Monday, December 11, 2017

We are a industry disrupter and can I at least get an honest answer?

I'm going to start on this rant with the second topic, Can I at least get an honest answer.
I have read on various fb posts from three women of whom I have at least by fb meeting methods that are all claiming that what they want is a honest, always loving, tender hearted man in their lives. I have a response, why not be honest yourself back. If a guy hints that he is interested in you and you accept his invite, if your not really ready to get involved or find your really not interested in him, at least say so. Sure, he'll most likely be a bit hurt maybe disappointed but he'll get over it. A little hurt now, is better than a strung out thing, that never bares fruit. Most women forget , men have feelings too. Sure most of us male corpuscles hide it really good, but at night alone, men do cry, men do feel heartache and pain, and that can lead into over drinking and even more. The interest can be of a personal nature as in Tracy, or a professional realm such as Adrian, in either case, no call, no return post, all too many one way messages, makes guys to where we don't trust women any more. No not going queer, but over the last two and near 3 years, Shelly, has outside of twice which wasn't her fault, proved her loyalty to me by sacrificing $600.00 every month in contribution to the WolfPack. Calling me at least 3 times a day, and while that situation has been put on hold, for a number of reasons, but even if I go with another Shelly will remain my dearest lady friend, because I trust her and she has not ignored me.
To the women I spoke of, if you want total commitment from a guy filled with passion, dedication and honesty, its very simple, do the same for and to him, don't play games with him just because you can.
Okay then;
The new buzz word for a company or firm that kicks butt in a industry, is called now a disrupter. In essence setting a extreme example of precision and excellence. Or being an innovator .  With nearly 28 plus million listeners every night domestically and world wide, winners of all too many awards and a no nonesense approach to online radio HazzardAyre Radio set a standard many try to duplicate, but there is no duplication, since we are independent and not subject to stock holders. Even in the old years prior to all things Hazzard Long Haul and eventually Maximum Overdrive Trucker Radio, has led by an example few can match. Created in a small office at a insurance company in Buhl Idaho in 1997 Maximum Overdrive has been and continues to be the voice of Americas Owner/Operator Independent Truckers and the radio, and written voice and read of the Iron Knytes Association. We set the foundation of domestic ,military aviation enthusiasts radio. At least 10 years prior to Warbird Radio. Why ? Because our people are not just people behind a mic, our people on air and in studio, are truckers, towing professionals, bikers and yes military aviators, surrounded by the circle of trust called the Modern Confederacy. Nobody can match us, for both quality, and effort. 
HazzardAyre Radio is: A Disrupter.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Doing the right things for the right reason, but in the wrong place?

Before I get into my main rant here and I'll dive into politics on our main site( its not just men who get hurt and raped, at least emotionally. Say what you will of the Harvey Weinstein's and such, but when you reach out to just shake hands, and she pulls you in for a hug with a back pack on that requires you to put your left hand in the small of her back, then she shifts you in such a way that your hand slips and you do a bit of grab ass, then who is to blame? Especially when she does not say , "no" or pull your hand away? 
This last week has been a real killer for the WolfPack, and there is even more examination on the idea, of let's just say we gave it our all and get back into an environment where progress or at least what we need to advance to the next level is available. 
Many ask , with all the stumbles in raising a full on over the road long haul truckers radio station or family of stations, as well as a web based as well as satellite radio network, why do we remain in go nowhere, Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. Like it was said in a mid 60's sitcom, The real place you need to be so load up the truck and move to Beverly. Granted Venture capital resources, investors, on air as well as on screen, talent is there, and many who have never ever are stifled by religious, LDS or otherwise restrictions. San Fran, California, Los Angeles California, and so on. Are there, but with a scrape the bottom of the can for the last bean, budget, California is a bit restrictive. Trumps new tax initiative isn't helping either. The new ELD laws and so on, is just why Maximum Overdrive Trucker Radio, along with sister op HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM needs to be out there. 
So you settle, but I can also remember when we were in the same spot, in 2013 at about the same time of year. From 2006 to 2013 I had along with the Knytes/WolfPack had been busting our ass trying to launch a web gig as well as an ota radio operation. Knowing on air talent would get us so far needed tech help. Put a thing on CraigsList, stumpled on a TV engineer that rode two wheels, he steered me to and off we went. Was there until mid 2016, when by accident stumbled on for half the money of Livestream, and a platform that didn't use up processor space as bad I joined Spreaker, and all of what we do has been there ever since. With that said and with the FCC restructuring the resident license requirement, an Over the air broadcast radio station can be like a web based streaming station in that you don't need to base your operation as far as studio, in tiny remote head up the ass towns, or towns that have no or very little on air or visual talent resources either by agency or human. 
So back in December 2013, in the cold weather we pulled up the tie downs and moved to Ogden and eventually to that fancy studio in Woods Cross Utah. Where I got babied and spoiled. Here was web resources so deep and good that I could not believe it. 80mbps up 150 down, and nearing fiber optic to full gig horsepower. Now then there are people who will say that we folded there due to lack of funds, no we folded there because of a monkey faced bean counter that was in charge of renting us the office space never told us where our damn snail mail box was outside. As such we never knew how much we owed or to who each month, then there was the demand that I couldn't live no more in the office, had a place spotted then in Tooele, Utah. Could have moved there but was having issues with my mini truck so could put it together and run the station. 
I will say though I got to meet and work with some great people there, we were knocking down $10k easy a month and were on the edge of $200k a month. But saw a thing of a just went dark station in Evanston Wyoming . This peaked my interest, so went up. God must have meant for me to stay put, there, since he created a constant and steady snow storm. So I caved and moved there. Found a screwed up trailer out in the middle of no where, got some food help from some dork named Roger, which is how I met Rick, and the only good thing there? Meeting Rick and reconnecting with Nate. Then came news of another Rick I know who at the time was the Prezz of the Knytes, had just suffered a series of cardiac moments, so to be near him and for the sake of my Shelly I moved here to gonowhere do nothing western Idaho.
What makes me the maddest however is not that many never come back for an in studio thing, its the fact that they call, say they will be here, have me waiting and dangling on the line, but then no show. Not thinking that I might have other things to do, or to be out working my own company. No, they think its just funny. 
So to leave you with this thought since I need to feed, this darn near Miss Maxi Overdrive, couldn't afford gas both Wednesday and Thursday, to drift over here to do a second meet and greet. Friday(yesterday) she did show thought it was off to the races. Sends a PM on fb, saying she and her guy pal are moving to OKC, which is cool, except if they couldn't find, gas money to even go from Twin Falls here to Wendell and barely yesterday night, plus getting popped for no insurance on the way home, how the hell would she and him move cross country to OKC? The real deal, two guy pals one she's living with, the other not so much, and all got together and all thought Maximum Overdrive was a bit too much high octane, for her.
Come March , hello Utah, good buy Idaho.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Both versions of biblical scriptures are to me, a bit stressing on mostly things dealing with carnal sin

