Friday, August 18, 2017

At the end of a Show I watched the question was asked, could the same thing be done now? Answer , not until people pull their head out of their anus.

I watched this fill in special program on FoX 14 here in Wendell, about how all that is, here came to be. The pioneering spirit and all, and this one old gal on there with a hens nose, said it couldn't be done today. I say anything is possible and for nearly 35 plus years the Knytes have done what others said couldn't be done. But more on that in a few minutes. In 1971 my Mom & dad, gave up their service to both the Defense Department aka/ Navy,Marines/AirForce. So they decided to pack up and relocate here to a very slow and stubborn minded area, called Hagerman, Idaho. Oh sure the farm and work we did, there was great, but the thing is as did the people in charge of building the canal system and all, saw , I also saw what could be, can be here and as such I was not content to just stand on the bank of the ditch setting siphon tubes. I saw film making, media, and yes aviation. While it was a law in Idaho once that to own a business in Idaho one had to have available both a pilot and a plane. I saw things not as they were, but as the should be. Lets move south west Idaho out of the early 20th even late 19th century into the 21st century I thought. So in 1973 at the crest of the big oil embargo that brought forth the fad of CB radios and such, on a weekend get away in Ogden Utah, that my mom and dad decided we ought to go go to, I sat down with the President , Vice President, and bean counter of a small mini bike club that had been established in 1968 called the Baja boys. That became the Street Commanders Club. 
In pursuit of a blonde going into the Gooding County Courthouse and landing in the County Extension office, where 4-H Projects were the county extension agent, myself and my dad sat down and created the first 4-H CB radio project, and group. That progressed into a junior truckers group, called the TeenAge Truckers Association that you all know today as the Iron Knytes Association. Over the course of the organization, things were born. From a radio station near West-Point Idaho, to a small ed TV station at Hagerman High School, under the direction of Mrs. Hobson, and Mr. Lyndsy. 
Then of course cam 1981 our General Lee Dodge Charger took home several awards from the then infamous Salt Lake City AutoRama, got some press ink from two enthusiasts publications, and in the fall, October 31st at a impromptu Halloween Party, a organizing meeting was held, and just one month shy of My mom's death , by her gift and a few others, the Hazzard County Knytes Kustmz Association, was born, and became official in the fall of 83. The rest as they say is history. Yes there is Magic in this Magic Valley, a desert in the Mountains was turned into productive farm land and harnessed a mighty river to do it. In our case we took a bunch of renegade lead footed gear heads, and turned us into the ultimate force of an organization that grew by word of mouth, not the agility of the Web, or Internet. 
Could other things be done now that was done in the 1870's here? Yes, but only if enough people pull their heads out of their safe zones and quit tasting the back of their teeth through their anus's. 
What things could be done here? How about an affordable but extremely able Internet Provider Service, that would rival or exceed Cable-One. Cable-One is good, but for real horsepower you need to pay through the bleeding nose. Mine is the the $1,000.00 a month zone, with worse service than what I got at AllWest in Evanston Wyoming. How about tossing in a Internet Protocol Television station just for the north west side of this valley , especially Wendell, Hazzard, Gooding. Include our radio network, and run it both over wireless and wired Internet, 200mps up, 1 gig down. And have it cost no more than say $80.00 a month or less. There is more , but you get the idea, lets do more with what we have lets not give up. 
This past week, I saw all the noises and junk on the removal of Confederate monuments, and things honoring the Confederacy. All over facebook, page upon page upon page. Its that our Confederate ancestors were in some way responsible for the ill's of a bunch of crooked politician yankee's. If your not part of the force of change, your part of the dismal problem. The Knytes would rather be on the side of change. But even with all that, it was relaxing to watch, that special on FoX 14 that let me unwind, but inspired me once again. Got two other things, the shop we had in mind in Jerome is once again up for our occupency and made friends with the cat who runs the local drag strip near Gooding. Can you say DukesFest West and AyrePower, AyreShow combined into one big bash there? Now can we get a few more folks out there in our area including Mylinda, James, and others to pull their heads out of their Anus's and see and be visionaries? Or just those who like to ride along and glean our left over pickings? 
Be on air at 08:00 that's 8:00 AM for you none military folk. 
Stay Tuned.

