Monday, October 16, 2017

An afternoon delyte, more like a evening defright

Can I just stay asleep? Nope, springs coming through mattress makes back hurt. Wish I could have since today has been one of THOSE days. The lady from Hollister Idaho, texts me saying her disability income would not allow two renters. Really? That she'll keep me in mind should something change. Okay fine. I'm not really worried anymore since I have my sweet little house. Guess God needs me to stay here. Should have known what's advertised in the Sooper Ad's of Twin Falls, is never what the deal really is. Pretty much goes for most of these kinds of things. The one thing that we at AyreWolfFM/HazzardAyre Radio stands for is truth and integrity. Want to advertise on our stations or networks? You better check out, or your ad is pulled and tossed. No matter how much money your paying us. 
I knew today was going to be a bad day anyway. Woke up and needed milk and grub. So scooted down to Simerly's here. First, found still the Kelloggs Chips I like are still not in. Could they have went the way of DewShine? Needs more investigation. Bummer number 1. Then saw my tire on Silver near flat, so ran over to John's. James changed the tire, but I get a tire call out on I-84 near Tuttle. So I go, just about done, the damn jack handle I left down, the truck moved down came truck, causing jack handle to fly up, hit me in the jaw, so with rag, and all went up to my dentist. They got me right in, gave me a muscle relaxer, pulled two teeth, and sent me home with pain killers and a prescription for more. Trouble is no money for pain killers. Had just enough in pocket from the tire change for a 5th of Jack, and Skoal. That along with my Goody's Headache powders, I'll be okay.
So then started looking at my fb page.
Apparently there was a rumor going around good ole Etown, that me and my Shelly broke up. As a result, most of the none wedded near poverty women in Etown, wants to get all snuggly with the old Wolf here. Trouble is the old Wolf here no longer resides in Etown. And not in a big rush to return. About the furthest east this old high octane canine is going is Montpelier Idaho. Only reason for that location is I have kin folk there. That being said as bad as it is and as much as I have a grumpy landlord, I have my sweet little house and until some WAY Better comes along I'm where I am. I also think that may, and I say MAY have been why the gal in Hollister bagged on me. She found that I'm engaged to Shelly, and as such, no kinky was going to happen and said to herself no dinky, no renty. Nuff said.
Any mile, my jaw prevented me from really going all full throttle on air today, sorry about that, in time Sugar will be here and able to sub for me on days like today, but it seems or is that seams? That her young'ns are down with the flu, and that means she'll get it, and that means eventually I'll get it. 
On Sugar, I really like her. Now she's not no super model, and I really didn't want one of those anyway. Looks are good, but only due to us doing our morning gig that will be uploaded to RFDTV come April. Sugar has both good looks and a slight tom boyish attitude that I like. Not quite a Gretchen Wilson(who could be better than Gretchen?) but enough to ride side with the old Wolf here on air.
BTW ya'll I'm doing this one handed today, since I have a kerchef filled with ice on one side of my face trying to keep my jaw from hurting. The pain meds are wearing off and can't take anymore for another couple of hours. 
I'll be here be on here after midnight, been doing on air tracks all day, mostly running older episodes. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Of course there is the factor of the neighborhood I bed down at and improper advancement of technology

Of all the great strides in advancement in Twin Falls Idaho, the outback areas of the valley just have not or are very slowly making infrastructure improvements. Internet bandwidth has not been one of them. 
If you want extreme flow or bandwidth, it's Cable-One or the cable companies. Cable-One is kick ass Internet, problem is, for that extra horsepower you have to pay for it and dig deep for the rate, usually in the $500.00 to $600.00 a month range. Which isn't so bad except when they hit you with a bill for at minimum 3 months in advance down payment. 3 months equals $1,500.00 which they do not tell you about. Sure you can hold em to the agreement in the contract, but that contract suprisingly gets deleted once you digi sign it, unless you do as I did, take a screen shot of it, and enhance it via your photo editing program. 
When it comes to firms like SafeLink, Filer Mutual you can only get that if your house can look at their towers, above the trees. Or your stuck with the phone company, aka CenturyLink. Now I have had both good and bad experiences with CenturyLink, Here in this area and Ogden Utah, crappy. In Bountiful Utah it was hammer down at dang near 200mbps down and at minimum 75 mbps up. Back to Evanston Wyoming, CenturyLink, maybe 5 down much less up. But Evanston Wyoming has a better gig, AllWest. Sure they have their off days, but overall I was not without service even once there. Why? First I had a great account manager, and a team at AllWest that even if our money flow was slow, would keep me and HazzardAyre and all on the air. Even if I had to at times break it up with partial payments. This is something Cable-One wasn't willing to do. 
Of course Internet bandwidth horsepower can be hurt by the neighborhood you live in, the conditions of the lines running to it. In my neighborhood, I know there is someone siphoning off my horsepower. How do I know? I have studied this, School hours, overnight real late and Sunday between the hours of 11:00AM to about the time Church lets out, solid speed on the Internet.  Outside of those hours, Internet is super slow, to none existent. Last week one of CenturyLink's more intelligent techs showed up here, did some testing, found constant errors did a trace found a tapped line. Cut that off and for a few days speed improved, wouldn't be suprized if the line has been tapped once again. This wouldn't be so bad if we as a radio station/network wasn't loosing money at the rate of $500.00 an hour since September 24th. Or if I would see or be seeing more from the tech gurus from CenturyLink getting at installing the fiber optic that is promised. Yet outside of one guy poking in his head and saying he needed me to get a piece of plywood, I ain't seeing nothing. I'm getting to thinking, maybe paying off the $1,500.00 to Cable-One might have and still could be the plan. Oh and that free months comp Internet? I got a bill 
Damn near $300.00 where's the free part? There ought to be laws that mandate that all telcos and such including cable systems that supply Internet, have to tell the entire truth. Not just a fraction of the truth with hidden or obscure terms. 
Will report to you what hammers on CenturyLink and all next week.
Days like today, makes me wish I'd have stayed in Evanston. Oh one more think, remember the hot legs from Evanston, named Andrea? Seems that they guy she was seeing turned out to be Mr. Asshole. Seems Andrea is homeless. Hey I offered she refused, Hey I got my Shelly.