In reading and contemplating scripture here, and doing much more of that, lately (maybe that's why God turned of my TV) but I'm finding that reading the Book Of Mormon much more interesting. Thing is there are lots of parts especially in Alma, of military battles. And very grusome ones, words like smiting and arms being cut off, you read (if you really read the book) you find slayings and serious missions of death. However there is the part where one of Alma's kin was romancing a harlot and caused tremendous contention among several clans. Lamanites, Nephites and more. Just because he wanted some serious intimate relations.
But you find much more of that in the Bible itself. The top of the list of the Ten Commandments, deal with human sexuality. Thou shalt not commit adultry, seconded by, Thou Shalt not Covet anothers property(in essence don't get a stiffy over a neighbors wife) Thou Shalt not commit fornication. Much of scripture has to deal with keeping your breeding needs under control. If you look at pictures of the garden, of when God asked how do you know you are naked? You see Adam standing there with an erection. Seems that from the time Eve fell into temptation and bit the fruit, if in fact it was fruit, (how do you grow apples in a desert? ) Or was it a fig? This has never been defined. But once the tree of knowledge had been invaded, boom, it became needed that all would be in deep manure. Which was what God wanted. My question there is, if it was God's plan that we as a species, screwed the pooch(military term of pilots who miss the catch wire on a aircraft carrier) then why was it a sin to discover the truth of the tree of knowledge? The two concepts seem to contrdict each other. Seems that improper sexual experiences are or is the main theme through out both the old testament as well as the new testament. God just kept telling most males to keep it in your pants. 
So with this theory, are we to just have boring , get on, stick it in , pull it out and roll off and go to sleep? Or is it sinning if we seriously enjoy a good time in bed with mucho foreplay and pleasing your lady , especially if its your wife or mate? Scripture is not too clear on that. 
Now that we have that ejaculated lets move on here.
Every day at least I do, get ridiculed about the admirations I have of very beautiful women. Especially my Shelly. To outsiders or superficially she may be as fugly as a wooden fence, but to me she is outstandingly beautiful. Because her beauty is not just on the surface but extends to her spirit. Which really belongs to God in the first place. Then there is the superficial. I really like the women in short skirts, daring women who will show what she has, but doing it tastefully. The ones who don't take time to be hot but controlled are just sluts. But even God and Jesus loved prostitutes. Jesus pardoned the sins of one that had been caught and convicted of prostitution. People were stoning her to Death, Jesus stopped them and said, " Let the first one of you who has not ever sinned cast the next stone" The list goes on, but the main thing God commanded, was Do unto others as you would have them do to you. If your desire is to be kind and considerate to others you will get that in return. If not from someone else, God will judge that person at the last day. Don't condemn someone for the same thing you did as well. If so you should repent. 
My Shelly doesn't read scripture of either book very much, but I'm trying to get her to do more of it. In fact that is the main thing she needs to do, to be married to me. She needs to have the lessons taught to her by Missionaries,(Still trying to find ones who live near us here in Wendell Idaho) Then she needs to be baptized and become a member of the Church of God here(the first name of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) this way we can be married in the Idaho Falls LDS Temple. The reason I chose that one is, the extreme beauty of the LDS Idaho Falls Idaho Temple against a sunset, with the falls in front, takes your breath away. 
Any way study , it may surprise you what you discover in scripture. 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Your cursed if you do and called lazy if you don't. And what is it with all the kiddie porn on Facebook?

Okay I admit, I live from month to month on a medium military pension and SSI , together I'm lucky if I get over $3k a month, and even that is spread pretty thin much of the time, but it don't stop me from attempting to climb the ladder to get me off at least the SSI, since I'd rather work than be on that. 
If you look at all the hoopla on the news and commerce sites both in and around Idaho, you'd think that the city of Twin Falls and immediate area is really in a boom era. The reality? Rent has gone way up, but wages and jobs haven't really increased. Oh sure Jayco Trailers is hiring , but what about jobs that involve creativity, intelligence, and some IT tech brain power? Sorry those jobs are not here, or are they? More on that in a few centons here.
No matter how hard, and how many hours I put in, seems I hit a dead end. Ain't just here neither. I had some of the same, although not as bad, but the same reluctance in hiring on air and photo talent in Etown Wyoming and Ogden Utah as I have here. The difference? Salt Lake City and metro areas were only an hour or a hour and a half away. There are agencies that you can hire from, no having to wait hours even days and even weeks for a prospective talent or applicant to show up and even if they do show up don't return. But I'm getting off track. 
I have heard from neighbors, my Bishop and others just get it done, grow your business. Problem is as hard as I work, still can't get any traction in the action. 
People have barked at President Trump, about the budget, helping big business and all, I say; unless your really in a world of illness, get off your ass and go to work. Or instead of dropping millions of dollars each month and taking this nation into debt, why not do as I have said years ago, take every person that wants to go into business to carve out their own living and get off of SSI, a half a million bucks, and say here's grant money git-r-done, and oh btw don't contact us at SSI until your 90. Or tell these unwedded women with children's, no more SSI, go find a qualifying job, like working for Maximum OverDrive Radio. Learn a skill or two that is marketable. See you in 20 years. 
No matter how much and how hard you work at it, climbing the stairway of success is a mighty long set of stairs.
Each day I watch such shows as Business Rockstars, with all these successful start ups. Many I wouldn't do, but somehow they all find VC, or Venture Capital, to do a start up, where are the VC's ? What I glean is 80% of them or better are in or near San Fran California or Los Angeles, they dang well are not or extremely hidden in Idaho, Utah or Wyoming. I'll take $700k there Alex.
Which brings me to the earlier thing. And it relates to the second topic here. 
I have to date spent oh can't say how much but near $2k with Facebook recruiting hot looking talent for both on air, as well as to be on our website, and in our Klassic Truck Calendar/Video. I kinda understand the not doing the in studio, on air thing, since it is in a house. Only because three assholes, one in Gooding, Strickland, the other in Twin Falls, Mark Jones, and one other that I wont say, said since they were ignorant about internet radio they felt they could not rent to a military aviation/ truckers group. Okay fine. But poster girls? They all say hey I'm interested, I'll be over, then when pushed they either back out, or even if they are interested their guy pal says DON'T DO IT!!
To be fair, I guess having your lady walk into a MC's road house, for a job of any kind might not be like sending her over to McDonalds for a opening, but hey we pay a damn well better than McDonalds. 
So since nobody is available or will undertake the task of being on camera with hot trucks and tow trucks, etc, I went to finding pics on FB that I could photoshop and place with a trick truck or two, to get at least the Website, and go from there. So I stumbled on a site dealing with Spandex and Lycra, okay. So I scrolled down the pics and counted at least 12 or better of Asian women, and many not even women , more like teen , tween and pre-teen Asian girls. And this is allowed on FB, but if I (maybe its because I'm a guy) put up a pic of one of our guys posing with, or a very leggy pic of a gal with a bike, truck, etc, I'm sent a notice from FB saying your post or your photo does not meet our community standards. But hey some gals doing a closed page with kiddie porn is okay, and even women older some of those pics are really racy and they do those pics for free. Hmmm , double standard and decrimination don't ya'll think.
Took the day off, caught sleep, got to get up early, since its time to do some intel gathering on new HQ in Eastern Idaho Thursday.


