Saturday, December 30, 2017

Instead of always asking us for a donation, how about donating to us? Going on air at midnight.

It's amazing for me to see every day even every hour all too many organizations looking to crowd fund their operations, some call it private donations I still call it crowd funding. The only three organizations the WolfPack donates to are, the USO, Wounded Warrior Project, and the Marine readiness fund. Past that we don't as a policy donate. What I'd like to see from my perch is for more folks private and corporate to cough up a few of their recreational money to us. Why not, sacrifice a meal out so that the WolfPack can get a young lady out of jail, and keep her out with extended treatment and counseling? Or a returning Marine or Naval aviator needing help with a utility bill, education or a medical care need? Granted, $100.00 from just one donation, isn't much, but if many people on social sites and groups and pages, sent in $100.00 a piece, imagine what we could do.
True times are hard for all of us. Everybody is scratching the bottom of the bucket for a crumb, and yes the wolfPack is fortunate that government and some corporate funds keep us elevated, so you rarely hear me howl about having YOU to contribute to us. 
Maximum Overdrive Trucker Radio is an extension of AyreWolfFM/HazzardAyre Radio. And is supervised by KnyteWolf Media LLC. With 10 radio stations, 4 TV stations, and 10 online networks our sponsors keeps us going. Our main center and focus, is and has been since our inception in 2002 with AyreWolfFM as our start, has always been to support, the man or woman coming home from defending this nation and protecting all, from enemies and maintaining policy, who strapped on a aircraft and flew into harms way to do his or her service to this nation. I've been blessed , I served first in a AV-8 for my first 10 years in, and the rest as a SAR pilot until 2001, then as a joint op instructor until discharge in 2005. I have seen the real, good, bad, and very ugly. I know first hand coming home to a place you saw in your head when you left and finding attitudes and mindsets that have changed. I also know how hard it is to find that your credit rating is at a minus 512 because there were bills you couldn't pay while serving your country, and few companies that will give you some latitude. So you end up paying twice as much, or not getting something you need, like a house or even a cell phone, or any phone. These are things we as an organization are working on, to get rectified. Through legislation and policy changes. 
No body goes that extra mile like we do, and I mean no one. We are not just a motorcycle club, we are not just a custom truck organization, or even a mere enthusiasts group of military aircraft restoration and history. No the WolfPack represents ALL those who flew, fly and did their best from inside the confines of a cockpit. 
A military pilot is like the drummer in a rock band. You know they are there, you know they are important to the success of the band, but rarely are given credit, for what they do. If we were not overhead, the ground forces would have never made it. Its time to say thank you to us who flew and fly for this nation. Instead of going out and getting smashed one weekend, why not take $100.00 and donating it to The WolfPack? Details on how to do that can be found on our Facebook group and Page.
Been having studio transmitter link problems all day, something to do with weather and freezing. But our engineer says we should be ready to truck and fly at midnight.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Colonels Journal Wolfdate 201712.29

