Monday, February 27, 2017

You never start biting and snarling the hands that is going to feed you

Something I was taught as a wolf pup, is that you never ever snarl or bite or insult a hand or human that is going to help if not completely feed you. Example; Our Angel in Texas was barking about the thought of the embroidery equipment we got as salvage years ago was crap. The fact that we are as a organization willing to flat give our Angel in Texas these machines in exchange for doing up our wearables including patches, then snarl at us, makes me go wait a gall darn minute. The how we got these embroidery sewing machines is quite comical. A lady who ran a shop of embroidery at the base of Hill Air Force Base, whom I had a sort of half personal half business arrangement did much of the Club's work, in 2004-2005. When Alicia became ill with Cancer, the Club helped with her medical bills, and as a gift, Alicia gave us those embroidery machines, thread and fabric and cutting tables. Which we put in storage in Utah where they still remain. When our Angel in Texas said she could use them, I approached the Club, they said okay, we don't know how to use them, but we do the gift in exchange for doing up our things. The ONLY reason they aren't in Texas is simply weather, and getting enough of our people together to load and haul them down there. These machines have huge big heads , 8 of them, and one that is a 4 head , plus one is a two head for doing hats and such. But to say its crap? Maybe we just sell em. That ball is in Texas Angels court.
Then my sweet Shelly, started howling at me of am I with someone else this evening? Really? I thought we cured that illness. Hell when I went to bed at 10:00AM yesterday morning, I didn't see light or life until 18:00, went to the shop, got stuck got unstuck by Nate at 21:00(9pm) dropped by Ricks, for a few , went to Walmart, snagged a microwaveable soup, and some chips. Came home and been watching Time is on our Side, on the UHD TV channel. Now unless some creature of the paranormal came into this apartment while I was sleeping, I ain't been with anyone. Door is locked. 
Hope that clears that up. No new news as of Monday, the place we are looking at ground zero of AyreWolfFM, the Daddy of HazzardAyre, is still a go, plus a few others in Twin Falls. Plan is right now to head over there come Thursday, and get this thing bottled up. It is my full intention to have myself and the WolfPack out of Wyoming at least Etown Wyoming by May 1st. 
See ya'll on the radio at 09:00(9:AM) On HazzardAyre/KnyteWolf Radio.
Have a