Monday, December 4, 2017

Delays,delays, nothing but delays and frustrations. CenturyLink has 14 days to hook us up. And can I have a few hours with God?

It certainly was a Sunday, slept most of it since couldn't do my radio gig since grand and old and I mean old CenturyLink has yet to get the rest of the puzzle of the system needed here to render enough online Internet horsepower to putting HazzardAyre Radio and the rest of our offerings on online radio. 
It has became such that I am in personal contact with Raphael several times a week, and yet the entire project is waiting on a piece of fireproof plywood to mount some gizmo that is needed to make the connection possible. You'd think for the $500.00 or so a month for the next at minimum 10 years, would get CenturyLink to just buy the blooming Plywood, set up the system so I can begin to at least generating some money. Like I said before, and I'll say it again, for a company based on communications, they don't communicate well. I guess that CenturyLink isn't considering the fact that once my system boosting mbps bandwidth speed to a symetrical 20/20 , once up and humming, other smb's here will want to have the same thing. That simple logic means Raphael, and CenturyLink, gets new customers or even older ones willing to upgrade, and thus more money that CenturyLink makes. Hell we'll even put up a banner on our site saying something like ," This website made possible by CenturyLink. " Nope it keeps dragging on. Really thinking now it'd been better to have just paid Cable-One's bill then kicked that back in gear. If CenturyLink don't hurry up here, that's just what I'll have to do. 
I wonder has anyone else gone through this with CenturyLink for business? 
Okay then deadline is the 15th of the month here. If it ain't up and going by then, I most likely will not be on the cyber radio until March maybe May. Since it'll take that long to pay off the ridiculous $2,000.00 for Cable-One. 
Now with that said; was chatting with current President of the IKA, earlier, he said if he were setting operations up for both going towing and radio, he'd put it in, in or near Malad Idaho. Reasons, are that Malad while having a tow truck there really doesn't since what's there can't recover anything. As such on the Idaho side of the border, its a hour or better for a rig to be called out of Pocatello, or one from neighboring town of Tremonton Utah. As far as local radio there, since the station in Tremonton Utah went silent and dark almost 15 years ago, there is no radio locally in either town. Cyber or over the air. Guess where I'm going to be sniffing around for an HQ? 
Plus when Rick retires the Presidency of the Knytes next month, Jonny becomes President and he's in Layton Utah. Now Malad is only a 2 at the worst drive to Layton Utah. 
Was pretty windy here over night. No outtages here as far as electricity. CenturyLink was out for a few hours, but is now up and going albeit at a snails speed. Which is why I do much of anything online overnight. Since what bandwidth, and such I get from CenturyLink, is faster overnight since fewer people are tapped into the pipeline overnight. 
Didn't go to Church for very long today, since a few there gave me the stink eye, plus the reluctance to take on a pro radio guy to work their console, so I ditched Church at about 12:30 hours, and trucked myself over to Terri's house, since she has just lost and the rest of the WolfPack did too, one of our members to the same stuff I have, type2 Diabetes. Our member Bart was a LT. Colonel with over 2 million flying hours, 8 tours in the air, with the UCSMC, before us was part of the RCAF , Bart will be missed. So most of the day in between my domestic battles with Shelly, been doing some serious intimate counseling, Terri is really hurting. So then;
Came home, tried to swallow some microwave soup, while fighting with Shelly. I gave Shelly the lowdown though. It's either quit barking about me bedding all these so called honeys she thinks I am, which I ain't. Heck since my experience with Wings-of-Dove, in 2002 the only get down root around get at it mating I've done is maybe 3 trips to Miss Donna's Ranch in Wells Nevada, and that was long before I even knew Shelly.
Sure I work with countless women on a daily basis. Some I meet on the phone, or at vendors websites, like one from CenturyLink named Danielle. She's out of the Las Vegas office. The rest of my daily dealings with anything female, is either at the Depot Grill, getting something to eat, and chatting with staff there, like Sarah, or McKensi or Brandy, but I eat, pay the bill and leave. Although Sarah has a voice that if coached and all could be great on air. When it comes to others I know, like over at Anchors, they tease and flirt to get tips, I tease and flirt back, but to date never have even thought of taking one of them home. It don't matter what town we have been in, if its female, likes me, Shelly has a fit. Telling a new hire that your engaged, borders on sexual harassment , and since that Harvey Weinstein, thing and even before him there are just certain things that you don't talk about to a prospect new hire. As far as getting down and dirty again if she's working for the Knytes/WolfPack, she's an employee and you just don't do that. Female friends? Sure I have many like most of the hotties at Simerly's, all treat me with respect and all, but all of them are married and have children's . The list and all goes on, but I don't really care about that, my goals are simple, to get KTOW FM/ HazzardAyre Radio making the kinds of money it used to, getting, Dixie/ Highway Hooker Toewing back to going towing, so I have green in my jeans, and not always owing. Bottom end, Shelly has until April 1st to get her stuff together, or come May after I get back from NAB this year since I damn well am going, to that. But if Shelly is still pissing all the time and crawling up my butt, that's it forever, or if she does finally get her temper under control, and all come June there will be a Mayhem wedding. It's just that simple. 
Finally, and this relates. Very slowly getting through Alma in the Book-of-Mormon, its really interesting and should be read as a novel not just pick and all like many do. The battles, the insight and such its a good read. But I only ask for a few hours so I can read, pray, in my own way. Question is; Can I just have a few hours a day to be and visit with Heavenly Father? 
Guess you just need to love God and Jesus Christ, to understand, but my Shelly and others don't seem to, since they always find a reason to call, visit or show up here when I start getting into scripture reading. 
Any mile, need to catch some zz's , big day today.
TTYLY, Keep it wings level.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

I don't like fighting with the old lady, and can we skip Christmas, New Years, this year?

