Thursday, November 17, 2016

My butt and leg hurts so bad I can't sleep.

I hope I'm able to see well enough to carve out this report. Seems as though with everything the medical community is able to do that collision with bathroom stone and all reprogrammed my biological systems. The headaches have pretty much eased off, the pain with my hip as long as I take my pills and Goody's Powders helps, and the tender care visits from Sydni and Ilene makes life function. I can still drive and all, and starting this morning going to try and finish LexiBelle. Only problem is trying to get to sleep with my aching butt, and my left leg. Getting old scares the hell out of me. I used to not think of it but, this bout of medical shit, has made me think, what happens when this diabetes or something else makes it to where I can't drive or fly again? Having to depend on anybody is terrifying to me. Before I roll on here, want to say thanks to Rick, here for dropping by to see I ain't bit the sand. He didn't have to , but he did. Although I was to much into flying a spacecraft in my dreams, still its good that someone cared to at least stop by to see if I needed food, or anything. Yet the LDS Ward or anybody from it like my Home teacher, has yet to even poke their nose in to see if I am alive and kicking. Don't get me wrong, I love my Bishop, and his first counselor, very much. Yet too, I'm a bit disappointed that nobody from the Ward has dropped by. Wuzz up with that? It's damn good I have Rick, the few Knytes members that live near here, Ilene and Sydni to drop by with some soup, and something to read. Hey there's so much Laff TV that a man can watch. 
Stay Tuned

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