You don't have to be stupid to work at Walmart but its desired

So I go down to the Etown Walmart, snag soup, milk and maybe my Dewshine. Problem is they only sell the Dewshine by single bottles not in the 4 pack. So made some noise to the floor manager explaining that Smith's gets me the same thing only in 4 bottle packs rather than just a single bottle. So the local Walmart manager says the Vendor and Walmart corporate says no can order it that way. So being the enquiring person I am, I got a hold of the Vendor as well as corporate and guess what? Walmart can get it in a 4 bottle pack. Bet I get a phone call on that, but I had one clerk there that I know well, tell me that Walmart does not care about customer service , if they loose you as a customer there's 5 more ready to take your place. Customer Service is not their main goal at Walmart, green is the only scene they want to see. The same CSM, that I talked to there, when I asked the question do you have to be stupid to work here? She responded , "Ever see smart people working at Walmart? " I remember when the Jerome Idaho Walmart opened. I needed some extra cash, so decided to be a Walmart employee. So I went in, filled out the app, on their computer and got called in for an interview. I got told after when I got rejected that the reason I got rejected was I was too intelligent to work at Walmart. Guess you really do have to have no brain drain to work at Walmart. 
Okay then: I got a blip from buttwipe who was barking up the wrong tree about Dixie and Cooter's A1 Toewing. This was from somebody that most likely works at a Walmart if he works at all, is jealous as hell that he does not have what I do. Anytime I get snorts from people who bark about no tow service here, I just point and say you, have no idea, just look, don't just hammer out things on your keyboard. Look at my shop, look at my trucks especially LexiBelle, and Mini Wolf. 
Next; About the move to Twin Falls area of Idaho. That ball is still in play, however if I can't get everything wrapped up here, in Etown, by April 1st, I'm stuck here for at least another 6 to 8 months. Plus I'll be paying more for rent. The marble heads at the corporate office that owns the Wentworth, here in Etown decided to punch up the rent to $525.00 a month. Granted housing will help with half of that, so I'll still be raking out $275.00 a month. If power, heat and all was included with that, it'd be fine, but it sure puts a bind on my behind when you consider that I pay $750.00 a month for the shop here, that I can't use , due to the damn snow storms and no snow removal. If I can't get my truck out to tow, due to the snow I loose $80.00 per tow. I get 5 tows on average a week, that's $ 400.00 I loose, that's half the shop rent. Or at least a quarter of what it costs for propane to heat the shop. Bottom line I'm paying a lot for something I can't hardly use. So it is in my and my Shelly's interest to retreat and go home. However the final departure date is yet to be determined. 
Now for 411 on HazzardAyre Radio.
We have been off air for 2-1/2 weeks due to both computer and some hardware tech problems, but if all goes right I should be on Monday (Tonight) . That said, audience numbers are just barely there 2,000 people tuning in and that just does not generate enough interest for sponsors to support HazzardAyre. However the Knytes through our media arm SouthernSteele Media plans on doing something about that. Put some ads via TV on a few TV networks nationwide. Including FoX News and CNN. As well as LaffTV and Velocity. Just hope our Angel in Texas gets us some of those pillows up here to place in the diorama for the TV ads. The plan is for either Mirinda, or Erin to be in those ads. With Erin's tiny but scrumptious webbed toes the ad will be a hit, after all radio is really good when a honeys toes loves the show,
Finally here this morning as the alarm clock is warning, why is it that Facebook's newsfeed content is so much repeating. Can't we get something new everyday? The second Facebook gripe, why is it that when you comment on something or a topic on Facebook, you keep getting reminders or posts of everyone else? Can't one just say that's cool, or nice or whatever that is and be done with it? Last but not least; Why can't Facebook start to regionalize your newsfeed and content? I sort of like to see from other areas, but when I see , say a tow truck I'm interested in, I'd like to have it be located somewhere near where I'm at. After all going to Carolina to pick up a truck in worse shape than mine , even on my rollback. That gets maybe if its lucky 6 miles to the gallon, or when I meet someone either gender on Facebook, it'd be good to meet with them within a hour or two's drive from Idaho or Wyoming. Not a air trip, for 4 hours. Sorry friends I hate to tell ya'll this, but 222A Bell helicopters don't just hit mach speed. Plus transcon flights with a helicopter has a lot of paperwork involved. So how about it Facebook; how about localizing your social site?
Any mile, work to be done here, see ya'll on the radio at 07:00. TTYLY

