Thursday, November 3, 2016

Howlin from Wyoming

From the philes of how to remove GallStones here's one, even if you have your Gall Bladder taken out , there are times when because of food intake and or stress or both the damn things can come back. So as of Friday morning, I get to go to Utah for surgery to get the rest of the little Korn nuggets taken out. The surgery is pretty much go in and walk and drive home, still the Doc says I'll be out of commission for about two weeks, so not much radio shows, less time at the shop, since I will not be able to lift much or work heavy, and the result me more at home watching Laff TV , can't get enough of that channel, its funny. Once I heal I'll be back in gear here.
Okay then last night was fun, with me puking plus doubled over a hot water bottle, and pain pills , along with some serious meds usually prescribed for women with heavy cramps due to Mother natures monthly visit, I watched the CMA awards on ABC. The first hour of it was not bad. Garth Brooks sand with his wife Trisha Yearwood, Carrie Underwod, tried to do some old style country, Clint Black, Brooks And Dunn and a few others doing some memorable music, it was good. Then came on the pop kountry singers of today, and the entire show, at least for me went sour from there. The clips with Merle , JC , and Minnie Pearl were outstanding, but the newer slightly rock music had no place in the show. If they would have shortened those bits, and stayed on the trail of the older traditional kountry avenues the show would have been much better. Although a mere mention, at least they remembered Waylon and Jessie, which was great. Funny though much of today's Kountry singers and related shows ever mention Waylon. They mention his side kick, Willie, but not much Waylon. Kind of the feeling that Idaho with only 4 electorial votes and Wyoming with only three, seems our votes are while important , really don't get the attention from media or the electorial college. 
From my point of view and its here on a mountain top, I see that Waylon Jennings is the absolute greatest kountry musician and singer ever. Like wise our votes count or should. Louisiana has fewer but not by much than we have. California and Texas command the most , but I see a day when there will be the event that both the Southern Confederate states as well as the Mountain West Confederate states will say we have had enough, and decide to break away from the Union as we now know it. Which I'm all for. The main reason this has not happened already? Money,. Especially Federal aid money. All states depend on Federal Money to survive. If there were no Federal Money the people that depend on those government checks like Veterans and Social Security beneficiaries would be cut off. Nobody wants that so, There's not much chance of a complete break up of states. But I'm there should it do so. 
On the subject of the Confederacy. I'm all for it, my ancestors are so entrenched in the southern states with one large city and county named from my ancestors, <Montgomery> Alabama, Montgomery Georgia, and so on. Its no coincidence that my Grandfather was born there, my mom was born in a then, tiny town of Gilmer Texas. I came along on a haul through Conyers but didn't see daylight until we got to Jerome Idaho, there inside of an old Peterbilt Cabover single bunk cattle rig, sitting at the hospital, I saw the world from inside that bunk, no wonder I love trucks. 
What I see so often , is people flying a flag that was not as its depicted. See during the war of northern invasion, the Confederate Army flew this, 
 when in fact there were 5 flags for the south with this one 
 being the official flag. I also see so many refering to southerners as back woods idiotic hillbillies. With little if any schooling and not too much intelligence at least by book learning levels. I'm tire of this. Southerners are not all so called redneck, we are not all idiots and not college educated. I'm sorry to blow a hole in your screen doors, but us who are true southerners don't like nor appreciate being call hillbillies. Nor all rednecks. I also see that those saying they are all for seperation of the states and all, just doing a bunch of barking from behind a keyboard. As long as the noise is about arming ourselves its okay, but ask enough from most for $dollars to get a real intelligent battle going including supporting the only still running, albeit by a hair, but the only still mostly LIVE voice of the south and the cause. When I say that understand there is a great man and a leader who at one time took a run as the LT Governor of Georgia, by the name of Ray McBerry. Who created an online radio station called Dixie funded in part by Dixie Outfitters. I stumbled upon his network, during the formation of HazzardAyre Radio. His channel had lectures and historic items on it that I truly enjoyed. So I approached Ray, about collaboration. However he felt that our more aggressive approach was too much for his vision, but this made me and the Knytes even more committed. To establishing not only a radio network online but a real Confederate based TV network. The Knytes have a agreement with Dish satellite to launch the thing if we as a organization can pool together the financial resources. But If I throw out such a thing, to garner funds from the so called all for the cause, the idea gets pushed aside. Ignored and no one cares. But my ya'll can be for the south as long as the deposit is no deposit and its free. 
Any mile , depending on internet and computer ability, should be on air in the am at 4:00AM , on .

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