The night is slowly shedding its darkness to early light. The erry crimson hue of a slight blue cancels out the previous day for a new dawn.
So many people and news outlets have been relating all that has happened through the previous year in anticipation for a new 12 months of possible improvement. As for me I'm just thankful that a really bad year is about done, and a new sun is about to rise. I went from a good run at prosperity in western Wyoming to near poverty in western Idaho. I went from a outstanding church ward with a really caring and informative Bishop, to one that I can't even attend, and having to go elsewhere because of being accused of something that I never did, on the heels of someone fearing my flag of Dixie. While the ideas and plans of relocation to areas that look promising, are on the forefront of my mind, I also remember me thinking that here in Western Idaho, was indeed the land of paradise. Which it has turned into something it isn't, and without serious divine intervention will never be.
Uncle Jessie Duke, among his many off the cheek sayings, said, " The field across the road is only greener until you have to mow it" Loosely translated the destination, may look rosy until you have to refine it. 
This past Christmas season, when I was facing  near financial and mental collapse, God above and maybe some nudging by my Mom & Dad, I discovered a old tax refund from the state of Utah. It wasn't all that big $1,100.00 but it was enough to push my butt up over a slight incline to saving my self from total oblivion. 
To which I need to roll this out.
Back in mid July through our numerous talent searches I had the honor to meet a young lady named Chandra. This young lady had fallen into the wrong crowd and was a servant of the Idaho department of correction. Although this young lady pretty much ignored me and the WolfPack, still she is in deep stuff. Understand when this young lady walked into the Mall, in Twin Falls, and said howdy, she had me at the first wink. The Lord would punish me and the WolfPack if we and I turned our back on her and just said, " Hey she ignored us let her suffer." But God didn't turn his back on me , nor will I turn my back on Chandra. The very second she sat down at that table and put her hand on mine she had me and the WolfPack wrapped around her tiny fingers. 
Just as Mark, never turned his back on me in Evanston, although he could have many times, he stuck with me. I treasure the love and friendship of my Bishop in Evanston, not only from the point of being my Bishop, but a true friend. As such I see someone with the right counseling, and teaching, can be just as independent as I have become. Although I'm very thankful that on 3 occassions here in Wendell the Ward here helped me on rent and some utility bills, to date, there has been no visits from the home teachers, or any of the local Bishopric. In Evanston, although sparse they still visited. 
My plans for the future in my next entry.
I'm really getting into reading my Book-of-Mormon. Although I have read it all the way through many times, for some strange odd reason , this time through. I'm retaining more of it. I just finished the Book of Alma. If you think the Book of Mormon is just some churchy preachy thing , think again. You find all kinds of military conflicts and conquests in there. I find that through it all to this point, to be akin, to our Confederate ancestors. Both fought a bloody war, to protect essentially the same thing, Family, Nation, and Faith. While Mark used to hammer me on my beliefs as far as the Confederacy, if you look at the Church and the Confederacy closely you find both are not so different. 
More Saturday Morning.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

There are times when Red Ridding Hood needs to get out of the car and go inside. The big bad Wolf doesn't bite often

Before I get into my main rant topic here, want to say thank you to the two gals at Coates Family Diner in Jerome, Idaho for the outstanding meal, and especially the scotch and soda , soda. Don't know how its made but its great.
Okay then, caught this blurb by some skank today about the thought that she didn't believe a working albeit an online cyber Internet , radio station was running here at the Rode-House/Wolf's Lair. 
There are times for one's own good you need to throw caution to the wind and go in and take a look, coming to the Wolf's Lair to work in and on a cyber radio station is one of them. Oh sure we'd love to have a fancy smancy place in a prestige office structure as we had in Woods Cross Utah, or even a more mundane one. Sure we'd like to be further along than we are, much of our delay in progression outside of location or perhaps because of it, has been due to us, mainly me hanging around the Lair waiting on those who say they'll show for an interview, but then never show up. But it's not just the feminintiles that fail to see the trees for the forest. Even the CenturyLink and our new now on board computer tech had trouble conceiving there was a working station here. Until they got out of their rides and came inside and saw quite obviously, in the far back room, next to the BACK DOOR, a working and fully operational radio station. 
While this hindrance is nothing new to the WolfPack, its becoming more so of a weight we never invited but have to live with daily. In years gone before, some of the female gender of the human species, had some reluctance, still they went forward. If you want a mere difference and why although a recent Wall Street Journal article says otherwise, but why Utah is more prosperous than Idaho or at least this part of Idaho is.
In 2004/05 while for no other reason outside of economic need, I was residing in a more rent controlled public housing structure that resembled a elderly home than much of anything else. However, the radio gig kept churning and I needed outside assistance. So I placed an ad on and got numerous applicants, several who not only trained but have stayed on as contract staff for KnyteWolf Media since. Who would go into a old farts home in a controlled living space for a career opening? Simple, women who didn't have their pretensious heads up their butts. Those lady staffers today are knocking down a $million a year plus, and why, because those red ridding hoods, were not afraid to come inside and greet the big bad wolf. 
Radio show is on at midnight, be here. at ; 