Saturday, February 25, 2017

No Crickets chirping here

It looked good on the table, but the tater bowl wasn't stable. went past the lips and past the gums, but once it hit my belly it came out my bum. Guess it's a fact that there are no places worth going out to eat in Etown Wyoming. The countdown is now 32 days. Where at least the staples of such dining enjoyment places as the Depot Grill, abound. 
Ever go to a Facebook page or a group, and its so empty in there that you nearly can hear the crickets chirp? Or for that matter get a emailed post from one of your best magazines, that you have read 100 times through the past week. Can't these people at least post something new and informative? For that matter for many weeks you don't see even a note from a contact then all of a sudden you see many postings. Granted the person might have not had money for Internet or at least Smart Phone interconnectivity or the fact that maybe they were in jail somewhere. But all of a sudden there they are. Of Course There is the following the crowd not sure to strike out on their own or be an individual. Example, when it comes to soda pop. Many follow the popular brands, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Coke, me I like Mountain Dew's hidden cousin , DewShine. The stuff just tastes better, isn't as bloaty and cures my thirst. Same used to go for my choice of Barley pop. My choice for years was Red Dog. Which one can't get west of the Mississippi . So I had to settle for Bud. One of the reasons amongst many but one thing that makes me still proud to wear the Globe and Anchor, is the fact in this nation I can be an individual. Not just follow the popular or the common path that everyone else does. I'm not one who blindly follows orders or authority. One of the lines at the end of the original version of the theme from the Dukes-of-Hazzard says fighting the system. That theme went all through that series, and I believe in that. Face it, no matter where you look, both political parties are corrupt and pushing us towards a one world order. In the next election, what your going to find is, either Michelle Obama, or someone like her is going to be battling for the hot seat in DC. Trump will be outsed, if he lasts that long, face it Trump is a great business person, but not a very good President. I call it all the party of Republiocrats and if we're successful the Confederate National Party. 
Let me give you an example. In the pursuit of an expired FCC license to a more than dead radio station here in Etown, I approached Senator Mike Enzi's office for help. The clerk there said she sent it over to the FCC, yet no noise. When our organization needed to refile for the LPFM license for our station in Buhl Idaho, because much of our staff were fighting fires in Sun Valley Idaho area, the FCC wouldn't even answer our requests. I made two calls, to Idaho Senator Mike Crapo's office. Know what? Not only did we get a response, we got the license. It was bada bing bada boom. Out of many things ask yourself which state in the Mountain West has the most job and population growth, lets just say, it ain't Utah, and damn well ain't Wyoming. That's just in our area. Across this nation, our national population is tearing itself apart, like buzzards pulling apart a dead rabbit. Outside of you who are a Knyte or member of the Wolf Pack, I won't even bark at ya'll for contributions. Especially from people on Facebook and such. To get any traction on Facebook, you have to be first; female, being a minority ethnic female is best. Have 5 children, be on some sort of government support. And have a cause that's not really trying to change anything or rock the canoo. Then you'll get help from Facebook, or some such. Being a rebel, fighting the system, anti-establishment confederate, nope you will not get anything really serious. I have appealed to the Secessionist Party group, very little response except the usual thumbs up. Only one lady who felt we were moving too slow and is in real bad health had to take time off. But anyone else, could they not put off one weekends beerfest and donate that same amount to the Knytes to aid in the fight for true liberty and independence? There is a long list of these atrocities, and there's no real change going to happen until people get off their rear ends and disguard such things as geographical locations and such and admit we're all in this fight together.
Idaho this past week past a law that prohibits profiling of riders just because of their cuts and colors. Last week on the Secssesonists groups page there was the , north don't belong barking about things southern. I'd like to speak on that. Jefferson Davis, and Robert E, always were wanting to spread the message of Confederate values nationwide. Not just the 13 southern region states. Just because of circumstances you happen to have your feet planted in snow rather than southern sand, does not mean that what ya'll were raised on, and taught left you. To put it simply, Dixie is not just a place on Earth, it's a place in your heart and soul. For me its in my heart and soul, and my blood runs confederate grey. Sadly economics prevents me from moving south. But that doesn't prevent me through HazzardAyre Radio, from being the voice of all things Southern. But does any of those so called Facebook groups, that think that by waving the flag of Dixie and all will get them brownie points, ever open a wallet, to support HazzardAyre Radio, or for that matter SouthernSteele TV? Nope, Do I forgive? Yes, will I forget? I'll let ya'll make your own call on that. 
For me when I think about it, our individualism and liberty is slipping away, as for me, I'm not going to be like many and just fall in line. In Star Trek Next Generation lore, there's the Borg, Organizing all populated planets of any sizable amount into a collective. In essence assimilate everyone. I for one believe that resistance is not futile. And I will resist assimilation with every breath in my lungs. I may loose, but at least when I pass those front gates of Heaven guarded by two United States Marines, I can look at them salute and say at least I gave it the best I had. 
Okay then, Sorry this is taking long, just had a bunch of things to say. 
Getting back to empty Facebook groups, pages, repeated news stories from major to minor news services, I think, here we in the Knytes and in SouthernSteele Media hammering things out. We are a mere sliver of 10 of an organization of 250,000 nationwide and in Canada, and Australia. We write the copy, produce radio, and TV, dig up content, write these Blogs and the printed version, and there is little if anything repeated. We create our own graphics, page hedders and so on. Yet here's these multi member and employed people who can't seem to come up with anything creative, or at least Fresh. It's like in 2007/2008 when I was residing in Pocatello, doing Cable Access TV. I went in to do a half hour gig once a week, on military aviation history. What I ended up doing was 4 shows two hours each a week. Why? My stuff was new, innovative and for once even Nielsen ratings popped up on a TV channel not usually on Nielsen's radar. When CH-6 there In Pocatello went to City hall to shut me up because I was upstaging their news. It didn't last long. All of a sudden I lead a outreach of Pocatello City that people in public places was watching, in bars, and cafe's that had cable TV. When I look back on it, I just should have kicked the ass and cut the throat of that little Elf at that bikini bar in Pocatello. 
Reason? Me and the chief engineer at Vision12 there in Pocatello were in the process of doing up an over the air TV channel mirroring Vision12 but for all to watch even if they watched with rabbit ears. However that license and on TV channel license near Gooding Idaho that the Knytes through SouthernSteele Media still owns, is the foundation under what will be relaunched in 2018 as SouthernSteele TV. And why do we do it? Because none of the Knytes or the WolfPack, will rest easy until this flag
 is flying over every state capitol and public building from sea to sea. Now if you think it can't happen, think again. I can remember in 2007, there was a movement in Idaho to get recognition, of our POW/MIA Brethren. The POW/MIA Flag was just an afterthought. Today from the state capitol to every Post Office to City Hall, in Idaho, you will see the POW/MIA Flag flying just under old glory. This can happen nationwide for our Flag of Dixie
 but it takes effort. That's why I do what I do. Any mile catch ya'll in a few on the air and on on HazzardAyre Radio.