Must be that damn Eclipse or something, sorry about last nights overnight show it was a tech gurus worst nightmare

Hey ya'll I'm about to head to bed. It must be that dern fool Eclipse or something but most of our digital gear including computers were really acting up something fierce. So as always I muddled through, but it wasn't what I had planned. I really wanted to get into the junk about the killing of the heritage of our beloved Confederacy and all, but every time I wanted to jump in and go LIVE, something else in the system went sour. It was not one of my best efforts. I don't know if its the antiquainted electrical system of this older house, or what but the sound quality was not what I liked and hasn't been. I don't know if its Cable-One's pipeline, whatever it is, change is on the immediate horizon. That damn eclipse thing has everything stressed. Call it system overload, but its completely stupid the way folks are carrying on. IDOT and AAA are warning motorists to expect delays, dispatchers at most police departments and such are beefing up, its mind boggling. As for me I'm planting my butt in my bed, and enjoying a few hours when the sun is behind the clouds to get some serious shut eye. I don't give a mooses butt, about this eclipse thing. That said, watch the damn thing on TV and stay off the damn road. Just stock up on beer, Jack, spuds and such, plant your butt in that big chair and enjoy. Who the heck needs to go stare at the moon blocking the sun? Some things they ain't telling you. The atmosphere and science shit, on this, means such things as internet, cell phones, and anything controlled by satellite and/or GPS is going to get fuggled up, as radiation and power surges are expected. Such things as chickens that wont lay, cows that will get mixed up and wont give milk, oh that's crap they did not tell you. But it'll happen. 
Now phase 2:
As you know me and Google, at least the department that does Google-my-business have been having a battle. Started out because just because we moved and I told them we moved, they suspended the listing on Google for Highway Hooker Toewing. Seems as though, just because you don't have a neon sign flashing pink, with a spotlight on it, they can't verify your company and so they pull the plug. However at least our secondary company RodeWolf Toewing is still listed. Its the same company, just rebooted. But I have tried everything possible but to no avail, so I yanked Highway Hooker Toewing from Google-my-Business, however we are still open and operational. Ever try to call their so called help fix it desk? Chute you get some Indian from Tipae somewhere who has no damn idea what a tow truck is. Yes they are that ignorant. I for one am tired of all these immigrants doing jobs in America, and these big tech companies like Alphabet/Google, or facebook or such, that hire these babbling idiots. It don't matter to them, except if you threaten to sue the dog turd out of them, and even so you'd be ready to do so, they'd just write you a big check, and blacklist you on Google, and with us that would be a disaster. So its best to just let that sleeping canine sleep, and not poke it. Alphabet/Google and facebook etc are like women, can't live with em, can't live without them, so its a catch 22. 
Any way will catch some zz's and get to producing a better show tonight. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

In our eyes loyalty is everything as well as trust. If you don't trust you don't really love a person.