Of the foot fetish variety, to date there is no record that has been set, yet

Okay I'll admit it, it is goofy and perhaps a bit perverse, but feet and toes in nylons have always attracted me. Most young boys, before the idea of anything sexual or physical, have wondered at those toes in hose from about kindergarten age. After all what else are you looking at when sitting on the floor as the teacher did story time or read to you? I always had two amongst many questions, and it hasn't changed either. But why is it that at the knee of a woman wearing good nylons that there is a circle over her knee the exact size of a 50 cent piece? Why not a quarter, Silver dollar or a dime? Why a 50 cent piece? Why is it that nylon stockings are slightly thicker than pantyhose? If there's elastic holding up the stockings at thigh high, why is it that there is a need for a garter band or straps? 
These were my questions, along with the fact that I wondered why the white stockings of say a nurse, felt different than say taupe stockings? Of course and then school districts, and MY parents didn't take it so seriously, but my introduction to anything sexual, although not in the penetration area but the sniffing feeling and ejaculation, discoveries were to happen at a time in My 6th Grade at Crestview Elementry school in Layton Utah. See there was a teacher named Miss Jensen, who taught 4th grade, but gave me remedial help on my math studies. Help she did, she wore these stockings that had a black seam up the back her toes and legs always smelled good, and so one eve she gave me a ride home, we did small talk and I'll let you conceive what happened next. I was hooked on women in nylons.
By the time I got to Hazzard High School in Hazzard Idaho, there was a grammer/English teacher there named Mrs. Brailsford, who at the time(don't know about now) but at the time she had the finest set of legs at Hazzard High, followed by Mrs. Varin . In both cases I made a point of being as close as I could to both. Of course having Senior girls at school tease me with this, sunk the hook even deeper. Jeri Omahandra, Becky Tupper, and Lora Sandy made sure stockings well worn were hanging in my locker at school and so on, right up to the point, Indian Rick had named me the Pantyhose Kid, and put it on a huge billboard at Addison and Washington in Twin Falls. Now there are some that would be disgusted and insulted about this; not me. I figured how can I make money out of this? By the late 1970's the word Wrecker was relaced by tow truck. A word that sounded like toe but spelled different. Of course then came Hazzard County and of course Daisy Duke. Who because of censorship had to wear nylons with those famous shorts. Television couldn't have handed me a better marketing tool while I personally explored my fascination with all things feet and toes in nylons. 
The idea started on a recovery trip to western Wyoming, with a limo from Hazzard on back of LexiBelle. Bro and I stayed over in Morgan Utah. I saw an ad in the phone book with the tag, " we don't want your arms and legs, just your towes" Then wouldn't you know it a few weeks later saw an ad where some plumbing guy in Boise Idaho unplugged the shitter at some old gals house in snob hill Boise. Here she sat in a black marbled all mirrored, gold fixtured indoor outhouse, and drinking  wine, the plumber guy kissed the lady's hand , tag went; "we treat all out customers like royalty" few weeks later saw the Disney flick Cinderella where the prince puts on Cinderella the glass heel shoe. The ingrediants were there so I put that together where I kissed a look alike Daisy being rescued by Cooter(me) and he kissing her toes and us saying we just love Towes. Later I respelled it TOEWS from a suggestion from Emme Lou. The rest as they say is history, except both Nurse GoodBody and Emme Lou said , why not stage a thing where I kissed a woman's toes in nylon hose to set a Guiness World Record, since even to today, there is no record of it. Very basic concept being, getting some free TV and news print ink, for both my towing company as well as the Radio station/Network. 
Watch here and tune in for more details on the project.
See ya'll on the radio, as for now headed to Church.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Take me out God I've enough of this game.