Thursday, February 23, 2017

33 Days and counting the time of departure? April 10th 2017

Today I signed my 30 days notice to vacate The Wentworth and thus Evanston Wyoming. The fact that I mentioned this on two blogs and not one peep from the local LDS Ward, neither home teacher nor Bishop, gives the light of why I'm moving in the first place. Next Tuesday I with the money I get from my military pension, I'm headed to Twin Falls to find a place to live and shore up things. 
Yes Twin Falls Idaho has its problems, both economically as well as infrastructure and so on, but none of which exceeds the stuck up, clannish, cliquish attitudes and such that this is not a bad decision. In fact it makes more sense than the decision to move here to Etown to begin with. Not only is the daily temprature  cold, but the hearts and all , I know I'm doing the right thing.
There just is not enough money here above expenses to make this tree to grow any fruit. I'm sure that the communities feelings and mine are mutual. Quite frankly I don't even think the Church will care much once I'm gone and outside of a very limited few, neither will I.
I saw where Alan Colmbs passed away. Which I never really did care for much. He was prideful, and way too much stuck on himself. Yet the Angel from Texas who by the highway has pushed back from the Club, and myself. Guess not everybody can be a Knyte, but too that's why there is that part of being a hangaround as well as a prospect. She's decided to go in a different direction with her pillow project. So we'll just have to find another supplier, or get someone that knows how to use those 8 head fancy sewing machines. So the Angel from Texas, was putting up that Alan guy's video bio up on the newsfeed. All the time both Alan, and Sean, have bounced around so many networks that their views of things was lost from one network to the other. Many times both of their views were in step with a few sponsors. If it was a financial supporter their messages were pretty much with Sean and Alan's. Funny ain't it? I barked about this or at least in the same lane when I was attempting to get the point across, that the southern movement could gain a bit more traction on the idea that the grease that makes the wheels turn on network TV and infomercials is $Money$. Imagine what could happen if the messages and historical education could be generated if only there were ads on CNN , FoX, or MSNBC? I mean , we could really run a candidate on the Confederate Party platform, and make our cause and causes known. Some that might have prevented the 10 people that were jailed in Utah, for displaying our flag of Dixie last week, against Abe Lincoln. Not only would the Knytes not to have had to pour out the better part of the money needed for attorneys and legal fees, (Thanks Facebook, and so called supporters) { Once again it was the Knytes having to do everything. Yet that same $10,000.00 could have paid our Angel in Texas for pillows but to get her the equipment she needs to do these pillows and such. Speaking about Facebook.
Here lately, I'm finding that Facebook is both a depository of idiots, that have nothing do do in their day, nor at night than to get on there, bark at people. Tear each other down, and mostly copy ideas of somebody or something that's kicking butt. It doesn't matter the subject or topic. Some body goes in with a worthwhile question and then others proceed to rip the guy or gal a new rear end. Excuse me, did a few people forget two simple commandments of Jesus, and our Heavenly Father? Jesus taught, " If you don't love your neighbor, then why should I love you?" More over, "if your not willing to help your neighbor, why should I bless you?" The other is of course the law of all laws, Heavenly Father taught, " Love your neighbor like you would like him(her) to love you" For 3 years I have done that, taken on toew jobs for way below cost, taken on repairs for way below cost only charging out of pocket expenses for parts, because I know there are low and fixed income people here that can't afford the $80.00 to $150.00 an hour. Yet few appreciate it, but again living by Heavenly Fathers teachings, taught that we should never help someone with, a reward or a payback in mind, just do it. We should forgive everyone, no matter the offense, and I know that's difficult on some occasions but, we ask Heavenly Father to forgive us , so we should forgive others. Just like watching people operate motor vehicles. I have often said that and it just seems worse here in Etown, but I often say in my head, that its too bad that the LDS Church, does not contain a drivers handbook, somewhere within. Maybe then more would read it. Yes I'd like to stop and kick the six of countless drivers, and I do my share of cussing them inside the General or in the truck, but I always hope no one else can hear me. As I always keep that saying my PapaWolf told me as a Wolf Pup. The person you cuss out today, might just be the person you have to ask for a job from tomorrow . 
33 Days and Counting, then its me gone from Etown and I pray I'll never have to come back here for anything.