First out here, we are having tech problems with things IoT here so no radio show until early morning. I have came to the reality when working computer things, you best have a box of Goody's 
 and a bottle of Jack Daniels ready. That's the Hellbilly way of dealing with stress.
I have been seeing a bunch of traffic from our Charter President and member from Etown. Seems he and his still are going through a bad time and struggle. He loves her, but I think she's only there for the ride, not the destination. Loyalty between Club members or that of a relationship are measured by how well someone sticks with you, even though the going gets bogged down. I have been very blessed that through some powerful inspirations and all that I got my Shelly. Even though we had some near drop dead dragout fights, we are still together and even though at struggles with money and all, we get through. My Shelly helps where and how she can money wise and support wise. As she can see the gold at the end of the fence where others just see a struggle. Same goes for our Charter President in Etown, good Rick is busting his ass and his don't seem to care. The thing is, when my ass was hanging out in the wind and freezing it was Rick that came to the rescue. Sure Nate helped too, but not as loyal or in the strength that Rick has. When others wonder why I left Etown, it wasn't the cold snow and deep cold. It was the fact I got kicked out of my shop, just when things was about to start earning money. In that every single insurance company, from Allstate to GEICO was calling us for insurance tows, AAA was calling us for tows, even though we are not a AAA contractor, the list goes on. Coupled with the fact that our property manager there never did fix or have fixed simple things like a shower faucet, and the raise of the rent there, coming home to Idaho was my only affordable option. If it hadn't been for those things and the fact Etown never did accept me nor my Shelly, very well, I might have made a 4th attempt at remaining there. But life goes on. Our Rick, there in Etown , knows that if I can he can depend on me anytime and at in any way to be there for him, and I know I can depend on him. But its not just Etown and it's stuck up or other attitude. Even here in our end of Idaho, we are still having an uphill struggle with gaining on camera talent for the website, and me for my company's website. Its that same restriction that plagued us in Etown, 
 your either a Church goer or your not. If you are you get, if not you get the boot. While not everyone is a Church member and there are times I wonder about that in my book, whether I'm going where I need to, I can say that if it hadn't been for that little Church Ward in Etown, and its leadership, I wouldn't have ever been able to recover from my initial move there and rescuing my gear from Utah, nor the ongoing problems that I had there. Unlike where I am now. While some aid has came, it isn't equal to that , that I got in Etown. 
Even though there is a considerable distance from here to Rick's kids and all, in many ways, I think he would be better off here. But at present he must decide that. Relationships, in love , and its not much different, whether its brotherly love as I have for Rick, nor the tender he&she love that a man has for a lady, in my case Shelly, in Rick's case its Steph, but in all regards relationships are built, not just happen. I'm there if Rick needs me.
More on air after 09:00 hours this morning.
Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Be very , very careful, You have just entered a LDS Mormon only Zone

I don't always want or desire to bash or condemn the LDS denomination since I am one and in the last checking still in good standing there. Yet there are so many times I see and find that the LDS Church, well, maybe not the Church , but the so self labeled holier than though members rear their stuck up heads, in defense of decency that it stinks. As such, Welcome to Gooding/Wendell Idaho the sign on both ends of the two towns should read:
 Not that I don't like the church, or that I discard the gospel of what most follow . That being that, there are also many of them, and I mean , many of them, ever seen the families? The adage of, well if you can't smoke and drink , need something to do for fun so they breed. The big mini vans that entered the automotive arena years ago I know were invented by Church members, after all how else are they going to transport their mini armies? SUV is a term that is mis guided. It should be LDS Family Transport vehicles. But I'm just rambling here. Yet I see the members dropping childrens without much if any means of feeding, much less housing and educating them. But that's not what I'm intending here. When I see posts of some that say or veiled forms of decency in and of the club, are not understood to being much higher than a indecent under garment of a scantly cladded lady, I say really? Don't judge me and I wont tell the truth about you. 

I think you all get the idea. 
We'll be looking into this and other issues overnight on HazzardAyre Radio Talking Toew. We'll also be looking into the concepts of if the Church and community can't do it, who will? Most likely a MC or in our case a HRTC,(Hot-Rod-Truckers-Club) in short when the Bishop says no, the Knytes say yes, and how fast do you want that?
See ya'll on the Radio.

Monday, August 14, 2017

I didn't know you had to have a Temple recommend to comment in the group, and its getting chillier.

