Sunday, September 11, 2016

Its not about Sex its about Gender there is a difference

One's tastes and appetites become different as one grows older. Where once a female intern or on air talent was seen both from a professional point as well as a delicacy that might be consumed on a recreational basis later. Once the idea of having sex on air, or such might interest me. I no longer even think much of dipping my worm in anybody. That said the opinions and thoughts of the humanoid female mind is interesting, and having one that has experienced much of that even in a short period of a lifespan, is groovy. 
By now our new hire is home with her feet up relaxing with her canines on a Sunday, for me I'm mentally outlining how much of this will go, while considering how to retain my home's utilities, as well as help the organization that financially maintains HazzardAyre Radio. I fell short this month of $600.00 . The initial $300.00 was to aid in the obtaining of a prothsesis for a wounded warrior of our own Wolf-Pack. Keith Mitchell, went down out the otherside of Afghanastan. Upon finally coming to an abrupt stop, Keith's  legs were crushed. One had to be amputated. Over the last two years or so Keith has been in the hospital, more times than I can count, with infections, physical therapy and so on. All the while, getting the VA and others to help take care of his home expenses, wife, kids and so on. The AyreWolvez Military Aviation Association a subsidiary of the Knytes-of-Dixie has been paying the majority of Keith's home expenses. The biggest one is of Keiths middle son, who has a form of Autism, AssBurgers Syndomn, so I can't spell it. Any mile, the hospitals, and all the therapists on that has been high. So having a sense of restriction of capitol outlays such as an office studio outside of the Lair here, was not seen as a needed thing. Why pay for an outside place if there wasn't anyone but me doing the shows? With Codi(hopefully) on board that now can go forward. But is Evanston Wyoming the place to build the flagship over the air station for HazzardAyre the right place? Consider Salt Lake City, Utah where Google has just put down a footprint for fiber optic 1gig Internet. Might not it be that the organization plant our seed in SLC rather than or as a side dish of Evanston, Wyoming? In essence once trained for our operation the way we do it, put Codi in , at the Salt Lake City studio, and do the twosome over Internet? 
For some odd reason and maybe its just me since I don't have ovaries to think it through, if there is a couch in the studio, right away there are those feminintiles that automatically think , " ah, he wants to have intimate relations" not just on air talk. These days at least for me, I'm just not interested in sex. It does not excite me, it flat does not interest me, and does not always occupy my mind. These days, I'm more hot trucks, trick bikes and muscle cars. If it don't burn fuel, and does not have tires or fly, I'm not that into it. Once upon a time getting laid or such in studio was a dream. That dream is pretty much gone. Sure Stern and Imus did that, but Evanston Wyoming and damn well LDS restricted minded Utah, Wyoming, Idaho is not New York City. What could be done there can't be done here. Or at least as easy here as there. So why have a lady second chair? Simple, women have senses like that 6th sense that at times can be a curse and a blessing. That 6th sense can detect bullstuff faster than a fib detector. Of course if your hitched and she is tuned into her 6th sense, it can also aid in the course of buying a home, buying a car or doing business. She can tell you if who your dealing with is feeding you a line or if he or she is being honest. 
Having a feminintile in the studio, to voice the human female thoughts on a topic is a great addition which is why I look so hard for one, that I can interact on air with. The other reason for much of this in studio honey search is that if I have to share a 10X20 studio with someone, I'd rather share it with a lady that with a smelly guy, even a Knyte. It's no longer the toew kiss, nor touchy feely, its about having something in studio that sounds sweeter than I. 
Today at HazzardAyre and all its not about Sex, its about Gender and there IS a DIFFERENCE. 
See you on air at 13:00 after Church.

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