Wednesday's Facefart Review

Getting off to a ruff start here this morning with the radio show. Slept too long and needed to do some pre production first, We will be on at 06:00 Hours or 6am for you none military folk out there.
Had a long phone conference with Doug my VP of the WolfPack. The discussion revolved around that come the end of the month it will no longer be business as usual here at the Rode House. See the 15th of January a new President of the Knytes will take his throne, as such new cabinet members will also take their seats. The free spending without proof of return on investment ends. Things such as the radio station/network will need to start putting cash in the stash, or Jonny will say, lets find another way. Much of that success or lack of it will need to be based on finding the right team members and hiring the right none member employees. From the point of the WolfPack and that's all that has saved my butt and the Idaho Charter is the WolfPack. The fact that its us at present doing and sustaining the radio op, not the entire Knytes nation . 
This re-examination of the radio ops might just include yet another relocate project where the human resources that are needed to make it work and from the technical side as well. Southwest Bountiful, North Salt Lake, even Tooele or Salt Lake City might be a better nest for this op, rather than rural Idaho.
Consider the fact that in our beginning, the FCC required that a radio station had by law, to have a studio, a on air staff, and management at the same place or within 20 miles of the transmitter site. So being here in western Idaho, meant we needed to be in western Idaho. The FCC gave us a gift as of December 1st when the exemption, came that no station had to have its studios etc in the same city or town of license. Which means the station in Buhl Idaho can operate with just a small building an internet connection, and an Studio Transmitter link to the tower at Soldier Creek. The studios, etc can be as far away as Salt Lake City or as it is with our competitor in Boise, yet it feels and sounds like there's someone right there in Twin Falls or in our case in Buhl, when in reality its several or hundreds of miles away. 
Of course we are lucky since our main point of delivery of our station is through the Internet, we can be in Utah, where getting things such as promotional photos done and having a hot female body is a call away to TMG talent, rather than me having to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on Facebook and elsewhere. Where there are website developers all over that can piece together our site, and most importantly of all, on air talent of both genders, that are of the aviation/trucking/biker communities, but as well as broadcasting. Who can come in, plant their butts in the command chair and do radio shows, on time. This will go a long ways to easing my stress, and killing me. For both the Knytes/WolfPack, it means running a product that can produce, earnings for the club rather than so much expenditures. 
For me the move here to Idaho has been a complete disaster. One move that would have never been done, had it not been for my need to renew my drivers license without a ton of crap that would have been needed in Wyoming. 
However I am here, there is one year to pay off Silver, once that's done and suitable quarters are found, I'm out of here.
More on the show which starts in 6 hours.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Tuesday's FaceFart Review