I just got off the cell phone after having a stiff verbal battle with Shelly. Seems we been down this road before ain't it? Any mile the conversation went from money to stepping out on Shelly to a bunch of other things that I wont go into here. Thing is, the centered reason my body is in this old house in Wendell Idaho was not the radio gig, that I was doing well with in Evanston, Wyoming, or Etown. It's not that I lost the shop, could have made up for that in time, and right now be running tows all over western Wyoming. Making money, not just spending it, with a bunch of idiot women, who think only that whatever virtue would or could be violated. As far as flying had a spot picked for that at Bountiful SkyPark Utah. Nope I moved here so that Shelly could be somewhere that she could not only settle down in, but avail herself in the mental health abilities and resources she really needs.
These temper tantrums of hers, and the fact she things that anything with a vagina wants me here, (same shit that was at the center of most fights in Etown) is purely her vivid imagination. If I was having as much intimate relations as she thinks I am, Herman would look like a quarter pound of ground beef. The fact is the last time that I had anything sexual outside of Miss Donna's Ranch in Wells Nevada, was with some goofy chick named Wings-of-a-Dove that I met on the old AOL chat room places. The fact that she had a package was a plus, but she had Cerebal Palsey and was goofier than a bucket of rocks. That was back in 2002 even then didn't flat care if I got laid or not. All I'm trying to do in life is serve the WolfPack/Knytes as well as dig my way out of a deep financial pit that people who should never have been in control of ripped me off when they stole some serious funds in 1984 through 1989. From my parents estate. Most of which live in and around both Gooding and Twin Falls County Idaho, and they know who they are.
With the fuss Shelly caused here, even if I had a super fleet of tow trucks here, the best equipped shop in the area both would sit idle, since no cop force would call me out at 2am especially if a woman was involved in the disabled vehicle. This was proven back in 1984 when Big Skipper moved me out of the house near West-Point Idaho to Boise. Up to then I was lucky snagging maybe 10 to 20 calls a month here in the Tragic Valley, of Idaho. LexiBelle, my General Lee and all moved to Boise, withing 8 months I was knocking down 30 calls plus a day, and for once having accounts receivable not just payable . Reason, Treasure Valley cops didn't have any reluctance calling me out late at night. Especially if the tow involved a woman motorist. Same thing in Eastern Idaho, Utah and finally Wyoming. The reason I'm behind the 8-ball, is simply, I moved here for and because of Shelly, not with any idea we would floor the walls with money made either towing, or doing online radio. Both could be being done better and consistently in Etown. And yet, about every other text or phone call from her, is because of a imbalance of serious anger, and all, and shit, I didn't do anything to cause it.
Now many of you are saying why don't you just drop her?
Simple, because I love her, second the loyalty she shows by sending me her financial contribution for the club, and three, we are about the only two on earth that can stand each other. But its now on a probationary situation now. If the fighting continues, if she misses even one payment, if she don't swiftly change her bossy attitude, between now and April, there wont be no wedding in May/June. I'll just move somewhere that isn't as expensive as here is. My Son Mike in Kentucky has some space that he'll help me get into, plus if I moved in with him, I might be able to track down Monkee, and that would change a lot of things. Come to figuring , Monkee and I never ever said a cross word, to each other. Some how, Monkee while not liking it much, understood the things I had to do that involved acctress's, Models etc, since that's how I made the money that put food on the table. Heck, Monkee even helped track some candidates for those talent spots. The reason she and I are not together is that, I got a massage at a motel-6 once that resulted in me being date raped, and money stolen. Monkee didn't buy it and we split up. Which brings me to the next topic here.
Can we just skip Christmas, and New Years this year? After paying bills and all this last two days, I'm as broke as I could be. Beyond that driving by the old homestead near West-Point every day, Mom and Dad no longer here as well as no real companionship, friendship, etc, I really am feeling really low. At least living in Etown last year I could zoom to Utah, hang out at a few strip bars, get drunk, had a great Church Ward, and people who sort of cared about me as just a person, both in Utah as well as Etown. All I can say is this; come after the holidays, I'm on the road to finding a place for the radio op, and then me. Where that falls money wise and all depends on Shelly. 
Look I have COPD, Heart problems, and type 2 diabetes, I live on a mere Military pension, combined with SSI, the only extra cash I make is from towing and 10% of ad sales from the radio gig. I'm not getting rich, and until or unless somewhere all of the money from the Montgomery Trust is recovered, I live forcably humble. I now watch a snowy TV set with one station. Because of both Cable One/CenturyLink station remains off the air, and because of that , that 10% of ad sales from HazzardAyre Radio has stopped. All because I still love Shelly, but there is a point that I will need to call an audiable there. 
Church in the morning.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

I hate taking meds and giving blood, Thursdays must be a slow news day and moving not moving