The start of yesterday was bad .

Yesterday started out bad and ended with me making many decisions. I had just barely let out my new canine friend Lacey. Lacey came to me through a dear friend, and was just barely gaining some life. Yesterday some jackass that was half drunk, came flying through the complex and hit her. By the time I got her to the vet, her life ended. Lacey was so damn cute you couldn't believe it. I have only known two animals in my life that could go potty on the potty, lay down in bed spread eagle like myself, and sit under a seatbelt on the General, like these two. If Lacey, got hungry, she'd clumsy as it was, but she'd pick up her bowl, by herself bring it over to me and look up at me, telling me she needed food. If I was in the bathtub, Lacey would wander on in, get on the toilet seat then jump in the tub with me. Normally I leave Lacey out at the shop, but because I couldn't afford to pay another $500.00 to fill the propane tank, no heat. So rather than have her freeze I brought her home. A cop showed up here, wrote the bastard a damn ticket and a warning, since it was on private property. Really? The fartknocker just ran over my puppy, and he gets to go out and drive? So I ventured over to CokeVille to check that out, spent most of the day there as well as up in Montpelier looking at housing. Then finally decided to cruise home. I stopped at a pull out area at Sage Creek Junction, said a prayer where I got told that this area was a mistake and no good could come from trying to make the swines ear into a silk purse. Then drove home, went out to the shop, where I proceeded to get stuck, and buried . The guy next door to me reluctantly plowed a way out , but should there not be snow removal for the kind of rent I'm paying? Once I got out of there, went to use my vaccum, guess what? the little belt inside decides to give up. Aske our complex manager where to get such a thing? So I want down to our local Cazzin's True Value store where that slogan of we can help you, on their TV ad's is no wany in heck accurate . But hey we can order it for you. Which I had em do, and hopefully I can get my floor clean on Friday. 
Understand, I'm not saying Twin Falls Idaho, doesn't have its share of idiots and assholes. Cause it does, I'm not saying Twin Falls Idaho doesn't have a slight infrastructure because it does, and there still are things it needs. However since I stupidly left there in 2013 things have boomed. Idaho overall has quadruppled its population base and with it commerce is flourishing. My Subaru having a bad battery in route to Ogden Utah from Twin Falls when I was just considering moving should have been an omen or at least a strong message from Heavenly Father saying, "Don't go there, don't do this." Same thing happened when I left Woods Cross Utah to move here to Etown, in 2014, which was the result of a serious con. The smart thing, when the people who said they had a apartment, that was a sad trailer full of mice out in the boondocks with no access to cable for both TV and Internet, the only Internet was through this crooked bunch of assholes called NGL Wireless. Who because I was complimentry to one of their female staff, thought I was putting the moves on her, and at the end of December 2014 switched me off, came out and took their stuff. No real problem, the only reason I resisted was not the fact they wanted their equipment back, but because I had put a lot of data on the computer they lent me. Who knows what they would do with that data? All I wanted was time to delete what I had put on it, and they could have it. Now to add insult to injury, my cell phone had really died, since my charger was still in Woods Cross, plus my pickup had a really frozen engine due to sub zero cold, and yet from a neighbors house I called NGL to ask what the deal was that they unplugged me? Now when I signed up for the service it was based on me seeing if it would work for the heavy usage I do online. It was supposed to be one month free. But I was being billed. So I paid the $276 some odd dollars with my credit card. What happened to the free? More over where was my refund? Nearly 4 years now still no refund. It was shortly after that, that I moved here to the Wentworth. I only planned on being here for a few months while my friend Nate fixed the little truck. Again 4 years nearly. The list of atrocities that I have had to live through and forgive people for as Heavenly Father tells me to, would make a Black man turn white. Bottom line, I have had it, and I'll be damned if I'm going to go another year in this piss ass'd tiny town. Maybe when all the snow melts, it will cause a flood so bad that it pushes the entire town into the Bear River. 
As for me? I'm done. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Things in my world change faster than getting into your long johns on a cold Wyoming morning.