If you thought that the removal of net neutrality wouldn't be effecting you, think again. Already I'm finding many redirects to sites and web destinations that were no big thing are now not available, or restricted. 
Even such destinations as Facebook, and Twitter are becoming restricted if not removed or only certain parts are viewable. Such as my friends pane. That's where you can see who is on facebook that you know, or might like to chat with. 
Part of this is, that since Maximum Overdrive Trucker Radio is starting to gain traction. Not just on fb but over the air. Its one of our most successful relaunches of one of our radio programs. Thing is spoiled Zuckerberg is so nervous he has his minions of fb censors monitoring pages and groups. If there's something there he don't like, its adios amigo, and while not in the so called Facebook jail or restricted suspended status, its pretty close. 
My advice to young Zuckerberg, better get your minions to uncork my account, or you wont see one damn dime of the ads that I bought from you last month plus the other $2k of ads I bought over the last 3 months.
Moving on here.
Facebook itself has lost mucho denaro, this past year. Advertisers are going elsewhere according to such sources as Digiday, plus Facebook lost a ton of green on the video movie project. 
With this in mind the WolfPack, is working on this thing we will label the Facefart Review. Examining issues and likes of us common folks and allowing for unrestricted and uncensored comments. In essence a better no head up its ass, fight the system version of what young Mark had in mind in the first place. 
So how was your Christmas holiday? Ours was busy here, had 53 slide-off's, 23 wrecks and two DUI runs over the course of the last 3 days. Trouble is whatever I do in that regard goes into Charlie's pocket, not mine. In fact just an hour ago got a call that I could not run since MY truck is in Wyoming. That situation needs to change. 
Sweet Tracy did not show up for Christmas as she said she would, like all too many on fb its 80% fake and only 20% real. The other problem on fb is its started to be a porn hub, of sorts. Forget the crap of Community Standards, see Mark is so hungry to get and keep eyes on his site, that' he's thrown decency to the wind, and is allowing posts of the smuttiest kind on there. 
Any flyte, my body needs sleep, too much stress.
See you on air at 10:00 hours, at and over the air at 105.7 KTOW.

Monday, December 25, 2017

KnyteWolf knyteciyde

Let's face it if your living in a small to medium sized rural town, the same options of technology are not going to be like it is in the big city.
More over the same options for human resources for anything media, and certainly not in Internet connection and/or speed. I suppose that I did get spoiled very badly with the free flow of broadband bandwidth when our operation was housed at I4 Solutions there in Woods Cross, Utah. I got used to the 250 down, 100 up speeds and stability. Doing shows there was a breeze and I never had to do much with constant having to do diagnostic scans. I was able to concentrate on the quality of the programs and what I do, rather than all this techy geek shit. Example, After nearly 3-1/2 months of squirrling around finally got the thing for CenturyLink installed. Now I'm supposed to be getting a 20/20 connection. I'm not nearly that its more like a 18/17 at best connection, but at least I can do a show, yet unlike when I was in Evanston Wyoming hooked up to AllWest, even when doing my show I could go look, at news and such on the same computer while doing my show. Not here with CenturyLink, nope at best I have to wait, to look at news items or use my laptop hooked to a much slower CenturyLink hook up. Bet your next tank of diesel that a serious discussion will be had when its time to pay the bill if the conditions don't improve. 
We'll be on air mid morning, since as I have found and don't let em lie to you about having a dedicated connection. My bandwidth for both hook ups improves overnight, when most here are sleeping, or when the human rug varmits are at school. 
On the morrow's show, I'll be into doing up a new website called FaceFart. the new social site for those tired of Facebook.

A KnyteWolf pit stop. Why doesn't our Church have a something at midnight on Christmas?

