Thursday, February 23, 2017

33 Days and counting the time of departure? April 10th 2017

Today I signed my 30 days notice to vacate The Wentworth and thus Evanston Wyoming. The fact that I mentioned this on two blogs and not one peep from the local LDS Ward, neither home teacher nor Bishop, gives the light of why I'm moving in the first place. Next Tuesday I with the money I get from my military pension, I'm headed to Twin Falls to find a place to live and shore up things. 
Yes Twin Falls Idaho has its problems, both economically as well as infrastructure and so on, but none of which exceeds the stuck up, clannish, cliquish attitudes and such that this is not a bad decision. In fact it makes more sense than the decision to move here to Etown to begin with. Not only is the daily temprature  cold, but the hearts and all , I know I'm doing the right thing.
There just is not enough money here above expenses to make this tree to grow any fruit. I'm sure that the communities feelings and mine are mutual. Quite frankly I don't even think the Church will care much once I'm gone and outside of a very limited few, neither will I.
I saw where Alan Colmbs passed away. Which I never really did care for much. He was prideful, and way too much stuck on himself. Yet the Angel from Texas who by the highway has pushed back from the Club, and myself. Guess not everybody can be a Knyte, but too that's why there is that part of being a hangaround as well as a prospect. She's decided to go in a different direction with her pillow project. So we'll just have to find another supplier, or get someone that knows how to use those 8 head fancy sewing machines. So the Angel from Texas, was putting up that Alan guy's video bio up on the newsfeed. All the time both Alan, and Sean, have bounced around so many networks that their views of things was lost from one network to the other. Many times both of their views were in step with a few sponsors. If it was a financial supporter their messages were pretty much with Sean and Alan's. Funny ain't it? I barked about this or at least in the same lane when I was attempting to get the point across, that the southern movement could gain a bit more traction on the idea that the grease that makes the wheels turn on network TV and infomercials is $Money$. Imagine what could happen if the messages and historical education could be generated if only there were ads on CNN , FoX, or MSNBC? I mean , we could really run a candidate on the Confederate Party platform, and make our cause and causes known. Some that might have prevented the 10 people that were jailed in Utah, for displaying our flag of Dixie last week, against Abe Lincoln. Not only would the Knytes not to have had to pour out the better part of the money needed for attorneys and legal fees, (Thanks Facebook, and so called supporters) { Once again it was the Knytes having to do everything. Yet that same $10,000.00 could have paid our Angel in Texas for pillows but to get her the equipment she needs to do these pillows and such. Speaking about Facebook.
Here lately, I'm finding that Facebook is both a depository of idiots, that have nothing do do in their day, nor at night than to get on there, bark at people. Tear each other down, and mostly copy ideas of somebody or something that's kicking butt. It doesn't matter the subject or topic. Some body goes in with a worthwhile question and then others proceed to rip the guy or gal a new rear end. Excuse me, did a few people forget two simple commandments of Jesus, and our Heavenly Father? Jesus taught, " If you don't love your neighbor, then why should I love you?" More over, "if your not willing to help your neighbor, why should I bless you?" The other is of course the law of all laws, Heavenly Father taught, " Love your neighbor like you would like him(her) to love you" For 3 years I have done that, taken on toew jobs for way below cost, taken on repairs for way below cost only charging out of pocket expenses for parts, because I know there are low and fixed income people here that can't afford the $80.00 to $150.00 an hour. Yet few appreciate it, but again living by Heavenly Fathers teachings, taught that we should never help someone with, a reward or a payback in mind, just do it. We should forgive everyone, no matter the offense, and I know that's difficult on some occasions but, we ask Heavenly Father to forgive us , so we should forgive others. Just like watching people operate motor vehicles. I have often said that and it just seems worse here in Etown, but I often say in my head, that its too bad that the LDS Church, does not contain a drivers handbook, somewhere within. Maybe then more would read it. Yes I'd like to stop and kick the six of countless drivers, and I do my share of cussing them inside the General or in the truck, but I always hope no one else can hear me. As I always keep that saying my PapaWolf told me as a Wolf Pup. The person you cuss out today, might just be the person you have to ask for a job from tomorrow . 
33 Days and Counting, then its me gone from Etown and I pray I'll never have to come back here for anything.

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