Yesterday after visiting and all with a friend from Church by the name of Dave, I had all but caved into the decision of remaining here in Etown and trying to build up an old truck stop and all that, but news of one of the founder's of the Club was on his death bed, plus a few other things looking green, for me to remain in Etown, busting my nuts for poverty wages is just stupid. So plans are come April 1st, I'm outta here. I let Nurse GoodBody know I'm coming home and a few others over there, and most if not all of them were very excited. So I'm headed that way. Now if your wondering why I don't just vamoose now, simple my rides except two wouldn't make it, at least not on their own,. Two the damn fast cash joint stole another $300.00 from my account so gotta repay my bank that on March 1st, if it wasn't for that I'd already be gone. The move to Evanston was the absolute worst most disasterous decision I have ever made. I have messed up one truck, blew the other nearly up, and spent more money on an idea that had no chance in Heaven of ever gaining traction for the action, that I'm just tired of the stress. Then found that My Doctor, is also leaving because she found greener pastures in Utah, that I went out to a spot where I am alone and prayed. The message I got, is simply, time to tuck tail, retreat and just get out of here. Its not the cold or going toewing, everybody that knows me , knows I love snagging and dragging. It's the fact that out of 10 calls, I'm able to respond to, I can only get my truck out of the shop 4 of those 10 calls. Due to snow and lack of snow removal. Beyond that there is the rent of that shop, $750.00 a month may not sound bad, but when you only bring in $1,100.00 by the time I pay everything, I'm still going to our Bishop every other month for help with either a power bill or a heat bill, and sometimes both. Plus with the upcoming rent increase here at the Wentworth having a better choice of income increase, plus my own business, and oh yea, a radio license over in Buhl, when I prayed earlier this evening at my private spot, I just asked, " Heavenly Father, why the hell am I still here" so when I got home and Big C, called me, said he had a spot open for me, that was the answer in part. When Nurse GoodBody buzzed me that too was an answer. Then I was reminded about the hour I was held at gun point in downtown Cokeville, while I was loading my truck to move to Burley the first time around, just because some damn Barney Fife over there did not use a bit of brain fluid and could not understand that Hooker means tow truck in trucker cb lingo, not wife for rent. Why the hell would I move there? Bullsbreath. So I'm headed home. 
I'll be airing some pre recorded shows in the next few days, but they will be much of the last ones at least from Etown Wyoming. To those that say, " I've heard this before" Think again, I have had it with a village that is so running in reverse that they might as well just put up the sign in front of the entering Evanston, below it a sign that says, we're closed due to lack of any interest.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Welcome to America a truly dysfunctional nation