Thursdays must be a slow news day. Can't understand why since in most juristrictions its court day, got to be choice news there right? Nope, all I see on FB is a bunch of junk. Must be the time of year, cold as heck, and so many stay in and are online especially FB and such. 
Okay especially the stay in's. As much as I tried over the week and the collapse of the negotiations with Rick Strickland on the original space we had in 2009 that was the birth of AyreWolfFM, and with everything else being high as a cat's ass, that the conclusion, is we stay put in our tiny brown house in Wendell. I have ran the gamut of filling out apps, being conned by real estate agents, and people who flat don't have a clue as to what we do, and the size of the funds behind it, that I just said, for now searching for some other place until mid 2018 is dead. Not saying current situation is fixed or carved in rock, but until I can figure out the next move, this is both home and HQ of the WolfPack.
Okay then, one of the Knytes members was in a very bad wreck that resulted in his ride doing a 3 times roll over. Leaving two kids that are adopted by my Shelly and I as well as the WolfPack/Knytes with serious injury. Including one that has no feeling in her fingers undergoing much surgery and rehab. Today I did a few hours of donating blood to infuse into our little sunshine, and now I'm about as drained as one can be, but made it into Wendell, just in time to snag my prescrips from Simerly's and now just chilling here at home. 
On the subject of the radio op. Its a sure thing for whatever reason that is thought, that no honey for no amount of money is going to show up to do a twosome broadcast. Just ain't going to happen. 
With that said both the Old Skool Toew Bro's Club as well as the WolfPack is still looking for honey's to photograph with toew trucks, rollbacks and yes military aircraft. We'd like to get this shot, and printed. Likewise be able to sell same at toew shows, ayreshows, and such, as a charity project, proceeds will be going to two charities, the Wounded Warrior Project and the other the Shriner's Hospitals. Trouble is every gal that applies , goes about half way then shy's away. Question is; why bother me or the WolfPack, if your not even serious? Just because we as an organization may be a bit rough around the edges, and yes we are a wyld crew, nothing dangerous here, or any danger to any gal working for us. But it's like one of the realtors that we were working with, he couldn't see where the money was. The money floor is about as solid as any could be, anyone who REALLY knows me or the organization knows my family was very well off. Mom and Dad knew how to invest in stuff that has grown in value. Like the bank building in Boise. 10th and Jefferson to be exact. Mom bought the thing in 1982 for $200k, today its worth millions, of which I only get a small percentage of as a dividend, the rest flows through the Knytes. Last night caught wind there was a piece of real estate in Salt Lake City that my cousin bought with Trust(Montgomery Trust Fund) money, for a few thousand. Well when the LDS Church and a developer bought the property they forgot someone needed to be paid. Mainly me. Cousin Shar is digging into it, but this could be serious cash. Bottom line while a few might shrug me off because of my bummy appearance might want to rethink that idea. Rick in Etown and Nate there, knows I'm not fibbing as they have seen the paperwork, or a bit of it. Plus its researchable at the Gooding County Courthouse. I remember two Knytes members being told by Cousin Bud, the secondary Trustee of the Trust and Skipper in Boise who was the main bean counter after mom passed in 83, that I own pieces if not all of companies that I have no idea of. From mining to oil and natural gas wells in Wyoming, Texas and elsewhere. 
Bottom line to Mark Jones of Robert Jones Realty, and a few others, don't judge from what you see in front of you , since what is in front of you is simply the cover of something much more powerful than you could possibly fathom. 
I most likely will never live long enough to see all of it, nor experience the kinds of green in my jeans that all of this is, but it is where it needs to be, in the care of the Knytes/WolfPack. 
I finally got my meds today, and after taking them, and giving 14 full bags of my blood, Oh am I pooped, so I'm off to bed.
In closing, maybe a few gals that are avoiding being talent for the calendar/video, and others, might want to show up. Seeing the underlying current might open their eyes.

Monday, November 27, 2017

I get into small noses

Before I get into my main rant here, I have noticed that I have so far gotten 400 likes on the topic I put on Facebook on our page Maximum Overdrive Radio regarding the similarities of watching a monkey screw a football, and the fumbling around that has gone into getting HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM back up on line. Must be quite a few that got interested in setting up heavy pedal Internet with good ole CenturyLink, and feel its one helluva pain in the ass.
The main problems with this, is there are so called specialists, that are in far off places, who have no idea of what it takes to upload and webcast a radio station, or even broadcasting in general. If CenturyLink has smb business consultants, shouldn't there be at least some of them trained or hired from radio and/or Television Stations? That way the right products and services, and the knowledge of the fact that if a station isn't broadcasting no money is coming in. As we enter month number 3 of the long wait, I still wonder if it'd been better for me to have just paid each month $500.00 to Cable-One that'd mean next month we'd be back on the air in full bloom. Shit is about to hit the fan here, on this. I'm going to find out who the supervisors are to both the gal in Louisiana and Raphael is and have a solid conversation. This is taking way to long to get a connection established to air the station, especially when the Connection is going to cost US $550.00 a month.
Okay yesterday got the call from Strick in Gooding that he decided to rent the space we've been counting on for a month to some gal that wants to put in a flower shop. Really? Like I said once, just because a skunk changes its stripe, don;t change his stink none. I think to that the turn down came from the incident here Thanksgiving morning. Not to be ko'd here, found a few places in Twin Falls and some in Buhl for housing and a few places both in Twin Falls as well as our main focus in Buhl to set up hq for HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM that also carries overnight Maximum Overdrive.
Okay so with the dawning of Maximum Overdrive we're once again scouring the valley here and pro talent agencies in both Utah and western Oregon, for a Miss Maximum Overdrive. In doing so, while I'm still into the leggy small toe thing, still I'm much more conscience of noses. The smaller the better. I was watching a better view of Alex from Business Rockstars, on BIZTV. As long as you see her from the front of her foxy face, its okay, but if they do a side profile view, I noticed she has a pretty large plow nose. But it's not just her. When every guy was going goo-goo over Shania Twain. From a distance she looked hot, but if you got close and or saw her from the side you saw and see Shania has a V-ditcher shaped nose. I have seen only a few that looked hot or proper. Thing is, maybe it's because I was spoiled by a few of the gals I went to school with, especially Peggy Follett , Michelle Gates, Dawn Odle, and Cindy Bauche. Their little noses were so dang cute you could do Eskimo kisses with them all day and not get enough. It also could be, because, I like women, who are small, and compact. From their nose to their toes. Tight butts, small waists, and yes even small breasts. Ones that are huge and out of place, just get me to shying away. 
So thanks to all on Maximum Overdrive fb page and all for your support on the Ever See a monkey screw a football? Welcome to CenturyLink, think a serious phone call is in order.
Good number to ya'll,
Stay Tuned:

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Ever watched a bunch of monkeys screw a football? Welcome to CenturyLink.