I didn't know you had to have a Church Temple recommend to comment in a group or on a page. Seems as though the Church's hairs raised on that group from Gooding Idaho. This is not the first time that this issue has risen nor will it be the last. But its one of those simple things that restricts the progress of our agendas and aspirations. If some people can't accept the slight naughty impressions or images on our postings, then they probably were against things like the Dukes-of-Hazzard, and Daisy Duke's shorts or might have raised an eye brown and got their feathers in a ruffle over the pinups and nose art on military aircraft. Images that are far more tame than anything they might see on TV. The fact is, its purely superficial, and maybe its time the said Church in question needs to take off its blinders and realize that their so called preteen and tween offspring are seeing much worse than anything we ever thought of. But then too we use what we have available, its not like we have a parade of beauties prancing through the studios, in more shall we say church accepted attire. This is something we have been working on for at least 20 some odd years, in pictographing good looking ladies with rides in family acceptable threads. The problem is there are none or very few that take us up on the offer, so we use what we can glean from the web, which is completely out of our control. 
But then that's more likely why we have been the men of mayhem for near 50 years now, and why we get the deed done when so many others fail.
I'll be ranting on this over night tonight into early Tuesday on my radio show.
This same racism, because that's what it is; is why I stopped going to Church, in the first place, and began attending our Sunday morning religious get together down by 1000 Springs resort. At the Amalgamated Church of Dixie, we gather, sing our praises to Heavenly Father, have a lesson or two, break bread , drink some wine in rememberance of the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins, without judging others there by what they wear, what they drive and such. If you don't have a 3 piece suit, believe that Heavenly Father made a beautiful woman to be admired, and the only thing you have to wear are some old jeans and your vest, so be it. Your there to worship God, not put on a show for your neighbors, nor should you shield your eyes or children's eyes from reality and images that are pure. After all like words themselves, its how you define and all the word, not what it is commonly thought of. Goes back to a former post, or two. The word Hooker is commonly believed to define a lady of the night. In reality at least to us it means a tow truck. The word Pervert is rendered from the word pervertion, in essence to make something different and change a way of common thinking. The inclusion that the word pervert has anything to do with any sexual content, is the meaning that some ill informed and bigoted scholar attatched to the word. Not what it really is. Paraphrazing words from Waylon Jennings, don't you all think this politically Correct stuff has gotten out of hand, and attempting to correct or purify something that is perfectly innocent is just plain arrogant. Wake up America, and especially that group from Gooding.
Oh well can't please everyone and even Bambi had critics.
See ya'll on the radio starting at 23:00 hours, that's 11:00PM for you none military folk out there.

One more show out the door ain't it good I didn't rent a big assd office near my neighborhood?

Looks like a misty day here in Our Hazzard County. Rain supposedly all day. Means a nice cool day for ye Old Wolf here to catch some needed sleep. 
Got through another show and its now in the can as its said now I'm nearly off to my bed.
In years gone past I'd get pissd really fast when those in heels and pantyhose would not show to spend some time with me on the radio. Any more I say who needs these gals? Sure it does add some pizzazz to the gig, of me keeping you company inside that radio in your rigs, but the fact is, while gaining an on air side kick on the show would be nice with the very limited supply of able talent its just no longer possible so for that while not counting it out I'm in no big hurry to hire anyone to do that task. The 6 hours I spend with ya'll on air overnight is just fine.
Want to say to the fine lady on facebook on the group thereof who does this thing called Gooding News. There might and I say a big MIGHT be a possible of a collaboration of some sort, but its nice to have a source on traffic and weather that I can tap into.
With that and I can't count how many times I have busted my behind on finding a more out of my domicile place like a pro office/studio to do the radio thing. But as I also say why? Why, obligate myself and/or the organization to a facility until I see at least 2 or more on air radio talents come through the door? 
Any way eye lids heavy I'm headed to bed to dream of my old square eyed Chevy that I named LexiBelle. Now go out and give em hell.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Big outfits like Facebook know only one thing, money, want to get their attention ? Pull your ads and don't advertise there

If you want to get the attention of big social medi giants like Facebook, Google and the like, grab their wallets. In essence stop your payments even if through Credit Card, at the bank. Don't ever advertise there, or for very long. Reason, once you find that you are not doing very well there , and your dollars are not producing the desired results, but you want to stop completely. I tried that but the facebook gurus don't take heed or listen. So in the morning off goes the money flow. Your better off putting up a free ad on CraigsList than spending money on facebook. Pretty much goes for Pinterest and some of the others. It's the free ones that catch eyes, not the glazed over ones of facebook.  Example; Of all the talent searches the Knytes have done over some 30 years, the ones that were the most successful were the ones on both (when they had them) the free classifieds on Yahoo, and our free posts on CraigsList. Of those the best is gaining Nurse Goodbody. The rest on facebook and other have produced a bunch of just gave birth partly engaged wanna be' talent that could blow their noses if their brains were dynomite. Sorry. At least not in the high octane of bad girl/ evil woman style modeling we're always looking for. Hell even the strip bar honeys stay away from us. That said, the style of talent we need is not going to be obtained from Idaho,Utah,Wyoming, and I'd be surprised if even Seattle or Portland Oregon would render anything better. So searches in such areas as Hollywood, Nashville and in and around Dallas are being done. The restriction is obvious, its a religious restriction. LDS based societies don't cotton much to Vertically challenged riding hoods being eyeballed by the big bawd Wolvez. As such, sniffing at their toes or heels are taboo. In essence get away from the Mormon ball and chain and there might be some success.
The real deal, finding good talent on say facebook, or such ain't going to get you none where. So even if your seeing ads there on our pages, the Iron Knytes and all subsidiaries ain't hiring. The pinup and such projects have been shelved until spring, if they even happen at all, and all talent will be booked through an agency in Salt Lake City called TMG. 
As soon as we rather I get done with two computer diagnostics here we'll be on air.