As its said in an old Beatles tune, So here it is Christmas, and what have you done? In looking over 2017, I have made a bunch of bad choices. I reunited with Shelly, then set her free. Then in a reattempt of some kind of blissful cohabitation I relocated here to Western Idaho. A move that at the time I thought was right, believing in the hype of the areas economic boom. In reality, the boom is only in Twin Falls. The rest of the valley is not so blessed. Looking back, the ole General JaXson, was telling me, as well as LiL Wolf, Don't go there. Turn Around, fix things in Evanston and just stay put. But hey I love my PoohBear. As such imaginary or not on her part, mostly imaginary of all in Evanston disliking her and all but a small few of Evanston's single women in pursuit of me for relations, Shelly configured that she was not welcome there. That our Ward there hated her, and so on. So when the oppurtunity came to do a relocate, and with the loss of the shop, I came to Wendell Idaho. The entire time here has been nothing but a disaster. And even at a time I could be out with LexiBelle making serious green in deep snow, guess what? LexiBelle is 400 miles away, and I'm trying to do radio, over very antiquated copper wired phone lines trying to push a 20/20 connection but doing more in reality of a 19/15 connection.
Only one TV channel, not my standard cable, and 250 miles one way from a city of media resources, of metro Utah. Oh yea its been great. Then Shelly asks why I demand that $600.00 from her every month? Hey you my dear helped make this disaster , Shelly dear your going to help pay for me to get out of it. As it is, it looks like I'll miss NAB in Las Vegas this year again. Reason being come between April and June, I'm finding my way outta this mess.
Then last night Christmas eve and all Shelly has the nerve to be barking that I was spending time or about to with some honey from that blooming Facebook. Its too bad that all too many people are so alone that they nearly moleculicly transport themselves into that social site. If its on FB it must be true they think. If not it must not be. Much of what is true and real is never allowed on or if it is, it get's deleted all too soon. With that, so I could get some engineering work done and some writing done, I told a slight untruth that the WolfPack brought up a honey from Miss Donna's for me a Christmas Gift. In reality that never happened. I have made the decision that unless Shelly does several things between the first week in January and the 1st of June there wont be no wedding in June. First she needs to get her funds converted from her moms joint account to her own bank account, not that damn Amscot. 2nd she needs to get together with our church's Missionaries in her town in Florida and begin lessons and all that she can then be baptized into our Church so that we can be married in the Idaho Falls Idaho Temple, which in my opinion is the most beautiful temple of the Church that there is. Third, and the other reason I moved here, so Shelly can avail herself to the mental health resources that are available here in this area. Sadly those resources are yet to be in Evanston. 
If she gets all that done then we can get together, if not then its time to just say this will not work, and me seek the arms of another like Tracy Wilson, or someone. My emotional stability and all is very shaky right now. The stress I have been under for a year and a half, and the loss of the Presidency of the Knytes due to some not all but the blunders that Shelly helped to happen, means even I am looking to go seek, some mental health counseling. 
The thought of Shelly thinking I've been unfaithful, or stepped out on her is idiocy. Although I have had the chance at doing so , my love of my PoohBear has said don't do it. So I sit at Anchors Bistro alone, I sit in the Mall alone, I go to eat out alone. And only on the rare occassion, of a Knyte or WolfPack member visiting, its on the black phone with one and the rest of the time I'm alone. The only souls and they are souls, is two tiny tree frogs that have made their home inside of mine.
With that said, I will not be and especially because being the VP of the Knytes and the AlphaWolf of the WolfPack, I will not be yelled at like I'm a 2 or 3 year old when Shelly has her damn temper tantrums. No body took away her rattle or binky away from her I'm still here. And daily I battle the forces even to nearly getting either beat up or killed by neighbors because she couldn't keep her big mouth shut on facebook. And this is a guy who would step out on her? I don't think so. 
Bottom line Shelly has a lot of things to do, if she wants to be with me and only 6 months to do it. June 1st the anniversary of me moving here is the deadline.
Okay then, moment of review and question.
Every year about Christmas eve, we all hear and some see the Pope, in Rome giving a midnight mass. I have always wondered why it is that our denomination of being Mormon's why one of or President Monson , doesn't give some sort of service on Christmas eve? 
Have the rest of today, a Merry Christmas to ya'll .

Friday, December 22, 2017

No matter how they try nobody beats what I had with AllWest.

Try as they try, neither Cable-One nor CenturyLink gives me the unsplit broadband bandwidth consistently like AllWest Communications did when we were housed in Evanston Wyoming. Granted it wasn't symetrical, like what I'm supposed to be getting here with the new set up, and all, and come bill paying time, you can bet your next oil change that its a full 20/20 rather than the 18/13 I'm getting now or one helluva adjustment will be made.  Might still need to look at western Wyoming or Utah after all, but there's a few months left here to squeeze this out.
Being a local co-op telecom like AllWest is, they can give a more personal level of service. Have a cash flow problem, one call to Mindy Broadhead, problem solved, still running. Have a tech problem? Again, call Mindy, problem solved. Even to the point of updating the firmware. In Evanston with AllWest I had cable TV with one helluva lot more channels than Cable-One offers for twice as much. Want to see a company doing it right even with challenges? Take a gander at AllWest, want to see a bunch trying to play catch up? Look at both Cable-One/CenturyLink. 
Bet you next tire replacement, that a call after the holidays to Raphael, and associates WILL be made.
Or CenturyLink can just pay off our $2,500.00 bill to Cable-One and get us hooked back up there again,.
See ya'll on air in the AM.