Have you ever Googled the inquiry on how to commit suicide? You get lots of sites to prevent doing it, but what about flat just pulling the plug? Considering I'm very serious about possibly doing that, since I'm facing being homeless, so I Googled, I want to die now, How do I commit suicide? Know what? No such information. 
I made the move from Evanston Wyoming, mostly because to reunite with my beloved Shelly, who could not connect well in Evanston, here to Wendell Idaho. Wendell was not my first choice. I first saw a bar / apartment in Richfield Idaho, for $700.00 a month. The reason I looked at that is simply that the bar COULD make at least the rent back. Add my towing service and the Knyte's radio station there, it was money on the money tree. But it got took two days after I called on it. Okay, so this little house, not apartment, but a whole house, in Wendell for $500.00 a month. I can live with this I thought. So here I came and got into it. Two days after I got here some seatcover named Mylinda comes over after reading one of our poster girl ads on FB. Okay here's a good sign I thought. So worked that for a month. Nothing came out of it except I was $200.00 poorer, which should have went to rent. Okay, Dom, my landlord was tweaked, but let me stay on. Thought I had it in the bag but some oversized gal in Burley was interested in helping with the radio gig and facing loosing Cable-One, I went on a fools chase on getting a place over there. One problem , the General JaXson was really hurting and couldn't get over there to fill out paperwork. Okay, in amongst that paid the big gal's rent of $100.00 . But that was enough to put Dom, into a frenzzy. Told Dom, I'd pay him $650.00 a month with the extra $100.00 or so going on back rents. No problem. Then came the General JaXson's tranny, giving up. It runs, just not that far and wont shift. Plus leakes oil. So found a Saturn for $300.00 down, $300.00 a month. But could only do $300.00 of the rent, and with scrapping the General, another $100.00 , nope Dom said by the 11th or your out. 
With that everything going with the club, from poster girls to radio station I put on hold. 
Sure the Club members would like to help, but most of them are deployed the rest are broke, and Club money is in hiatus until the audit, following our elections from mid year this year. So no help there. 
So again, how does one commit suicide? Cause as it says, God take me out cause I've had enough of the life game. And why not? I have done everything, and many things many people only dream of. My LexiBelle is 350 miles away, no shop to take my mind off everything, plus at least a shop would give me shelter. Barely Internet, no TV, It just keeps getting worse. 
Got a few things to go on, but I'm very worried, if its death or being homeless, I'd rather be dead.
So again; How do you commit suicide? 
L8R Maybe>?

Saturday, October 7, 2017

AyreWolfFM is not your usual radio station or network We proudly are the Wolvez in amongst the Sheep