There is always a mystery in the shadows of the domestic forest And women who hold your attention

There is always a mystery in the shadows of the domestic forest. Things you never thought to look for and then the ones you might have suspected yet did not want to look at.
Did I misread Crimson? Did I not look at the obvious of Danicca? Was it the need to get a project to reach its conclusion that I was blinded by a bit of ass sniffing? What ever it was or is, I really messed up, but thankfully nature and the great spirits put a stop to most of it before it got out of hand. 
I'm beginning even at this old age not to rely on what you see online, no matter the source, and sniff things out well before taking action. It's days like this, that I'm thankful that I am not the President of the Knytes, and only the EXO of the WolfPack, not its presiding President. The responsibility of having to appoint and monitor all too many outsiders and trust they will be what we're looking for in on camera and in studio talent and anchors on our radio network, is a great burden, to carry and accomplish. Since 1979 this has been my mission or my place in the Knytes, to be the media chair. The thing is, I'm not able to do this as effectively as I used to being that the resources for doing so have changed to to many era bending conditions. Yes, once upon a era there was the ability to recruit model talent and such with a notice at the tasty Freeze here in Wendell, or a post on a community board at the Artic Circle in Buhl. Not today with the creeps, and fear of all too many , such things are best left to talent agencies in big cities. Not saying that I'd like those services at a serious discount, but how much do we really save? Considering the time away from the studio, shop and out of the truck, going to meet and greets , turning my home inside out to interview new applicants, only to have them not show, is why through the Club, the decision to process this kind of thing will soon be done through a contracted agency, and not us. More importantly not me.
What way too many of ya'll have forgotten. Is that in a month or so my Sweet Shelly, will be here living in my home with me. While not completely being domesticated or pussy whipped, still by this time next year , I'm walking down the isle and saying my howls of I do. Once that happens, my days will be occupied by a wrench in my hand building bikes, a steering wheel in my hands going toewing, my evenings on the air and the rest of my time with my Shelly. That means with no one or fewer of anyone willing to step up to that plate to take a swing at bat, on these talent gigs, handing all of this off to an agency that can do it, is the best decision that can can be made. If a few people in my town here want to bite my ass of , "hey you could of hired someone here local," My response is simply, " We tried, but the local availables just were in too much fear or to stuck up to pull their heads out of their ass's." Nuff said.
Cable-One is doing a firmware up grade so no radio show over night, from Midnight to 05:00. 
Last; 2-1/2 weeks ago, just by pure accident saw this gal at church, named Alex. She was a bit of a wyld one, but has more to her than outside looks. Not that her looks are bad, she could equal and rival any cover girl I have seen in recent memory except maybe Nurse GoodBody. Nobody went up to her, or greeted her or anything in church. I thought two thoughts amongst several. First I thought you arrogant bastards. Is this what the Savior taught you, to push aside those you find different? Second , I have been there. You go into a LDS Ward, and it seems as though everone has to check you out before extending a welcoming hand shake. Yet from the word go, Alex is interesting in her thought patterns, and she's no dummy. While I have no interest in her from a romantic nature, still, would not mind pursuing a path to bring her into the fold of the Club. Speaking of which, we have a new pledge for the Club. His name is Zach. 
More later,
headed to bed, been doing fire control most of the day, via air assualt, so I'm bushed. Only good thing? I got to fly the sorties.
L8R Aviators,

