Monday, November 14, 2016

So now what do you do big shot?

Two weeks ago, after taking a trip down to see my cousin to fetch the title  for the car for Rick, I came in, and got ready for bed. After setting up the many meds that Dr. Laurie prescribed I went to take a shower. Except that one had Codine and some other serious stuff in it. Mostly to get rid of the excess mucus. Somewhere between getting in the tub and shower and that following Sunday with the water overflowing, my arm in the bowl of the commode and my wrist stuck in the poop hole I finally got out but not in any condition to go to church. However I had such pain in my back that it was a challenge to move except to the head, and no way could I sleep lying down. I still am having a bit of trouble to see. Oh I can enough to get around and I figure that it'll get better, but it brought me to a point that I looked at myself in the mirror out at the shop, and thought what if you never have good enough eye site to fly or go tow again? What else do I have? Its of course doing radio, and creating films. Last month I was in a mind set of just putting radio and all on the back shelf , bust butt towing and even that right now need a bunch of things right now to do that and Snow is supposed to arrive Wednesday of this week. But it wasn't just that, the constant inability to cast for both on radio air and to build a base for the two films, is just not here in Evanston Wyoming. The hact of so many say yes their into it but never show. The fact that no formal facility is capable at least that I can find, add to that Internet bandwidth that would enable be to be constant and consistent has left me to looking at both Metro-Utah, as well back to Idaho. While Idaho isn't perfect the Bandwidth and all is a bunch better that what I have here.
Then there's the fact that my working with fine fillies makes SheWolf a bit touchy. I have always wondered why that is an issue, I've never gave her a reason to think that I'd step out or cheat on her. For that matter there is NO woman in this town or area for that matter that would even want to jump with this old wolf. But to be understanding I quit doing the media bit. Except I have came to the conclusion, that I just might have to. 
In the morning I go in for a CAT scan, to see if that's what's blurring my vision. Not that I can't see now but the question comes for how long. 
One of the reasons, that is kind of giving me a shove out the door, is this. Few weeks ago, our beloved Bishop, said he had a calling. Great. So go, get set aside , yet no noise about it since. Of Course the Sunday I fell in the tub, I was in no condition to go to church, but neither was anybody coming out from the church to see if I was okay. Ilene from the Pilot came over made me some soup and stayed until such time as she was certain I was okay, being bopped on the head is serious. Same thing yesterday, but no visit from The Bishop nor the church. And this is some place I want to get all cozy and comfortable with? 
More Tuesday night.

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