Here's a ad you'll never hear on radio or see on TV, with a tag that reads," Ever see a bunch of Monkeys screw a football? Welcome to CenturyLink." I don't know what Century they're thinking of, must be the 19th Century. Now my re-entering service with CenturyLink came as through another serious bunch of service provider mess ups, from Cable-One, in which due to a series of hiccups on my part getting them sort of paid, and Cable-One not having the techno savy to hook things up right, I got billed in September some $1500.00 bucks, that currently is in lawsuit country, as we are suing them for both breach of contract and excess delay of service as well as overcharging. So in serious need I called CenturyLink, after I found that Filer Mutual couldn't connect us via wifi. Best speeds the lady tells me is 5mbps down maybe 2mbps up. Streaming HazzardAyre at those speeds was impossible. But the lady puts me in touch with a guy in Pheenix Arizona by the name of Raphael . So far so good. 20/20 mbps . Not great but will work. 30 days to get us up and running he says. Now the next was my fault. I figured on moving me at the op to Buhl, October 1st. So I shut down the Wendell Idaho install, but informed Raphael that we had a location set in Gooding Idaho. Which is still on delay, really? That's the main studio. So I get a notice from some gal, in Louisiana saying they shipped more equipment to the Wendell location. Damn it CenturyLink, focus on the GOODING IDAHO location, not so much the Wendell Idaho location. Shit they haven't even done the site survey in Gooding yet. For a company that's rooted in communication, they don't communicate very well if at all, either between myself or between each other. Damn it!! Focus on the main studio location in Gooding, not the damn auxilliary location in Wendell. 
When Mountain Bell, aka CenturyLink was a baby bell as they called it then, service was slow, but you had local area people serving this area. If the district office in Twin Falls couldn't handle a service issue they escalated it to Boise, if they couldn't handle it, it went to Aurora Colorado. Then the company got bigger and nearly went bankrupt. So they became Qwest. Still trying to keep up or catch up with cable internet and the decline in landlines they became CenturyLink. And started having sales and other reps spread all over the nation. I experienced things from two points and the third after farting around for 3 months in Evanston, Wyoming. I flat dumped CenturyLink. I started communicating with some hot blonde gal in Las Vegas from CenturyLink, but in the end, after much frustration I signed up with AllWest there in Evanston and was happy as could be. Even if I did miss a payment deadline, a call to a sweetheart at their home HQ in Kamas Utah, and we stayed operational. But they were local, with local people and if there was a real need the boss's would come up and visit. However in no cable system, nor telecom like CenturyLink, do they have anyone in sales or installation, that deals with broadcasting, or at least radio/TV broadcasters. Broadcasting is a very specialized area. However with the popularity of things like podcasting, webcasting and such many people are creating their own web radio/TV stations, and need the horsepower of much higher upload and download Internet. Many are willing to pay the $400.00 to $600.00 a month to get that horsepower. Trouble is telecom's and cable services have not looked into the future, and started to upgrade their systems to handle that horsepower requirement. What the telecom's and cable system providers also don't understand or want to understand is that for every hour that a web based radio station is off the air even at one sponsor paying ad time of $100.00 an hour wont have their ad heard because that Telecom, or cable system provider couldn't get somebody like us hooked up in a reasonable time. A few weeks even a month, is one thing, but this thing is taking forever and still not hooked up, in either location. To date, we've lost $15,000.00 in ad revenue, and I'm thinking maybe we just should have swallowed our pride and paid Cable-One the $1500.00 if CenturyLink, doesn't have the Gooding Idaho location installed by the second or third week just prior to Christmas, come the first week in January 2018 the set up with CenturyLink, will be shit canned and we'll file suit at CenturyLink. Too bad you can't just sue for absolute stupid. 
Stay tuned.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Why did this all happen? Because I was being kind.

If there is one thing among many I have learned residing here in Wendell since early June this year is that to live here you have to have a very thick skin, and not open yourself up and be friendly or kind. Nor extend any thing in friendship that could be taken for anything it is or was.
See it all happened this way. Last April, after Shelly and I took a time out, I was sitting at my air conditioned residence in Evanston Wyoming. Where upon I had just finished up a good radio show there and was sipping some new to me soda. So reading the Slime News I saw two ads one for a bar/apartment cafe in Richfield Idaho. Called on it, just about had it in my hands but delay in me getting funds together somebody else rented it. Next to it was a 3 bedroom house in Wendell. Hmm I thought for the same amount of money I was paying in Evanston I could get a whole house. So called Cable-One, more bandwidth for the station at what I was paying in Etown, so far so good, plus I thought since my Shelly didn't get along in Etown maybe she could in Wendell, plus with Wendell being close to Twin Falls she could get the mental health help she needed. So I drove over, dropped $200.00 for a deposit, and waited until the first of June to bust the move. 
If I had listened to my inner voice, I would have just ate the $200.00 and stayed in Etown. But with my OL, license due and some plates needed to be renewed I made the move. 
From June through late August things seemed to be going in the right direction. Part timing with A1, building the station, some fresh talent for the radio gig and promo model stuff for same. I even eventually went back to church. At least the Church I was born into.
Now I had heard from many in Etown that the members of the Church in Wyoming and the ones in Utah/Idaho were different critters although the same species, there was a real difference in both attitude and mind sets. But I figured, Mormons are Mormons. 
So went back to church. 
Now out back of the house here the guy who owns the place had hauled in a bunch of big rock gravel. Couldn't get LiL Wolf in hardly at all, and the General caught a bunch of damage due to that gravel. So I mentioned it at Church, if somebody had a skidster or something to thin that down a bit. Next door neighbors said they needed it so, I said have at it. Mistake number one, was getting to chummy with the neighbors.
Small rural towns used to be real neighborly and friendly, you could leave your doors unlocked, and just simply wave at your fellow townspeople as they drove by. 
What I have found is the town here, has become a fully totally bunch of badgers that don't want anyone new or formerly lived here people to move in. The attitude is, eat at the Subway, fill your car or ride up at the Maverick, buy your smokes/chew at Simerly's , then get the hell out. Stay on the Interstate. Unless your willing to kiss some serious butt, and or suck serious penius, don't even think or consider moving here. 
But see I ignored the warning signs from Heavenly Father that moving here was a really bad idea. One of the first runs moving here, the old General got high centered on a Snyder baby platform. Now for those who don't know what a Snyder Baby is, they are those orange poles put out to detour traffic in construction zones. They got their name from the company that used to abuse them most Snyder Transport, as Snyder's trucks are or were orange/white in color.
So the General was injured, fixed it in Burley, but if I had been smart I should have just turned around, again, ate the deposit money and went back to Evanston. 
Then came the run up here from Evanston to Wendell in LiL Wolf. Up until I got to Burley all was good, the further I came west, LiL Wolf did not want to run right. Again should have turned around right there. 
But hey I was on my way home to near where Hazzard started at least for me.
The next warning was that I had to sign a long lease. Seems others moved in here , got snubbed by the neighbors and moved out. Since I couldn't break a lease without paying it all, and with the General injured couldn't move. But I damn well was going to try.
So by October, I had bought Silver, and with that figured if I didn't pay the rent, I'd get the boot, and much of this disaster would be over. But the first place I applied for was rejected, so at the last minute had to tuck my tail and step on my pride and ask the Church for help on rent. They did. Figured I'd be out on November 1st, nope. While I had a place and all there was some moral and ethical things that said lets stay put build the station, after the holidays go get LexiBelle and be back towing as well as doing radio. 
But then and thankful a few things came together, have a place for the radio gig and me a place for a time, to sleep and shower. Now I had every intention of staying put, except the mice started to invade. I mean everywhere. As soon as you plugged one hole they'd come out another. Monday night it was so bad with mice smells and the grimy grease they leave, I could breathe. So Doug one of the Knytes members said we're taking you to the hospital. After they pumped my lung back up and gave me some antibiotics I came home. But I had, had enough. Made a call to Envi Lawn and Pest. and they came over and figured okay that's done. So then two nights ago, went to a nice pre-Thanksgiving dinner at the River Fellowship, (read my other private blog for details) and it was nice. Good time, good food, I felt really at peace. 
Now I have no idea who started it up again, nor who is saying the truth, but got awakened Thursday , yep Thanksgiving Day with the grand old Sheriff and crew banging on my door. After I struggled to get out of bed, get dressed and all, I greet them with the question of what's up? The response was, where is Shelly? I replied in Florida as far as I know, why is she injured? The cops respond, we got a report she was in my bathroom locked up. I invited Shaun the Sheriff to come in and look, he declined. He said she called them from here. I said really? After checking they found that I was truthing, and as such left that alone. So I call Shelly, Shelly says she got a text and a video from one of the neighbors saying they were going to come over and shoot me with a shotgun. Really? Please do, it'd put me out of my misery and I could be in peace. Heck I'm ready to exit this mortal life. So with all that over and such, and peace made, I made the decision, that even with all that is on the horizon, that its just better for me to move in with a friend in southwest Twin Falls County, put the radio gig in 3 places, Buhl, Burley and a smaller station in Gooding. As for me I ain't no longer a resident of Wendell Idaho. 
Which begs the questions, who have these people pushed out before? Two; who will they pick on after I leave, and what will the next person have to endure that will move in here? 
The sad part of it is this, I was kind, considerate, never played the station loud at night, and this all started when I asked the neighbors if I could barrow their lawnmower. 
More on the show later on.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