Saturday, August 12, 2017

So she don't want me to wake her up in the morning, and the spys are upon us

Before I get started on my rant here, I want to be perfectly honest and clarify the point of order of the High Council of the Knytes to discharge Mylinda and all from the ranks of the organization. While I may be a deciding factor in organization business, I'm not the only deciding factor. As it is there is 300,000 members of the Knytes, as such of each charter of the club, there are the main charters and the 4 and in some parts 3 sub charters of the Knytes. Each one has a President and A vice President. They also contribute to deciding an action or decision to be made. Of the worldwide membership if something is irritating the organization, somebody is going to call a point of order.  While this may start to sound complicated, the fact is the radio op, and its companion the poster girl thing, is not moving along as fast as it should, or could. 
While I think Crimson , her sister and the one who moved in beside them, are good people, they just don't possess the dedication to task that I thought they did, nor both of them, have way too many personal problems in their lives that their participation at this time is impossible. While we experienced some terrible weather for a short time the last two days, the fact is its a rude reminder and awakening that winter is not that far off. As such if any photography or videography is going to get done it needs to be done now, or tabled until spring 2018. Which as the High Council has decided to do. 
That does not mean that some bits wont be done and at least a good cover pic for the website wont be done, but the calendar and all is tabled until spring. 
Okay then, My dear Shelly, has been going through some serious emotional ups and down's lately, mostly wondering of my loyalty to her, with this parade of hopefuls for the poster girl crap and getting more people in studio to do HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFm Radio and so on. First of all understand that on my goofy list of priorities Shelly is in the top five. As such while my soul belongs to LexiBelle, my heart belongs to my girl Shelly. Yes the up and down on and off again struggle with our relationship is a challenge, but I do love her in any and all cases. If I didn't I would have jumped off that journey months ago. The life of a Vice President of a HRTC (Hot Rod Truckers Club) is not easy. I was reading in Zeb Bell's blog about people thinking his job or profession is so easy. I'd like to see anyone do what I have to do, and go through the struggles and manure piles I do. I'd love to be able to just tune on a hot rod Chevy truck or cruise down a Interstate in a tricked out Peterbilt, and that be it. Nope. I have to deal with new outside the club new hires, dedicate time to a growing radio station albeit on line right now pending a new station license renewel , hiring female models , having to deal with infants, and just had a baby needs money to pay for it hopeful model applicants. Which is why outside of maybe one, the rest that signed up for the gig, here in the last round, were looking for a fast dollar and not much else. But I'm getting off subject.
Then of course there's getting up to speed running my own tow services here. Not that I'm not thankful to Big C and A1, but thing is Big C isn't over here on the northwest side of the valley, and a really dedicated tow service here can generate good money here. Not that I didn't make okay money in Etown, but well ya'll know that disaster there. To be honest had I been able to retain my shop there, I'd have stayed there. But when rent goes up to $595.00 per month for a one bedroom apartment and the same almost gets me a whole house, you take the whole house. The real challenges now are simple. The move really taxed my rides. The General JaXson has some serious problems, LiL Wolf needs an alternator and battery, and when my money is going into a radio gig and poster girls who don't show up to get the Club to start chipping in enough, it hammers ones brain. So I say to anyone, who thinks their career gigs are tough try mine, more over if anyone wants to try to be a prospect of the Club, we are accepting new membership pledges right now. If my Shelly thinks I'm ignoring her, she's deeply mistaking. It's because of her that I'm her in the 3rd place. Both from the fact that her not contributing in both April, May and some of June to the shop fund I lost that, and two, to be together she needs some serious thearapy that is only availbe in Twin Falls for what she can pay for it.
Okay then. 
Ever think your alone trucking the cyber highway? Think your emails, visits to social pages like Facebook and the like are not being monitored? Think again. Much of the reduction of YOUR bandwidth and such just might be because of eavesdroppers, looking over your shoulder while you use the cyber highway. Oh sure computer errors, the age of the system you get on the cyber-highway with may be a cause, but I have found that 60% of the time its because I have been spied on, or are being spied on. I get the same feeling when, some Islam guy says they like one of my or the Club's facebook page or group. Really? Too bad I can't just ask them why? The real answer, the Islam and Commie eyes are looking at you from every mile marker, to see if you might be a recruitable agent. In my case, I'm sorry to say I'm 100% Confederate American Male with two balls that dropped years ago, in essence I am America, anything and anyone that wants to challenge that , can do so looking into old Betsie here. There's a 30/30 cal, shell aimed and ready to be discharged. 
I'll elaborate on this on the show, starting at 12:00 hours today. On and you also can find us on . As I close , I need to disclose that Nurse GoodBody and I are having our monthly coffee this Wednesday at Java Bean, where the exploration of her entering back into our media firm is going to be on the table. 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Something brewing in the valley