As I get into this , this overnight hour, felt I had some defining to do here. 
Our tiny, but growing radio network and specialty radio production company is not your usual radio station , network or show. We are not that tame, religious biased station you normally tune into nor are we the mindless, just play music computerized station. Ours is LIVE or as LIVE as it can be. 
I have been asked, critisized and condemned radio media owner on all of this foot , feet, toe, leg thing. Understand this; When the radio gig was conceived it was to be and still is; the radio voice of the American Towing Professional. Hence the official FCC call letters, KTOW. The first time that the need came for making sure that someone pronounced the call letters right was from legendary radio host and personality Bill Mack. He was the Midnight Cowboy, on WBAP out of Dallas Texas. When I got some station liners and intros from then the Overdrive Top Ten Countdown show, he kept pronouncing the call letter as Kay Tow or ryming it with cow, not toe. So I had to spell it as KTOW(toe) so he'd say it right. This started the thing. When KTOW was created we as an organization aka the Hazzard County Knytes, being based on all things Dukes-of-Hazzard, the thing was well leggy, hence Daisy Duke 
Leggy was the thing that was in. So with a radio station going as KTOW or KAY-TOW(toe) showing women's feet and TOES and legs was a requirement. 
As such every new hire is looked at as does she have sexy toes, will she or does she wear nylons, and would she pose in her stockings for the ultimate toew smooch 
 as our Nurse GoodBody who got that name since at the time she was into behavorial medicine as a nurse. That and she looked like Nurse GoodBody from HeeHaw. 
 hey you be the judge, This is our Erin, Nurse GoodBody 
 So leggy is in here. While radio is not visual its audio, still in time we are going visual as well on HazzardAyre TV, which means visual along with audio. Plus it helps to have eye candy at LIVE remotes and promotions for the station.  Okay then:
The fact that we started as a platform for us in towing since no one at the time and fewer since have even done justice to our industry, at the time the mid 70's early 1980's there were about maybe 4 or 5 radio shows for truckers, but none addressed us in towing. What a shame we thought, so we did it. The original show was called Heavy Hooker Radio, but people never could seperate and still can't the idea that the words Heavy Hooker meant big rig tow truck, rather than a heavy or fat lot lizard so we wittled it down to Highway Hooker Radio. Remember here AyreWolfFM didn't come into being until 2002. Up to that time it was all heavy over the road hauling trucker, toewer, and biker radio. However that changed in 2001. When after several years assigned to and proud to be part of the VMA214 BlackSheep, (yes they are real 
 I was assigned training duty as a joint training mission at Hill Air Force Base Utah. One evening a few of us fly guys were at the NCO Club, and talking shop and smack and one of my trainers Kent Nielson, said lets do a radio station and a program for us who fly in military gigs. So we located a place in downtown Layton Utah, set up shop, and one late night was looking at official call letters. At first I wanted KWLF or Kay-Wolf, problem was that is assigned to a station in Alaska. We eventually had to settle for KAFR or Armed Forces Radio. Which later we sold for a bunch of green to get another station near Pocatello Idaho. But during the search for something Wolf, I stumbled upon a operation out of Nashville Tennessee, called ran by a blind man in a wheelchair on a third floor apartment. We figured if he could do it certainly we could. This was in the early days of streaming radio. But this pushed us even harder. With a on demand streaming station required employees since we were training and doing military service flying. So we put out the word for employees, especially women. A talent company, and you got to laugh at this, since this could only happen to us, but this talent company out of Provo Utah sent us up some potential on air gals. One just happened to be one of the Sister Wives, of that John what's his name polygamist , I'd never ran into that before. Never knew what happened to her, but talk about a knock out hot blonde with legs, whew. Any mile we were running the show as simply BlackSheep Flying Radio. However in 2005 after I decided to go everything AyreWolf(airwolf) we reassigned the name of our vintage military aviation organization the name AyreWolvez. So it just made sense to go AyreWolfFM. The first real studio of AyreWolfFM, was in an apartment in Centerville Utah in what is called low cost housing. Management of the place didn't care and so it went. Funny those female applicants didn't have a problem with doing radio in a residence. Any mile, we hit the air with AyreWolfFM in July 2005 and it really took off. By mid 2006 the Hazzard County Knytes was undergoing a legal situation in recovering money invested in an annuity and the collapse of the Flying J empire. That suit is still going on. Any flyte, I bounced around and landed in Heyburn Idaho. Then to Pocatello, where I got conned by a salesman and manager of a TV station there. However it was the first time, I had played in Television, so I did up what started as a half hour once a week thing on Vision!12 the Cable access channel there. Suddenly Vision!12 was getting viewers. So we added several others of our network radio shows done both radio and TV together. For 4 days and 3 hours each our media projects were running. Then I read online and saw where there was needed apprentices for a nuke power plant near Hammett/Mountain Home Idaho. It turned out, that was a fraud, but no station for the area, so we fired up a tower near King Hill Idaho. Then the financial crisis hit, the guy who owned the duplex where I was living lost all his money and due to a turf war there it was time for me to vacate. At about this point, the idea to reimage the organization was on the table to take what we were as things Hazzard County into a more urban rather than rural image. God has a way of showing you things. One snowy night in 2008 , the high council of the Knytes and I were sitting in Glenn's Ferry Idaho. A TV show called Son's of Anarchy came on. Our thoughts were, truckers/bikers. So with a majority Mayhem vote, We re titled our group, the Knytes-of-Anarchy, that hurt us since there were copyright problems at first but that got solved, with a meeting with Kurt Sutter writer, producer of SOA. Fast forward to 2009, studio in Gooding, talent search and in came Nurse GoodBody. That op, would have lasted since Erin had brought in a bunch of talent, except the United States Postal Service for some odd reason could not deliver mail to us. No mail, no club money. Couldn't pay the rent, so one night expecting to return for a big show, the asshole who owned the office space locked us out, changed the damn door lock. At the time I had , had it. I went into seclusion until a friend got me into a living place in Buhl. As I was just going to bed and missing radio, tried to come up with something to mix all things Hazzard County, and all things air. When out of nowhere I got struck, the name? HazzardAyre. And so it became, our network, our show everything became HazzardAyre. In 2013 a friend from Lake Tahoe Nevada introduced me to a service called . We are still there, for 3 to 4 hours a week, plus the other 10 show networks we have there. Then on a feed for news in 2014 found and are there LIVE overnight. However we plan on going 24/7 there once we have enough people to run it. After all I still am in towing, what am I to do if I get a tow call while doing the show? Shut down the station ? So a co-anchor is needed. Plus I'm getting older, I need my sleep, and I need to eat and potty sometime as well as being able to take time off. Thus we are in a talent search mode. But don't thing as the recruitment thing is just for on air women. Nope, in time once 4 of those are found we'll need equipment tech's or engineers, program writers, news writers and producers. And so on , right down to ad sales people. 
HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM is growing, we need people, quality people and we're ready to pay them well. 
AyreWolfFM is not your usual radio station/network/show, we are truly the Wolvez in amongst the sheep, the sheep are worried and agitated, we are the radical rebel radio never heard since KTOW signed off in 1984 and is about to re-ignite in May 2018 from a state of the art facility in Buhl Idaho. 


