Friday, September 16, 2016

A creation that came from divine inspiration

On the border of Wyoming in the village of Evanston, emerging from the ashes of a time that was is a radio/tv/media company that is evolving that is certainly out shinning and overshadowing all in the area and region. That media firm is called SouthernSteele Media, and its active platform is called HazzardAyre . HazzardAyre Radio, HazzardAyre Gazzette the printed published version of the official news publication of the Knytes-of-Dixie and the real SAMCRO MC, as well as the AyreWolvez Military Aviation Association. There is also HazzardAyre Television, and its subsidiaries RodeWolf Pictures, and 214 Video. The company is totally owned by SAMCRO MC/Knytes-of-Dixie. With a board of directors, and command structure that is second to none. With that in mind briefly lets look at SouthernSteele's origins as well as the creation of HazzardAyre.
In 2003 following the freezing of assets of its main financial resource due to a law suit over a misstep of buying a annuity, the Knytes then known as the Hazzard County Knytes Kustmz Association, knew they needed to create a legal way to generate ways of earning money to facilitate the organizations humanitarian programs. At first the idea was to just do something albeit a bit distasteful to many, but investing in a porn production company, but with out complete control, and not very mainstream, As wanting to retain a conventional family atmosphere and view, it was seen as doing something new. In 2004 with various TV shows on both building and crafting road bikes, as well as some restoration of old farm equipment was going on. The two organization the AyreWolvez and Knytes' decided to start to produce TV series' for military aviation enthusiasts, and real life bike rebuilds and restoration. In the small town of Morgan Utah there was a bar that nearly broke the organizations, but gave life to what and where to build the heart of SouthernSteele? In the mid point of 2005 the AyreWolvez were searching for a main research and operations base . The decision was made to make the town of Cokeville Wyoming's airport the central flight center for the AyreWolvez. Over 8 months the city fathers were not to keen on the idea and thus gave the Wolf-Pack the boot. Today the AyreWolvez remain based in Twin Falls Idaho. However the money made from rebuilding and restoration of military warbird aircraft kept the organization going and growing very well. 
With SouthernSteele firmly based in Buhl Idaho, the next step was to gain access and reach beyond the restrictive terrestrial radio waves. So streaming radio was desired but few knew how to get there. From the construction of a operational web site to the embedding of the radio station, no body seemed to know the small pieces to get there. Mid 2009 a move to Gooding Idaho, gave us the human resource that I often give the title of Nurse GoodBody. What she didn't know she was not afraid to find out. When the gig in Gooding collapsed because of the stupidity of the local Post Office, (law suit still pending) I had pretty much gave up on anything media. So did the club, well sort of. Until one night in 2011 right in the middle of a dead sleep, of what to call the vehicle and platform, where to put it and so on. After the failed attempt of a AM OTA station near Rupert Idaho, the push was on, build with extra horsepower a network station that brought together the interests of and desires of, southern history and military aviation history. All of a sudden I sat up mid sleep, Hazzard Ayre(air) . Where the Dukes of Hazzard or at least Hazzard County, and AirWolf collided like a imploding star. That mini seed planted in tiny Burley Idaho reached to Utah, through mid year 2014. Fall of 2014 there was the discovering of a old radio Over The Air(OTA) station here in Evanston Wyoming. After many months and all following the elections that license will be awarded to The AyreWolvez and because of the connection, the Knytes-of-Dixie. However HazzardAyre Radio is only the first piece. plans are for furthering HazzardAyre into a TV Network for cable/ satellite distribution, a open road channel for towing owner operators on XM/Sirius, Satellite Radio, a motion picture production and video company, as well as a telecom second to none. 
For as many months the idea was to move away from here. The decision, has become why move ? Use the location as well as expand our footprint because of the proximity to Metro Utah. 
This is HazzardAyre , this is the power of SouthernSteele.

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