I'm convinced that there are way too few still in our valley here that remembers our southern confederate based, hot rod club, but we are still growing my a force of magnum 10. The fact that all too few realize a full blown radio station is being put together here in Wendell, Idaho, is just such an example. Originally created in 2009, in Gooding Idaho, the Knytes-of-Dixie aka the Hazzard County Knytes Kustmz Association, has online on 10 channels of, and our a online station there at , yet too little outside print ink, let alone the local TV station here. Has not been given our just notice or spotlight. 
The old adage of silent but deadly applies here. While the Knytes(knights) don't want a spotlight or relish one, still the projects of our club deserves one. 
If your wanting to contact us about anything on our radio project you can call 208-944-9137.

Waylon Jennings: Live in London 1983

want to see how fast a new hire at Ch-11 gets fired?

Do you want to see a new hire or recent hire get fired? Or at least seriously get less air time? Catch this, if I say online here or on my nationwide radio show heard online at I'll gurantee you this pards if I say I like her, she'll get bumped faster than a bad bag of taters off the harvester. See they got a new blonde intern over there that could turn out giving Brittney Cooper a push out the door. She's bubbly and seriously talented,(wish she worked for us) along with the fact that entire news staff needs to be phased out and new brought in, including Joe Martin who has been there it seems forever. Heck he's getting a face like Mgruff the crime dog. But now that I have said I like her, watch and see if she gets the boot. I just hope when they do, she comes and works for HazzardAyreTV. 
The Knytes and KMVT have had a on again off again feud for going on 20 years. I don't realy know why since used to be all broadcasters being a sort of family, but I think its because one afternoon right before the 1st Dukes reunion show on CBS, that we as a supporting company and organization wanted to advertise there, on that with KMVT, and them putting off a meeting due to a Latham Emergency, a year later Latham Motors, the original Dodge dealer in these parts , went out of business, due to a host on atrocities, and such. Guess KMVT should have bought in with us huh? Any mile, that was the first stumble, the next was during one years running of the Twin Falls Fair there was a huge wreck out on 84 here. Of course our tow service got called, and I video taped it, did a newscast with the first on of the story. Guess what? Not only did KMVT copy the written part of the story, but dubbed our video. Shortly thereafter, I called em on it. Ever since if I go into KMVT, the silence kills, and you can almost hear the crickets.  Two years prior to that, when I offered to call a truce, I met with the new GM, then in 2010, submitted our story board and part video for our ad, got a call back saying our ad was over the top. Okay, but a similar shop, did about the same kind of ad, they got accepted. Problem was that shop got caught for dealing nose candy. OOps KMVT, did a double do-do. 
If anybody else does it, its creative, if we do it, it seems its seen as a bunch of renegade bikers, wanting to get a touchy feeling. Which is why the push to erect our own TV station here and why I'm working to gain talent for the radio studio so that I can get real eye candy for our TV station launch in 2020. HazzardAyreTV as its planned will be a serious mixture of HeeHaw, Dukes-of-Hazzard, Airwolf, BJ & The Bear, and SOA all blended together with a better version of RFDTV. Yes it can still be done. I also think too, that when I got fed up with the small pipeline for exporting our air traffic out of here online, that the bandwidth of not only Cable-One, but that too of PMT, CenturyLink and SpeedConnect, I relocated to Utah. Because of that KMVT thought the threat was gone, relaxed and sat on their complacency. In reality, we were just retooling for an even bigger hammer blow right between KMVT and all others right between their eyes. 
In closing want to watch a newbe at KMVT get the axe? If I say I like her, she's gone. A example? Michelle Darcy that was an anchor there that we consulted with many times. Once KMVT knew she was working with us, in the organization, they gave her the boot. 
Like the dust from the fields around here, some things never change.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