Friday, October 6, 2017

Stressing over where to hang my hat at night and the things you notice but never say anything about

Okay, still stressing over where to hang my hat after Wednesday. See that's the deadline for either paying up or moving from the little brown house in Wendell. While the radio gig has a home and all, soon to be near Buhl, still where I live is still very much up in the air. My current landlord, is sneaky too. If he had told me Wednesday that he had plans on giving me the boot, I'd have never gave him the $300.00 in my pocket. The guy is not being honest and all which is why I'm looking for new quarters. What it means too is the installation of equipment to get HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM out on the cyber air is in a state of suspension , which is cutting into my income generation. Days like today I wish I wouldn't have unplugged from Evanston Wyoming and just stayed put. I have ran into more swindlers and crooks since I moved here than I have ever seen. Starting with Cable-One and translating into my landlord. Too bad Idaho doesn't have a stronger Department of Consumer protection like Utah does. 
Okay so next move radio station. Head em up move em out Thursday unless I work something out with landlord. Hitting anyone up for $500.00 in the middle of the month is stupid. By middle of the month if your funded by the USA Government means your main bills are paid, but little mid month. As for me, had I not had to buy another car, all the rent and all for this domicile, would have been no sweat, but with the car being bought, insurance ,(full coverage insurance) and all cost me right at $700.00 . Thought I'd have gotten more out of the General JaXson than $150.00 but hey price of metal is down. But ain't making hay with A1 as much as I used too. Even thinking of saying to hell with the none compete agreement with A1 and going towing harder with our two tow companies. 
Any mile, so need to find quarters so getting Veronica and others to scout for new quarters, for me. I'll do the scouting for the station.
Okay then, some ask if your shakey on where your living, why or how can you hire help? Simple, the radio gig is the WolfPack, housing is me. I serve the WolfPack, I get a tiny check from them for doing so, the more they make the more I make. Simply put the radio gig is business, my housing is personal. 
Okay then, have you thought of this? If I hear or read anything more on this Harvey Wienstien messing with women I'm going to puke. Which reminded me of several others, Bill Cosby and President Clinton, as well as during the campaign President Trump. The women these guys messed with or are accused of, messing with all are pretty much butt fugdugly. If your in a place or stature of power. Why play with fugduglies? At least pick one that has some serious eye candy. Monica Lewinski, fugdugly, That Judd sister that Harvey messed with, again fugdugly, then the women Cosby and Trump pinched. Again , fugdugly. Course the only time these women surface is when some guy is rising to the top of his profession. Once you start making money, its sue city. My thought is, if your going to possibly get caught messing around with somebody , at least make sure its, somebody worth getting sued over.
Okay then another thing. There ought to be a law, that women who wear Yoga tight pants or whatever they are should have to wear underwear or a diaper with em. Example, had a newby show up and really interview for an on air spot. Granted I should not look at crotches but I do, hey I'm a guy. I first look at toes and/or feet, then crotch. Hey we are eventually going video got to make sure the new hires can cut it on camera. 
So the newby, was okay, and I think she'll work in as a news jock, but I don't know about full time on air anchor. Thing is the newby was either very nervous or something, but you could tell she'd been piddling in her pants , serious wet spot. But hey if I made her wet all to the good huh?
So waiting for her and another who decided that getting a drink or two was more important, I missed my Fish night at the Depot Grill. In my life I don't have many pleasures left. LexiBelle is in Wyoming so can't mess with her(LexiBelle is my tow truck 
I love that truck more than any woman I have ever known. Except for my sweet Shelly. LexiBelle, purrs when I need her to, does what I ask, and seldom argues with me. )
When it comes to pleasures I have only a few like I said. One of which is Fish night at the Depot Grill in Twin Falls. I love those shrimp and scallops, yummy. Yet tonight between the interview and having to charge up my phone, I missed Fish night. So am figuring on Denny's for a Moon over My Hammy, which is good too. The other pleasures are simple, riding my bike(Harley, Panhead SoftTail) and specially blended coffee, which I get from two places one is where Nurse GoodBody's daughter works in Jerome, and the other is Java Bean in Twin Falls. Beyond those and flying, I have no pleasures left. That includes sex. I'm just not interested in sex. I'm too stressed and my equipment needs a ton of foreplay, before I can play. The other reason sex is no longer on the table is I'm saving myself for my Shelly. 
Now then for my radio show and this blog. I take my comedic bits on air from two places of inspiration. One is of course Howard Stern, although he is only 4 years older than me, I was doing edgy radio long before he was. I came out of the WolfMan Jack, Dr. Demento era, but Stern took radio into another dimension. He did it his way and does not care what the censors or station management thinks. Hence , Stern has Robin Quivers, a female news/co-anchor so I need one. That's why I'm looking for someone to be in studio that can be my wing person. Okay then;
The other comedic inspiration I have, that I found had more thought into his observations of the human condition, is legendary comic, George Carlin. As he said and I do the same thing, my responsibilty to my audience is, coming into your world and reporting the goofy shit. Things you might have thought about but never thought about until I reminded you of it. In my day I do research into the human condition, by enhancing one of my last pleasures, in going to the Magic Valley Mall in Twin Falls having coffee there and observing people. 
Any mile Denny's awaits. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

The WolfPack is; The AyreWolvez Military Aviation Association Dedicated to: Preserving Military Aviation