OhWowAyreWolfFM moves one more square on the Monopoli board

There are several things, I'm thankful for, but this morning at church after services, somebody really knew how to make maple bars and serve coffee. 
Yes I went back to church again and it felt great. First not the LDS Ward or denomination, nope went to the River Fellowship. And was glad I did. The sermon was really good, music that includes drums and guitar, and has the words of the hymns on a big screen so you can see and sing the songs. I was in near Heaven. What makes this church different is in the same building next door, is two TV stations, one that carries my BizTV, and the other half? Well its a radio station. A very modern station. Not too much LIVE programming, but it seems as though as I had coffee with the on air gal, while she just pushed buttons, they need an overnight board person. And to answer the question you may be asking, Yes I have an interview in the afternoon Monday. For once somebody else to pay me for being on air, in a studio on radio. Not a bad concept.
Felt kinda sorry for that young filly in there all her lonesome, so took over coffee and a maple bar to her after services.
Liked what I heard from one of that crew, that simply said, that he felt, I had the most natural talent and experience in local radio that he'd ever seen. 
With that said still shooting for rolling out AyreWolfFM/HazzardAyre Radio come late January, and keep on waiting for a new filing window from the FCC to get our license for Gooding Idaho, and piggy back that on our license from Buhl.
Oh don't get me wrong still going towing and all, but on radio etc, focusing on flying and remembering and honoring those who have flown and who still fly for the defense of this nation in a Marine, or Navy flight suit.
I haven't gave up nor cashed in my love, respect and efforts on behalf of the Confederacy both in history as well as today, but still to date, I have yet to see outside of a one time contribution from a gal in Texas and of course my Shelly every month, anyone else contributing to the sustainment of HazzardAyre Radio. 
Seems if there's something going on with things rebel as well as love of Dixie, the fb pages and so on is flooded with pages, groups, newsfeeds and so on. But see the fever cooled off for many of our Confederate believers, its not politically correct to be a rebel, and as such, nobody cares. Or hides. Understand, I gave up things Dukes, not Hazzard County or the Confederacy. However that said seems as though myself and the Knytes/WolfPack seem to be the only ones carrying on that torch. So in my opinion why devote so much time to it, let's remember the pioneers of military aviation like Pappy Boyington, and the VMF(VMA)214, lets remember the missions, history and real sacrifices made by our fellow birds of a feather, rather than waste so much of our time holding onto the memory of much of something called the Dukes-of-Hazzard, when nobody there even says hello any more from there? Like last years Utah AutoRama, and such, Daisy, Alma, Cooter and all were down there, 100 miles away from me in Salt Lake City, me in Evanston Wyoming. Did anyone from there even come up and at least break bread with our organization that has been one of if not the most dedicated DOH loyal organizations ? Nope, they didn't. I'm tired of it, so from this point, its Welcome to OUR, Hazzard County, more Hazzard County, no Dukes.
So Church was great, met some new people, a door has opened and oh yes, the gal in those pink sea shell jeans, thanks for sitting next to me and making me me feel more welcome. 
Our LDS Church could learn a lot from the River Fellowship. Guess where I go to Church now? Guess who and where I'm going to get rebabtized? When a Ward of the LDS Church, albeit thanks for the help on rent and utilities for two months, but when a Ward will not counsel another Church family, to maybe be more kind, to another church member who quite frankly is forcing me out of my own home for no real reason, maybe its time, I denounced my LDS membership and go elsewhere.
Now if the mice will all calm down here , I'm going in and take a nap.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Things are changing here at the Wolf's Lair and with the WolfPack.

A grand good morning to ya'll from AyreWolf Kountry. I slept like a wolf in a den last night. While no visions of sugar plums or such danced in my head, most USO girls from Sydney Australia danced in my brain. Still I slept well , didn't even think of the mice running between the walls here, nor the poor plumbing. Mostly because in a week and a half is all I have, to endure this nightmare. It was and has been a tragic situation, that I should never have gotten into and wouldn't have if my sweet Shelly had been able to reside in Evanston. But that was not the only reason for the move here. The basic foundation and that was not much of a foundation , was to have a legit place to have as a solid address to renew my OL License. Looking back on it and the money wasted would have been better off renewing it in Wyoming, and just threw away any concept of anything Idaho. But can't fix history. A wise Commanding officer once taught me that life is not like a video tape. Where you can edit out the bad parts, splice the rest together to make a good film. Nope life once an event takes place, just took place, and no amount of wishful thinking is going to fix it. 
There was once a infamous philosipher that said," Doing the same things over and over again, and expecting different results is an idiot". While its wise to keep and honor traditions, still some things that either have no value any more or where attitudes have changed, need to be eradicated and replaced with things that do work.
Things like the infamous Toew Smooch that has became a trademark for my disabled vehicle rescue service, during the time of all things Hazzard, and such was really great. But how many hopefuls in our radio on air searches have been frightened off by that one thing that always happens at one of the auditions for such? With all the hoopla over harassment of actors, and in Hollywood, and media of somebody doing the wrong touchy feely, should we keep doing that? While having a mix of genders in a 10X10 studio doing radio, I think your going to start seeing radio studio's that are blocked off between genders, just to protect both from these kinds of happenings. Everything from porn to acting and drama and many other so called entertainment outlets will begin to change their minds and attitudes and just not hire or have disclosures if they do hire women to be mixed with us male corpuscles.
But I'm getting off course here.
Overnight into early morning, the WolfPack and I over Skype and computer conference had a informal meeting. While the Dukes, and all things Hazzard and all including the Knytes have been great, still we came to the conclusion that it might be time to climb off Traveler (General Lee's horse) and get on board of the lady  and go all things air or in our case Ayre as in our case AyreWolf or AyreWolvez.

