Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Sorry friends my body is broken and I can barely see . well enough to write,

This shit started Friday night last. Trucked into my Doctor to get me well again, trouble is 80% of the meds make feel so euforic that I see double, barely can get to the store to get groceries and so on but this is not the worst of it. Sunday morning in anticipation of going to church when as I was creeping out or the tub, slipped on a tiny tiny piece of soap feet went up my arm went into the toilet(good there was no pee nor poop in there) and hit the side of the tub, with the same hip that I injured last June . Which meant Keith(Knytes member) took me to the hospital, again, just as I had just barely got out of it for the removal of some gall stones which they missed the first time. So some simple X-Ray's and a body wrap, home I had to go, with orders that I stay put for 3 weeks and only go to the store. And Doctor. Past that its bed rest and stay at home. 

Then Monday, before my body decided to go hiatus , getting ready to go to the store, found that I had a slow air leak on General JaXson, so pumped the car up, only to find our local tire store didn't have a 14" tire. So a special order and Tuesday near noon tire repaired, for $89.00 . 
Got home took a gander at my bank account thing said I was over drawned. So took a run to the bank here. Short of putting the little elf through the wall, and some serious arm twisting and no longer overdrawn. The real med that's kicking my butt is this special cough syrup. Its got Promethazine along with Codine , together while a hell of a cocktail, make me seriously wasted , From double vision to heavy sweats. So all day today I'm home. Planning on cruizing down to the store just waiting for night time when not so much traffic is out. 
Finally and it may be good , maybe I'm not, but we now have a President Elect, Donald Trump. What changes are on the horizon, What will be the new cabinet ? Who will chair those agencies we work with like the Secretary of Agriculture? Secretary of Transportation Secretary or Agency director of the Federal Communications Commission? These are the places I'm looking at with the new administration. 
Last here, want to say Thank Irene, Keith's wife, for dropping by last evening and no SheWolf nothing kinky or hinkey happened, but Irene made me some soup , then helped me into bed. Then was here this morning to make me some oatmeal, which did not stay down, and even cleaned that up. 
Now I must say this to my Bishop, and something he should direct to the Ward. Being as ill as I was on Sunday, and all, there was no one from the Ward that even came by to administer to me so I could get better. Now granted I had not made any comment about this or let them know, But I always thought that the mission of Home Teachers was to show up once in awhile to see if your okay. Is it too much that at least once or twice a month if your not seen at church, to maybe go out and see if the few that aren't there are okay? More over and I feel this is a very out of site out of mind attitude. However I can say this and I'm damn blessed by this and why I work so hard for and on the mission of the Knytes, The Knytes make an effort to go to homes of members that we don't see or hear from regularly. Thing is, what would it have been like when I was near collapsed in my bath tub, if the Knytes didn't make a visit? With my hand to my wrist stuck in the toilet, and me passed out which meant I did't get the water turned off in the tub, the only way anyone could or would of known that I was messed up was the fact the Knytes did stop my. Thing is if they hadn't I could have died. 
Friends we are our brothers keeper. 
I'll get into this overnight. Plans on to be on air come early morning. 


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