It's been asked; just who or what is the WolfPack? The WolfPack, is none other than the AyreWolvez Military Aviation Association, formed in 2004 and prior to that known as the BlackSheep Aviation Club. 
The mission of the WolfPack is to preserve and honor American military aviation. The aircraft, the pilots , the battles, and the history of American Military Aviation . 
Think Of the WolfPack as a biker style organization that flies, and honors those who did and still do for the defense of America. 
From air shows to radio and TV shows the WolfPack is Thee organization that gets it done.
The WolfPack is; the parent or overseeing organization of the Hazzard County Knytes, The Knytes-of-Dixie and the Iron Knytes Association. 
From photographing, and recruiting ladies for aircraft pin up art to doing the most off the wall Armed forces Radio Network radio, heard online, on AFRTS, or over the air at Marine and Navy bases world wide this is done by the WolfPack. 
Honoring a legendary TV icon aircraft, known as the Lady, on the TV show Airwolf , this too is the WolfPack.
So the next time you ask just who or what is the WolfPack? You tell them the WolfPack is a biker style organization whose members fly. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Is Corporate America people blind? And; the Iron Knytes/WolfPack are as solid today as we have ever been

Is Corporate America officials and all, blind and stupid or just arrogant? Example; The landscape of our valley here in Idaho seems all geared to simple production agriculture. Now don't get me wrong agriculture isn't a bad vocation, after all we all gotta eat. Our farmers and ranchers produce some of the finest products on earth, but Corporate giants are too ignorant to that fact. Now then on an industrial side, I read this morning that Jayco Manufacturing will be expanding and creating 350 new jobs. That's putting a ton of people back to work here. Many of them will buy things like Internet access, cable and other venues of TV, yet companies like Cable-One, and even CenturyLink have not seen fit to offer fiber optic services valley wide. If you think that all of those 350 new employees at Jayco, and so on are just going to reside in Twin Falls, think again. First there isn't that many new housing complex's in Twin Falls. So towns like Jerome, Wendell, Gooding, Buhl, Filer etc are places where those people will sleep. Then there are the smaller business's and support business's that need reliable and affordable Internet, landline phone systems. Just like us at HazzardAyre/AyreWolffm Radio, and eventually TV, will require. Yet these smaller towns have to contend with old outdated and under powered copper wired access lines to power faster wider broadband Internet and better cable/satellite TV offerings. One of the reasons that the Iron Knytes/AyreWolvez Association has lasted 50 years is that we constantly have expanded and invested in those things that will increase and enhance our various enterprizes. The question is if we can see the forest beyond the trees so to speak, why can't corporate America, or at least telecoms? I can remember when CenturyLink was known as Mountain Bell Phone Company. Their main offices in Twin Falls was on Shoshone there in a big building. I have no idea how I got inside, but I think it was in pursuit of a hot set of legs that I saw outside. Just so happens she was a executive there. As I chatted with her, I said take a ride with me to my side of the river and see what's going on there. At the time, to make a long distance phone call you had to dial the number or call the operator who sat in a mini office here in Wendell, tell her you number so the charges would get on your phone bill. There was no automatic exchange, and 80% of our area was still on rotary dial phones, no touch tones. Over a short time after I showed that lady from Mountain Bell the commerce going on in our area, we got touch tones and a automatic exchange. Bottom line, we got someone off their butt , out of their office cubicle and showed them that if you build it people will buy it. Today is no different, CenturyLink and others needs to see the growth coming out of these small towns and go , wow we need to get in and dig, to be the big Kahuna here, rather than act like the whipped puppy that some act like.
This brings me to the next topic this morning.
When the Iron Knytes Association began as then the Hazzard County Knytes and even earlier through both the Baja Boys mini bike Club out of Layton Utah as well as the TeenAge Truckers Association based out of our Hazzard City Idaho, we had no ideas of us becoming much more than a bunch of small farm area gear heads uniting to enjoy our rides and rods. Getting any kind of public press ink was near to impossible. Nobody cared much less wanted to be involved media wise. KMVT TV 11 ignored us, most radio stations ignored us, and try to get anything from the Times News? Near to a mission impossible. Now telling the Knytes no, is a wrong thing to do , since when we get a no, it just means a challenge rather than a defeat. No published press for the Club? We started our own published newsprint publication, no radio time? Well hells bells, we started our own radio station in 1975 and have expanded that to 8 radio stations in the region, plus getting ready to go satellite Radio on Sirius/XM in mid 2018. As for Television, we are still working on that to launch what will be HazzardAyre TV on Dish, in late 2019. Which will be offered to cable systems like Comcast and AllWest in our region, and to Cox and others. Yesterday I heard from some idiot that was saying the Knytes are dieing that the leadership is suffering and so on. Don't you believe it. Yes Indian Rick has been ousted as President of the Knytes and Jonny Muir of Layton Utah elected President. The rest of the officers and High Council, remain intact. The Iron Knytes Association at last accounting had just a smidge under $250,million in the bank, and growing, with a membership of now 400,000 members which is a combination of the; Iron Knytes Association, The AyreWolvez, The Hazzard County Toewing Association, The Deere Dazzlers Association as well as the Knytes-of-Anarchy MC, and yes bringing up the rear the original organizations, both the Hazzard County Knytes Kustmz Association, and the TeenAge Truckers Association 4-H Club. 
Our only challenge remains is our own, associated talent agency, that is still in need of a woman to head that up. However we feel in time that too will get triumphed. The Club is growing so to ask the question from anyone, should you get involved with our organization? The answer is if you want to live and prosper you should. The last thing here on that and to answer the question why do we do business in a small house here. Hey that's just the radio part of the Knytes. Since our bigger Knytes Hall burned down in 2001 we have been researching where to place another Knytes Hall central office that's accessible to all from all corners we have membership. The most likely towns are, Tooele Utah and Burley Idaho. That decision has yet to be made. Thing is we could easily be hiring in the next 5 years 500 new employees. Maybe now some of those little young ladies that can't seem to find their way to Wendell here to the tiny house wont be so arrogant, and companies like Cable-One wont be so smug. 
More this evening.

