Friday, September 9, 2016

Do you really love your career or is it just another job, how dedicated to it are you?

Do you really love your career or vocation or is it just another job, just to stay alive or for survival. The two are not always mutually inclusive. The differences are fairly straight forward. Working at McDonalds or WalMart is a job to survive. Sure you can have aspirations of climbing the ladder to an owner or manager, but most often, its a way to earn to eat and pay rent. On the flip side a career is a profession, that you stay with with visions of a long time vocation. Like radio. Our new hire was due in this overnight, but figure she'll be in, in the morning while the show can freeflow. She is one that I think and I could be wrong, but she's one that sees radio as a long term career. So she's making sacrifices to fly up here from Arizona, if nothing else than to kick tires.
I had figured on being on air overnight and all but computer decided to hurl, so doing diagnostics to remedy the malady. I think the sickness invaded when I clicked on Glen Beck's BlazeTV site. Which is a good example of the demonstration of a person looking to make a career rather than just another job. Tomi on Blaze TV, is one helluva commentator. She can interview and still make sure the idea for her point of view is retained. Not only does she have enough eye candy, but her guy-pal is a Navy Seal, and at only 25 years old, this gal is going somewhere in broadcasting. Not only does she have her own show on Blaze, but she delivers like few others. Which is why I'm trying to find a contact way to get in touch and see if a bit of finesssing might bring her over to HazzardAyre. But lets back away from broadcasting for a minute or two. 
I when not here in studio am behind the wheel of a tow truck. To some driving a tow truck is just a job. To me its a dedicated life time vocation and profession. Okay going out in the bitter cold in snow up to your hips is not the sweet part of my day, but when I bring back a ride to pavement and get paid I can look at that and say I did that, and that's a reward unto its own. But I'm dedicated to it. That's partly why I stay up all night and have a phone with me at all times. As well as my portable handi talkie. I read all kinds of publications, go to classes and so on, to become better at what I do. 
Sure the politicians and progressives in America do not want you to progress, ISIS and others want us as American's to keep our heads in the sand, heads up our butts, and not attempt to better ourselves. My way of thinking, piss on those foreign and domestic forces, and do this thing my way, if I fail and fall flat on my ass , so what? I get up, re-evaluate the situation and go at it again. And so it goes, 24/7/365 . So same is nearly for this radio thing. Since age 12 I have been spinning records, and barking on the air behind a mic in some capacity either over the air, on TV, or cyber radio. Its not for the money, its for the purity of the art. And it is an art. As such since I have developed these skills, I love to teach these ancient , but skills none the less to others, like my new second chair, or anyone else, no matter the gender to know how to do quality, none computerized, personality radio. 
See you on air this afternoon at 13:00 MST .

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