I am in lust with Kylee of Anchors Bistro She's purrfect

Since it is after all the jolly holidays here I thought I'd take a quick cruise over to Tweaker Flatts and Anchors Bistro, for a brew and Coconut Shrimp. At once Kylee saw me sat down and I made damn sure she served me which unfortunately pissd off Hiliary but hey I like Kylee. So we got to talkin, seems Kylee is seeking higher visions in being a 1st grade teacher, which is good thing, since kids are getting a poor education as it is.
Of course Kylee is now recruiting for candidates for the 2019 AyreWolf/HazzardKnytes Calendar. 
What make Kylee special is not a thought in the world of me pitching tents and shacking up with her, besides my Shelly and Kylee's hubby might have problems with such an arrangement. Nope, Kylee is efficient at what she does for Anchors. She makes you feel welcome, and for the time your there, Alpha male. Which there any way I am, being VP of the Knytes, Prezz of the Idaho Charter of the Knytes and re-elected Prezz of the WolfPack. 
Two plates of Shrimp, two tall Bud Light's and I was out of there, feeling no pain.
Need a place to eat and grab a brew in Twin Falls? No place better than Anchor's Bistro Blue Lakes Blvd, ask for Kylee.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

The mighty ants still pushing the big boulder up the hill but the top of that hill is in reach.

We are still doing the right things, for the right reasons, but still feeling that we are doing it all in the wrong place, so it does feel at times like we are pushing a big boulder up a 90 degree incline. Thing is the hills top is looking within reach.
The vendors we have now in place are not the absolute best in America, or even Idaho, but we as a organization are holding it together, just like I'm sure Pappy did in the Solomons in WWII. You do with what you have and seek, things that can make you better, yet don't cost you as much. 
With this case of the flu can't talk much so as you'll hear on our shows both Maximum Overdrive as well as SAMCRO Radio, a lot of our old shows, so bare with us we are getting things back together.
Now if I can just get Facefart and Google to co-operate we'll have it made.
See you all on the air.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Is the day over yet?

Still going through some tech snafus here but its all getting done.
The fact that as it is we still are not running with the horsepower we did in Etown Wyoming, and especially what we are when our kick off in Woods Cross Utah happened, but we are there none the less. The test will come in the afternoon Wednesday when we sign on again and get this mule rolling.
Over the last several months of being not on the air, I've been going through a lot of what I will call self examination as well as current operations going into an entire new years. It's not the radio gig by itself, its the area we are in, of all the billed and much of it falsely so, The Magic Valley mainly Twin Falls and much of the valley is just not as rich or furtile field to be plowing in much less planting or replanting seeds. Once this valley had such industrial flexibility and ambition that it was hard not to succeed. Today seems as though that ambition has dimmed to say the least. Sure we could keep throwing money at things, but if you can't even gain a well educated work force, why the hell are we still here? Because as bad as it is there are still mainly a greater amount of people to serve and of course this is where we broke ground originally. Which brings me to my next piece here.
I had breakfast this morning in the same place except for a bunch more room, better decorated, facility that we were created in. The Snake River Grill which back then was the Polish Palace. Before I ate I picked up some fasteners to get the playwood put up for CenturyLink's guy to get at least some connectivity for HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM. So I go into Hazzard Hardware, and told the lady that the shop attached to their store ought to have a plaque in front of it alerting folks or making them aware that here was where the original concept of the General Lee, aka Dukes was conceived. The older lady could remember but her husband did. So sitting at the Snake River Grill, the lady there didn't immediately remember, but then she thought about it, she did. Sad really considering this was or is Hazzard. My we need to not only have a Knytes reunion there, more over create a Hazzard Memorial week there. If I were to quit as well as the core of the club and just move away, that could not be achieved.
With that said, my eye lids and the rest of me needs sleep.