Don't tell me you want to work for our radio gig when you wont even call back or show for an meet and greet

Have you ever noticed that you feel so much better and fresh right after taking a good bath or shower. That feeling seems to last only for a short time, yet it really feels cool. Ok then let's get into the meat and taters here.
And I might be shooting myself in the foot for saying this, but its getting really frustrating that for all the money I have spent on want ads on Facebook, all the supposedly energetic women that seem so damn gung ho on being on radio here at HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM , that even when you make it easy for them to come over for a meet and greet, they never drive over. What its only a 60 mile drive 45 miles if you run over the Bob Barton highway and up route 46 up here to Wendell, and maybe $10.00 in fuel? Then even if they do show up, see that is if they get out of the car, and see that the career opening is real, but then never call back. What they get spooked just because they might be working for an ratical MC/Aviation organization, is it all the leggy thing? What? I'd like someone to tell me. Is it that they think that I'm just looking for a fast hop in the sack. Too badd so sad, I'm taken. I'd not do that in 8 months of Sundays, I got my Shelly and I ain't messing that up. Could it be just that? That I am taken and on the way to the alter that might mean that these honey's can't just wiggle their butts or put their toes in nylons under my nose and get me to jump, that they might have to demonstrate they have some talent to be on air? Or at least have some skills to base training on? That they really do have to work to earn a pay check? Look our gig is not for the doo gooders, or the holier than thou crowd. It's not serving food, nor is it doing anything farming which is a major gig around these parts. The reason we push for women more than guys on air is simple. The male hosts on our station is done by our male members of the Knytes/WolfPack aka the AyreWolvez. Granted we are not the usual , nice guys and yes we are the ones your parents warned you about. Yet I have yet, to hear of any club member on any of our stations of 8, in the mountain west that have been violated in any way. I and the Club have a strict policy of not too much contact nor personal interaction off air, or at studio. 
Granted I too would love to have this thing in a more professional formal setting, but the where we intended on putting the Wendell studio, the owner don't want ratical biker, pilots in her facility. Says we'd make too much noise as if, since there's a bar that hosts biker meets, and plays loud music as well, but we are not welcome there at her place and with apartments on the second floor its a no. Plus one of our associates, Crimson says the lady whom owns that place is doing sinister things there so with that, the radio gig is done in a rear room here at the Club's Rode House. But should that detour someone from getting involved? No. On the subject of Crimson, and a friends sort of, of hers. Crimson and her husband James are damn good people. The thing is we just couldn't make it work on a professional level, so it was the Club's decision to suspend Crimson and all until we were better organized with the media gig, then request to hire her back. Then there was her friend Danika, who said she was all up to do radio, so I held up and off things I had to do to host her for a swing through the radio jungle. Guess what? No came in to do the slot, no phone call, no nothing. During my day its a $60.00 an hour gig. If I tow its $80.00 and if I'm doing mobile repairs, or doing the radio thing its $60.00 an hour. If I can't do my work I loose that $60.00 an hour which makes it hard for me to pay my rent, cable/internet, power, and so on. If I book time for a meet and greet of new talent, and I spend my time, then no call, ignore me on fb, or such I just wasted that $60.00 an hour. 
So to all of you would be radio personalities, pin up models etc, if your not going to take the gig seriously, then please do not answer the ads and say your interested. 
I have other more important things to do.
Then there was Chandra, I really liked her. Pretty as can be full of energy, yet; no call and completely ignores me. How about a simple email, phone call, or something telling why she declined the opening? 
Of course there's that Mandy from Heyburn Idaho. She too was all to going in as an associate. Hell I even paid her rent, rather than part of mine last month, yet what did we get out of it? Nothing.
So as I said before, if your not serious about the career and it is a career, not just a job opening, then do me the kindness of not answering the ad or saying you want a meet and greet. 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Money stress and, What is it with great looking women going after Mexican men?