Today didn't start off good, I found at 04:35 that overnight due to my diabetes and all that I had wet my bed, and not in a good way. Once I arrived at the shop, found that my battery demon had returned to Mini Wolf, so now need to get a new battery amonst other things, like finding out why the display on the stereo runs all the time and will not dim, which might be part of the battery drain. 
With that, I went home to grab lunch. What comes next is very bad. And there's a need for our Texas Angel to jump in and see if she can get some of her followers to help. It's not the bail money the Knytes can handle that alone, but the legal counsel is what is going to be a beast. We need to raise $500.00 in the next three days. What happened should make every Confederate mad at the system and why we fight it. The circumstances are simple. Some members of the Knytes went to display our Confederate Flag, and make known our efforts to reaffirm the Confederate National Party as a viable political party in Utah. The reason that our people got arrested? Displaying our Flag of Dixie . Seems as though the State of Utah, considers the display of such flag as an act of hate and terrorism. So I'm asking all Knytes members and friends of the Knytes, please if ya'll can help, see if ya'll can dig deep, and rake out say $50.00 or so a piece, so we can get our members the legal help they deserve. 
Our members were there to stir up trouble but fight for the Dixie Nation. Lets see if we can help. 
If ya'll can help send cash, money order or Check, to Knytes-of-Dixie 96 East Hayden #C202 Eavanston Wyoming, 82930. 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

UnReal is more than a great TV show. I'm getting an idea.and HellBilly Truckers Association

So yesterday I sumbled upon a series that was being heavily promoted on another of my faves on Hulu. At first UnReal kinda bored me, but after a short binge watching this show I really got into it. It shows the xtreme things one will do to keep a show on TV and increasing in value. The big scene in season 1 of the show where Mary a contestant jumps off the roof, due to really stress of seeing an exhubby, who was abusive to her and her young daughter. Then it opens up the next ep, with Racheal finding out that another PA exchanged Mary's medication. It really keeps you glued to the show. 
Okay as promised went to church today, and I nearly have Dave talked into joining the HazzardAyre Ateam, so things are looking good.
Some guy who frequents this blog, was chatting with me at the Pilot here, about the HellBilly Truckers Association.
The name really does not reflect a Hillbilly. HellBilly's are gear heads. the Hell part comes from the rockabilly rock band HellBilly Hellcats. 
When the Knytes created the HellBilly's we wanted a subsidiary of the Knytes that was not political, nor any real cause,. The idea was to celebrate, create and share our love of commercial over the road trucks. Many of which are customized to suit the theme or dreams of the driver. We started with an idea, what about rat rod style long haul trucks? No trick paint, looks like it'll fall apart, no fancy insides just brute power and strength. At the time there was a magazine, called Rat Rod. Followed by Truck Rod. That spotlighted hot rods with bare looks. Usually with a tattooed gal enhancing the rod. So we thought lets do this a bit different. Lets do up trick rat rod style trucks with a hot gal in say a tight form fitting pair of coveralls. 
So we created HellBilly Magazine. And that is where the HellBilly Truckers Association originated. 
I will be on the air at 04:00 with HazzardAyre Radio for Monday. See ya'll then.