Want to a bunch of Money's screw one football? Welcome to CenturyLink Part2

Want to see a bunch of money's screw one football? Welcome To CenturyLink.
In this final installment at least for the time being, I will say, the guy who installed the system did as good a job as I could want and stayed until it was completed. Even to the point of having 10 tech centers who had 10 people who could speak good American English. Nope 4 from the nation of India, 3 from Mexico, and one I have no idea. Several times the tech here, had to repeat the order number and some clerk never put certain details in nor remembered things it was what do we have a bunch of numbskulls working at CenturyLink. Hell if they can't do Internet, and with Cell phones are the way to go for telephone, If CenturyLink don't soon get its act together Don't matter who buys em, they wont be in business long. Cable-One was no treasure, makes one wonder, what rural America is to roll up the sidewalk and quit? Now that net neutrality has been KO'd telecom's doing double duty as isp's better get it together or its adios amigo. While I'm not quite getting 20/20 I am getting 20/17 so its good to go, and should be on air in the afternoon.
Okay then enuff , but damn you'd think the IP tech experts, the guys in the field and the idiots in management would figure out how to get along in the sandbox and play well with each other. Nope its stupid pouring over more stupid, Guess the standards for employment at CenturyLink are lower now than when it was called Mountain Bell.
At least one good thing happened today. Had one sweetheart I knew in school at breakfast say I had a BIG DICK. IMO it ain't however it pleases all of them. Herman was trained very well. 
Bed time,
see ya'll on the radio and Cyber Radio.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Menyanna WolfPack It's Monday Here's your Sexy Minute

Menyanna WolfPack it's Monday, a Monday before Christmas, and its still cold outside. 
The sorta big bucks arrived Saturday, but I had the shittiest time trying to get the blooming thing cashed. So after Church, trucked to Tweaker Flatts, got down with Money Tree, and walked out with most of it less $25.00 for them to mess with it. 
Trouble is with being overdrafted some $400.00 doesn't give me a bunch of floating money for next month so will need to truck to Etown this week, deposit $400.00 and I should be good until the 1st. 
The overdrafts are coming from doing all this recruiting from Facebook. If we really got qualified applicants for on air, engineering of the radio werx, or for cover models it'd be okay, but we keep getting these Red Riding hoods that are to chicken shit to enter the Wolf's Lair 
 to engage any kind of money generating income for us as an organization so I'm letting these ads run their course, but no more of em, Jon President of the Iron Knytes 
 agrees so that's that on that.
Question surrounding that though. Here we are recruiting for a REAL career skill job, and yet on a mess of single biker dating/relationship groups on FB, there's a ton and a half of really young prick teasers on there going after these older male corpuscles. The real risks are just that real risks, in that one of these two wheeled iron horse cowboys are going to go get together with one of these younger fillies and going to end up in jail for a L&L charge or worse. Doesn't these people that are fielding these groups ever look at their groups/pages and filter out the fakes? No wonder Trump jumped on Facebook for fake postings. In this era of #metoo and all and harassment being flung around like manure at a PRCA rodeo, isn't Zuckerburg worried that this could backdraft onto him and Facebook, for allowing this? All its going to take is a few or even one of our two wheeled brethren, to get popped by the fuzz for statutory rape, and some crafty attorney is going to nail Facebook for even allowing the group/page on his site to begin with. Then go after the administrators and supporting linked companies like Biker Planet, and somebody is going to pay dearly for this. Mark my words, on this, it'll happen. Then all the posting and notifications of postings. Don't these Facebook people have real jobs to go to and do? Facebook is becoming the Walmart of the Internet. Where low income or no income not too bright people go to socialize. Sure there's good information on it, but should there not be a slightly elevated something akin to Facebook out there? Trust me if I had the warbucks to do it I would, and yes the WolfPack is looking to get some seed angel investment bucks to engage that, but that could be at least 4 years out. 
Then there was a posting yesterday in the Grey Bearded Grumpy Bikers Club, that had a T shirt with HA's logo on it. Everybody in there was telling the young idiots not to buy and wear that. HA is really protective of that logo as are we of ours. 
Finally, I have been having this fussing session with some Twitch on our Maximum Overdrive Page/Group. She didn't understand what the Dixie flag had to do with the page/group, nor was she a trucker. Question is if she ain't a trucker or trucking preservationist like we are, what the hell was she doing on our page/group? 
As I drop the landing gear here, don't people on Facebook have jobs? And why is 80% or better on there women? Bunch of old and young broads with nothing productive to do, makes me feel like I'm in a online drama, or soap opera.
Get a grip people.
Well going in redouxing the studio, CenturyLink is supposed to be here today, so maybe we'll have a high flying online radio Christmas show yet, stay tuned.
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Monday, December 11, 2017

