Thursday, November 3, 2016

Pretty bad when the company your part of doesn't even recognize you

Dig this fellow Wolvez. Went to looking for a new phone from Verizon. Now I know that AWireless just bought Diamond Wireless here and Ensignal Is here, but according to the grand royalty of Verizon don't have a dealer here, really? Of course there ought to not be one. The big fat fart I saw at AWireless that I paid out money to, yesterday was a bit short tempered, the sweet beauties that used to be there are gone, guess when the place was sold they boogied. Too bad Lance is not there and just selling real Estate. Guess its this way all over, wages are low, growth is stagnent and so on,{ sorry can't navigate too well , body is not firing on all 8 cylinders, plus can't get out of second gear , even if i double clutch it.} Thing is when I see this kind of thing, I think we must be doing something very well. Most of it is knowledge I gained learning from older peeps and one my age that is a millionaire and a guru of business acumen . Plus we learned how to use this Internet thing, and learned how to use it for much less cost than some have done.
Need a toew? Look that up on Google for Evanston, Wyoming, up comes us Highway Hooker Toewing, look up Harley Davidson Motorcycle repair? You get us, Look up radio station, on Yelp, we're the first that pops up plus we come up on Google's business pages. Granted like many business's we are hurting, and on somewhat life support, but the thing is we as a organization are growing and our small legit companies are living well. 
Question is, if we can be visable to the nation more over to the locals here, why can't Verizon and its retailers be that visable. 
See ya'll later

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