It's been said, look before you leap, it should be research before you move

It's been said by those much smarter than I that you look before you leap. It should be more a long the lines of do more research before you move. Not saying I screwed the pooch on the relocation back to Idaho, but thing is more investigative and market research should have been done before I moved from Evanston Wyoming should have been done first. Although I see promise, and now that I have a REAL house, here, still does the operations of the organization need to be here? More over the HQ of the Knytes/AyreWolvez? At this evenings High Council meeting that I really tried to get Crimson, her hubby James and Raine to come to, we are all a bit put off. The council is really looking at replanting the seed back over in the mini cassia area of Idaho, and operating from there. Not that there were no real challenges there on the human resources department, because even in 2012 we had the condition of one or two ants pushing big boulders up really steep hills, but we did get some action there.
I as of yet have no idea how to light a more serious fire under Raine's or Crimson's hind ends, to the radio/media thing, and if that was the only thing I wouldn't be so concerned. However I thought both Raine's and Crimson's hubbies might be more ambitious since have a full blown super shop and tow service here in Wendell, might be a good motivational thing. The real tragedy is that the people sitting on both the piece of property and equipment near McCammon Idaho, are getting impatient. Loosing $300,000.00 worth of equipment for the mere $50k we're paying will not be seen as a positive to the Knytes. Nor myself. I know what Mark has there in McCammon . I drove one of those back in 1998 from Tennessee when Mark bought it from Holmes. A genuine Holmes rollback, one a Century, the other a Jerr-Dan. Not to mention several other draggin wagons, and as it is even if I bought em, where the hell would I put em? The place just outside of Jerome is gone since that got rented out before I could get to it. But can't go find shops, can't find radio station studio offices, when your having to stay at the Rode House here waiting on model talent and on air talent, even though you hire someone else to do that and yet there's always an excuse that she nor the other can't be here. So I'm doing two things, starting to look for other ladies that will take the job as a talent and talent management administrator seriously, two finding if any other model talent to photograph for the website so I can get that produced, and start generating money, not just wasting time. That all said, Next week taking a week or two away to go look at the ideas of places in Burley, and/or Rupert for a place for HazzardAyre/AyreWolffm .
Taking the night off from radio duty overnight but will be on at 08:00 in the AM.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

I have no objection to obtaining a Fembot. Maybe then I can get something going here.

After months upon months and all these many years, I'm thinking that a tech company who could make a FemBot would not be a bad thing. In fact you could design her to do anything, even having automatic guns coming out of her nipples, as in Austin Powers Spy who loved me and Goldfinger. 
 or to keep you company at home. No weird moods, no babies just shagadelic all the time. 
 of course it wouldn't hurt too bad if you had Heather Graham prancing around the house, even today she can bring Herman out of a deep sleep, 
 but where are you going to find that hot of a gal in Wendell Idaho, last time we had that hot look here was in 1975 her name was Vernna K Mason, here stats were 38-24-36 right to the inch, I know because as one of our grad duties in school, was to measure her with a tape measure. That said. Having a co-anchor on radio might be great if it was a fembot. Think of it, no moods, no monthly, no babies, no sick days, and you could program her to serve, without any fussing. You could kiss her toes in nylons all damn day without the stinky sweat, rolling into your eyes, and if your lucky, could design her without a going dry vee-jay. Would that be keen?
Okay going to make this quick and I'll have it up on tonights show, but the correct answer to the question of trivia that I mentioned last night is, Tony Blake on the hit TV show Baretta. He always said , " That's the name of that tune and you can take that to the bank." The theme song was sung by Sammy Davis Jr. More on our 80's show this weekend. Included with Talking Toew. We'll be highlighting many of those grooves from the moves of Shaft, and others be here.
Oh How it would be to have a Fembot.