Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A deserved mini holiday for me.

Last night doing my radio show, I did something I have not done in a coons age. Thanks to Brian and all for the Mexican Gold, pipe and all, I took a trip but never left the Wolf's Lair. I did my show with all the trimmings, and it felt good being on air again. Now here's something amazing; apparently Copenhagen, mixed with Skoal, mixed with the Mexican Gold is one helluva mix. I flew and was in a partial Uphoria and enjoyed the flight. So there I was doing my show. Of course SheWolf was having a fit that I was partially ignoring her, but I needed the release. After the last 3 months of stress over the Club's finances, my own finances, the changeover of administration for the Club, and all the tow calls in way below zero, trying to collect on all too many people that I have been kind to to snake em out of snow drifts, trying to get LexiBelle on duty, add to that the radio station, I just needed to do a show , mostly wasted to where I could just get into the music and zone out. 
Now somehow the condition of the situation of SheWolf, is beginning to add stress where it doesn't need to be. The thing is, and I can't understand this, but SheWolf, seems to think I'm doing the wyld thing with every female in Etown, and surrounding area. Just because I'm friendly with some of the young honeys that I see every other day, like Jinny up at Flying J or, Sidney over at the pilot. Automatically, SheWolf thinks I have these women over here and in my bed. Thing is the only female in this Lair, is my tiny little wolf pup, that I named Lacey after a character on the Ellen Degenerous TV series on LaffTV. 
Since I have resided in this apartment, there have been not counting Shelly, 8 women that have entered this domicile. The first was Becky, then Brittany, her mother, a friend of Becky's Cody and Sidney. The rest were just drop ins, that never entered my nest. In all cases no wyld thing, and no romance. SheWolf does not realize that I'm running a business in this domicile, women enter , women leave, but so too guys stop over as well. Sure during the summer many go to the shop. The rest have no idea how to get to the shop. Yet the whatever the emotion is, Shelly thinks that I'm nailing all of them, simply put I'm just not that much if any kind of hunk that all women want to sleep with. Let alone get tight and romantic with. So what's up with that? I just don't comprehend the foundation of these feelings of things Shelly gives off. Guess one has to have a vagina to understand right>?
Okay then. The search is on to find the honeys for the annual AyreWolf/RodeWolf Shewolves for the next series of our TV show, videos and calendar. This year the purse for the detail, is right at $100k. The search involves both nomination, as well as those that apply in person. Just stop by Hazzard County Choppers at 4114 South Highway 150, 4 miles south of the bowling alley, or here at the Wolf's Lair home of HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM .
Finally this early morning before I rip off my threads and go to my bed, to uncoil from this mortal existance, thanks to Becky, and Rhonda for delivering some crescent rolls and blueberrys. Yummy.

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