, so quickly pushed away the snow in I went. Got LexiBelle fired, now that's my sweet music when she's humming on all 8 cylinders. Then came home, tweaked on ye ole computer, here were two notations from Facebook. Saying after further review , still your ad is not approved. Asked why, still have not heard. One must have to get an ad agency to place display ads on Facebook. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if it were not for the Knytes, the WolfPack, and my SheWolf who somehow can't get G+ on her phone yet can access Gmail, but if not for that, I'd pull my stuff off of Facebook, delete manually my pics and that of every group, and page that belongs to me and the club, and terminate my Facebook account, and get ALL 250,000 of the Knytes, the Wolf Pack, and so on, to do the same. But oh well. Facebook like it or not is a needed evil, so I post there, but no more boosting or ads. Advertising is what I got Google and Yelp for. 
Alrighty then.
SheWolf was supposed to call at 00:00 midnight my time, but she must have fell asleep. 
Got corporate permission from Pilot here to place our organization's plaque on their walls. As the official fuel and sundry stop of the Knytes/WolfPack. 
Watched SuperBowl 51 on FoX 13, here. The greasy comeback from being 16 points down was incredible. No matter who you were rooting for. Granted I rooted for the Falcons cause their from Georgia and thus from a Confederate state. The 82 yard run to goal in the 2nd quarter was a real play of the game. On the 29th of course, is the Daytona 500. And once again due to low personal finances I am not there trackside. However that's a goal for next year. Nearly fell asleep, a few hours ago. Went down to the Pilot for Skoal, a few ago. Melody, was there. She offered to give me a massage, I declined and headed to the shop, then back here to snag SheWolf's phone call. No call. Life is good.
Later ya'll.

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