Sitting here stressed over rent money, got most of it, but trying to connect with Charlie over the last two days has been a bit distant to say the least. But maybe today is the day. 
Looks as though the 20/20 internet connection will go through, only trouble is; ain't going to matter much if I get my butt booted.
Indian Rick called several times, his Dad is pissed that I didn't buy the Lincoln, but to buy that was a stretched out thing, and I need a ride now especially if I get evicted. So needed a car. While a Saturn isn't a sports car and so on, still its got gadgets, rides well and is good on gas. So why not? 
Still pushing for the place in Buhl, between the downstairs to run the radio station, and upstairs for a short time apartment, until I find less expensive residential quarters makes the new place in Buhl workable. 
Okay then; What is it about super hot ladies going after Mexican men? Yesterday saw it several times, including twice at Simerly's. Now I kinda understand women going after Black men, since Black males have slightly larger builds than us white corpuscles. But Hispanic males from what I have heard have very small builds. So why? The reverse question becomes, if its white women going after Hispanic men, then why is it that more Hispanic women, don't go after white men? Is it that white men are put off by Hispanic women? After all over time, Hispanic women gain more weight in the butts and get bigger, dried out skin feet. Or is there another reason the Hispanic women don't pursue white men? 
So Miss Jolley from Jerome never came over yesterday, maybe this evening, but as it says," Sometimes you have to go bat shit crazy to make a point", so I put up a post on our fb page of the mini studio here in Wendell. Just so that a few of the disbelievers and doubters could see what they see on the outside of this mini brown house ain't what is inside. 
Any flyte, now that I done took my meds for my diabetes and all, its bath and bed time. Let ya'll know wuzz up in the afternoon.

I may be criticized and condemned for it but guys gravitate towards hot women in nylons

I may get criticized and condemned for my practice of putting lots of leg pics on some of our ads and such, but I have seen something. The ads and posts that have hot legs and feet in nylons seem to get an amazing amount of attention on social sites like Facebook. Take the page we have for Talking Toews. Now the show is not about sexual anything , Talking Toews is about the towing industry, regulations, equipment and so on. The fact that I empathize the foot thing comes from two words, TOE and TOW words spelled different, mean something different but pronounced or voiced sounds the same. 
Not only myself but many have used this comparison . T.R. FootNotes is one publication that uses the connection of feet and a tow truck, the other was the original PhooteNotes now owned by us, and printed by us in the Knytes towing council aka the Iron Knytes Toewing Association. 
When I log onto my facebook account, I can see just a few likes for my none leggy page photos, the ones in stockings showing lots of feet , toes in nylon hose gets more likes and attention.
Who am I to argue? In today's sexually charged society, good or evil, guys like the lower limbs of a woman much more than breasts and/or butts. 
It ain't just me with a stocking fetish, its men all around the world, and if showing more leg in our fb posts, TV ads for the network, and/or trade press so be it. After all you can't have a radio station with the call letters KTOW or KAY(toe)tow and not show toes in stockings. 
My thoughts I could be wrong.
Keep it tween the ditches.

Monday, October 2, 2017

What a woman wears on her feet will tell you a lot about the woman herself

Saw a clip from the View on ABC , and noticed that not one of those women hosts are wearing stockings, or heels. Mostly very conservative footwear and mostly no socks of any kind. 
Over the years I have noticed that you can tell a lot about a woman by what she wears on her feet. Nylons, heels and a skirt, says she's a flirt but has spunk. Where as one in platforms, or flats , with no socks are very conservative, settled at home and is way to much a conformist. The latter if in fact she is single and dating will go out to dinner, might order a mild beer, and want to go back home without anything more than a smooch at the door. The gal in nylons, heels and a skirt, will more than likely enjoy going clubbing, dancing, and will order a cocktail at dinner. Plus these fiesty types will most likely give you sort of under skirt access. Them is my kind of woman. 
I had to pass on in that group for Tomi fans, on fb, that Fox News Channel's gals always wear skirts, heels and 80% of the time super sheer nylons of some sort. Of course they don't call Fox News Channel FOX for nothing. 
Had a good day , got the app for the new studios in Buhl, that is looking more promising day to day. Got a new applicant for an on air person, wonder if she'll come over for a meet and greet? I'd love to have more of them well oiled and trained and knows what to do at the new studio, so we can be up and running and ready to hit the air with a full staff. $650.00 a month plus is a lot of green to put out if its just me doing it and quite frankly I'm tired of these stuck premadonnas in this area. No they will not come over or for that matter enter the Rode House, or even if they meet you in public at the mall they never reply or call back or just leave you wondering. Its one thing to say, no this is not right for me or at least call you and tell you that up front, but to keep you wondering and waiting. I'm rolling to the concept of since the FCC, has relaxed the regulations on having to have your studio in the city of license, to set up the mini station in Buhl, but me move to say metro Utah where on air talent is plentyful, and run the studio of the station there as well as the stations in Evanston Wyoming and Wendover Utah. 
Finally after going to bed after a bad spell involving my A1c and blood sugar last night into this morning, at 10:00AM I broke out in a sweat, cooled off and was okay. But that kind of thing spooked me. Look I'm not getting any younger, I'm only a few laps from making me and my Shelly permanante and even though I'm destined to doing this radio gig, I need employees, if I can't find em in Idaho here, I can find em in Utah. 
Early morning Tuesday, so I'm out of it here.