We are a industry disrupter and can I at least get an honest answer?

I'm going to start on this rant with the second topic, Can I at least get an honest answer.
I have read on various fb posts from three women of whom I have at least by fb meeting methods that are all claiming that what they want is a honest, always loving, tender hearted man in their lives. I have a response, why not be honest yourself back. If a guy hints that he is interested in you and you accept his invite, if your not really ready to get involved or find your really not interested in him, at least say so. Sure, he'll most likely be a bit hurt maybe disappointed but he'll get over it. A little hurt now, is better than a strung out thing, that never bares fruit. Most women forget , men have feelings too. Sure most of us male corpuscles hide it really good, but at night alone, men do cry, men do feel heartache and pain, and that can lead into over drinking and even more. The interest can be of a personal nature as in Tracy, or a professional realm such as Adrian, in either case, no call, no return post, all too many one way messages, makes guys to where we don't trust women any more. No not going queer, but over the last two and near 3 years, Shelly, has outside of twice which wasn't her fault, proved her loyalty to me by sacrificing $600.00 every month in contribution to the WolfPack. Calling me at least 3 times a day, and while that situation has been put on hold, for a number of reasons, but even if I go with another Shelly will remain my dearest lady friend, because I trust her and she has not ignored me.
To the women I spoke of, if you want total commitment from a guy filled with passion, dedication and honesty, its very simple, do the same for and to him, don't play games with him just because you can.
Okay then;
The new buzz word for a company or firm that kicks butt in a industry, is called now a disrupter. In essence setting a extreme example of precision and excellence. Or being an innovator .  With nearly 28 plus million listeners every night domestically and world wide, winners of all too many awards and a no nonesense approach to online radio HazzardAyre Radio set a standard many try to duplicate, but there is no duplication, since we are independent and not subject to stock holders. Even in the old years prior to all things Hazzard Long Haul and eventually Maximum Overdrive Trucker Radio, has led by an example few can match. Created in a small office at a insurance company in Buhl Idaho in 1997 Maximum Overdrive has been and continues to be the voice of Americas Owner/Operator Independent Truckers and the radio, and written voice and read of the Iron Knytes Association. We set the foundation of domestic ,military aviation enthusiasts radio. At least 10 years prior to Warbird Radio. Why ? Because our people are not just people behind a mic, our people on air and in studio, are truckers, towing professionals, bikers and yes military aviators, surrounded by the circle of trust called the Modern Confederacy. Nobody can match us, for both quality, and effort. 
HazzardAyre Radio is: A Disrupter.