With that in mind and with the fact that after the fiasco of the Reaper Club in Twin Falls, in 2013 and subsequent events that followed the only reason I retained anything in any way of being an officer of the organization was heading up the WolfPack. As such, that has became my intent for sometime in the future.
The only two things that I personally will be connected to in any way with things Hazzard County anything will be HazzardAyre Radio, and Hazzard County Choppers. Beyond that my focus on air and duty to the organization will be that of the WolfPack aka the AyreWolvez.
As for my residence. While I was fully against this for the past two months and all, personal finances dictate that I bunk at the lady in Hollister Idaho's house until I can figure out something that is affordable yet sound and newer in both construction and quality. There is no way around that. If I'm to have money to bring the radio gig, as well as my own operations to bare I need to reduce overhead. That means, reduce rent payments from $600.00 a month to $180.00 a month. Can't contribute rent for radio studio, car payment and house rent every month like I have been. Or getting sick by having to inhale mouse smells. There needs to be that change. 
We are rapidly entering into 2018, what was the tragedy of 2017 and all that has been 2017, there needs to be a course change if my and the WolfPack's altitude is to change. So for a few months, I reside in Hollister, but HQ is in Gooding, goodbye Wendell Idaho, and my neighbors, you got your blessing as I'm outta here.
More in the afternoon.

kris kristofferson - Why me Lord

Okay this next week is Thanksgiving. I have been through the wringer a lot this year. First with Shelly, then loss of the shop in Etown, Wyoming, then moving like an idiot to Wendell Idaho , where upon I got accused without any real basis of being in appropriate with some youngn's then going through loss upon loss. Yet considering even with a mice infested house, I have a house, electricity thanks to the WolfPack, and food, a warm bed, so really can't complaign although I do a lot. God has been my companion, my rock and my foundation. 

A collegue of mine Zeb Bell had on his weekly blog post of his, about being thankful to God for all that we have and I am, Zeb put up a Southern by the way hymn so I thought about the one none LDS hymn that I love the best. Written by George Jones and sung by Kris Kristofferson, this is my deep prayer, and big question, Why Me Lord? 

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll

Friday, November 17, 2017

Ho,ho,ho here came the wet and snow damn I'm cold. And why does an Asian woman want to join a old tow

Ho,ho,ho here came the wet and snow, in western Idaho. The dang storm didn't last too long, but the time it was here put 12 people in the comedian strip and 12 pull outs for ye ole Dixie Toewing this early morning. As such I'm cold, frozen and needing feeding. 
Okay then caught a email from Dunn and Bradstreet, good ole Dixie Toewing is still glowin on the top tier credit files, and seems like we are still the top notch toewing company in western Idaho. Even nearing the level of good ole A1, not bad huh?
Then my dear Shelly, caught this Asian chick on our fb group Old Skool Toew Trucks. I allowed her in simply cause I thought she might be into our pleasure and hobby of restoring these good old trucks. Seems however than this Mitsi is a troller looking for whatever? I figured out why she wanted into our group. Tow trucks = men= maybe a guy she can con. So I asked her two questions, one; can I see her toes, rendered no response, and two; does she own or drive a tow truck especially a vintage truck? If not, she will be gave the boot out of the group.
President Trump's new tighter immigration laws and all are relegating that foreigners wanting to enter our nation needs to have a legit reason to do so as in scoring a mate, such as a Asian gal making moves on a American especially a Confederate American male for a potential hubby to sponsor her to get a passport/visa. All of which I ain't doing on a personal level cause , I got my Shelly and that means to all women, you can want cause Shelly has me. 
But for some of our otherwise none attached male corpuscles, the trollers are out there hunting, so beware.
Okay; for the last several days have had a couple of mice that have invaded the Rode House, one I caught in a desk drawer inside the radio studio here, and have not let out, the other is stuck inside one of the walls . Now its not that I'm scared of mice, but several situations of a domestic condition over several years and the fact that I'm seriously allergic to the damn critters, have made me a bit touchy when the bastards invade my domicile. The first time was in Rigby Idaho at the shop there. The living area was okay, but found that I was really being invaded by mice there. Even to the point a few would even sit there and groove on me doing the radio thing there and then wanting a bit of my sandwhiches. The next big whoop with mice was when I rented that shack in Glenn's Ferry, Idaho from that April Espinoza. The damn critters had millions of offspring living under the house. I even woke up one morning with one sitting right on my chest. Not good. The next time was living in a house in Gooding, another infested place. And finally when I had to live in my shop in Burley one year after the plan of attaining a place in town was shot down by an asshole of a PSR, and at the time a SSI Payee. Wasn't long after that and a few months in Twin Falls at Big C's place that I moved to Utah, got that payee thing squished and making me my own damn payee. Which was so damn simple. My thought on all of that was simply, there were a whole mess of folks nervous about me having free rein on my own finances, in that once I did I could spend real money on my own projects. Like the shop, tow service and contribute to the Knytes/WolfPack for the radio station. Okay then.
Finally this morning, I am sorry for the delay on the re-entry of getting HazzardAyre Radio back up online and so on. After thinking on it, at this point it would have been easier to have just paid Cable-One off and been done with it and went back on the air. Granted Raphael and all have kept me online although the connection speed and all is way substandard, but at least I can write, but not broadcast, 5 down and 2 up don't cut it when streaming a radio station. 
The delay is both my fault and CenturyLink's. Mine was pulling the plug on an install here in Wendell. Since I was looking at the move to Hollister Idaho, and all. Since I stayed put here in Wendell and needing my home studio to run I reinstated the install. On the one in Gooding? I haven't heard squat. You'd think a company that prides itself on communication, would do more communicating. The reason I'm loosing money is that for every hour I can't stream the station/network, the Knytes/WolfPack looses $100.00 per hour in lost ad revenue, which the Knytes/WolfPack takes out of my checking account. As such for two months I had to go to my church ward to get aid on paying my house rent. So I got in touch with some CenturyLink people overnight and said, basically its time to poop or get off the pot. Either get at this, or pay me back for my lost revenue or pay off my Cable-One bill, admit what I need can't be done here and be done with it. 
Hopefully we'll be back on air online anyway shortly after the holidays. 
At least that Danielle whats her name at CenturyLink's office in Las Vegas, admitted that even after trying real hard that we couldn't bring things together there, and helped me with the deposit with AllWest and shortly after that we were online, on air. 
I'll keep you up to date.
Until later ya'll