The Sunday Howl

Before I get into my report here, I need to come to a point here. I saw in this morning's Mormon Times a church spin-off of the Deseret News, about the LDS Church becoming a Friend of the Court , on transgender restrooms . While I'm not one that would relish having some heshe visit where I poop, I would feel even worse if I thought some shehe decided to go wiz where my wife poops. So in that regard I'm all for the Church taking albeit a limited stand on the issue. My question becomes how many other things is or has or will the Church go from being a religious organization to a political one? And why is it always Utah ground zero on Church policy? More over attempting to influence Church policy in areas where the issue does not concern Utah. Example, when the Lottery was being pushed in Idaho as a way to gain some advancement in school funding, and infrastructure enhancements, the Church was pouring over those pancakes like maple syrup. Something to do with people spending their hard earned money on games or a game of chance, but then coming to the church for food and assistance when those parishioners had spent all their resources. The real thing? Many of those spending the money were and still are from Utah. Here in Etown we have a horse track complete with gambling and two bars downtown that hosts such activities, want to count how many Utah against Wyoming license plates there are at such events? Same goes for Wendover Nevada and Idaho. If there's a big payout we get Utahrds in like pesky insects during summer breeding season. But the Church says don't do it. I agree with the Church, example, standing in line to get my can of Skoal the other night at Flying J. Kid, must have only been maybe in his mid 20's runs in, with a game ticket. The drawing had just taken place. Well this young man is a dejected. He explained he had just spent, $40.00 to drive here to Etown, to do the drawing. My advice was, why not just have stayed home, bought his child some diapers and paid his bills, rather than , well, take a gamble? 
The influence of the LDS Church is sizable. Like my Cousin Bud once said when he was alive, if Your in Rome do as the Romans do, when your in, Utah do as the Church instructs you to do. 
Which brings me to the next piece. 
Brother McFadden last week, got together with me to facilitate repairs on a car of his. I'm more into bikes and heavy trucks, but I thought I'd give it a look see. Of which, I expected to do that come past Monday. The car cleared of snow, ready so that Rick and I could drag it out to HCC(our shop) and begin a diagnostic and render the fix. Interupted by the call for assistance to unload a DT rig, at the storehouse. A small discussion of the radio station, and upcoming, Air EVAC project, mostly our radio station . Dave I think wants to get on board there, and rightly so, but he is hessitant because he has a family to support. The thing is the guy or gal out there in 18 wheels delivering America, in all kinds of weather making about what he or she did, in 1973 needs a voice, for entertainment, News, and companionship in that cab as he or she rolls those long black ribbon miles. That was why this radio op, was put together in the first place. Dave says, he did not see where the return on investment is; my answer? The truck dealers, and equipment manufacturers and suppliers. Etown sits in prime real estate for this kind of broadcast enterprise. But now that I have said that. 
In 2008 when the decision was made to give a bit more moxy to our biker side of the Knytes, and I fully emersed myself in that lifestyle I have felt a more open arm, wide open arm welcome and a unification of a family, than I have with truckers, the towing brethren, and in some ways even my southern brethren. With my biker friends and family, one does not get the middle finger just because your not from one geographic location. With my two-wheeled, uncaged family, I'm accepted anywhere and everywhere. Yes there is the respect of invading other club's territory, but once you let your presence be known, all of us are the first to buy the other a root beer. I will add here, that in 2011 when I went back over to Heyburn Idaho. I was a member of a ward of the LDS denomination. Yet was always looked down upon because I did not dress as fancy as some of the rest there. When I did finally get back to Twin Falls there, I started to go to the Knytes's Church. Now what makes this what it is. There was seldom, a meeting house for church. We met beside the Snake River down on highway 30 at a rest area. Strummed a guitar , sang and worshiped. There was no judgemental anything on what you wore, what you rode, or how big, short, or such, just that you were there. 
When I reluctantly relocated to Ogden and eventually to Etwon here, and started going back into the LDS thing, I found that again albeit not said, but that I was judged because of one small event due to mistaken identity and thus age, and the fact that I wore jeans with rips in them. Several times the Bishop wrote out a clothing order, but I was not physically able to cruise to Ogden Utah to Deseret Industries to pick it up. In 3 nearly 4 years now could it hurt one or two members of the Church, to do taxi service down and back so I could get some more proper clothes. This translates back to the acceptance thing of our Club and the biker community. Bikers accept each other, not for what they ride, how they dress, bikers accept each other for who we are as a person.
Finally before I get ready for church. 
There is still a move in view for myself and my soon to be bride. The move is to put myself back home in Twin Falls Idaho or immediate area. However there are some things that need to be finished up here. First the reason I'm here and why I have went through hell for 4 years for, that being this radio station. Once that is done and staffed with a supervisor in place, then its off to Salt Lake City Utah to finish things there along the same road. Any mile more to come this afternoon after Church.