Thursday, November 17, 2016

My butt and leg hurts so bad I can't sleep.

I hope I'm able to see well enough to carve out this report. Seems as though with everything the medical community is able to do that collision with bathroom stone and all reprogrammed my biological systems. The headaches have pretty much eased off, the pain with my hip as long as I take my pills and Goody's Powders helps, and the tender care visits from Sydni and Ilene makes life function. I can still drive and all, and starting this morning going to try and finish LexiBelle. Only problem is trying to get to sleep with my aching butt, and my left leg. Getting old scares the hell out of me. I used to not think of it but, this bout of medical shit, has made me think, what happens when this diabetes or something else makes it to where I can't drive or fly again? Having to depend on anybody is terrifying to me. Before I roll on here, want to say thanks to Rick, here for dropping by to see I ain't bit the sand. He didn't have to , but he did. Although I was to much into flying a spacecraft in my dreams, still its good that someone cared to at least stop by to see if I needed food, or anything. Yet the LDS Ward or anybody from it like my Home teacher, has yet to even poke their nose in to see if I am alive and kicking. Don't get me wrong, I love my Bishop, and his first counselor, very much. Yet too, I'm a bit disappointed that nobody from the Ward has dropped by. Wuzz up with that? It's damn good I have Rick, the few Knytes members that live near here, Ilene and Sydni to drop by with some soup, and something to read. Hey there's so much Laff TV that a man can watch. 
Stay Tuned

Monday, November 14, 2016

So now what do you do big shot?

Two weeks ago, after taking a trip down to see my cousin to fetch the title  for the car for Rick, I came in, and got ready for bed. After setting up the many meds that Dr. Laurie prescribed I went to take a shower. Except that one had Codine and some other serious stuff in it. Mostly to get rid of the excess mucus. Somewhere between getting in the tub and shower and that following Sunday with the water overflowing, my arm in the bowl of the commode and my wrist stuck in the poop hole I finally got out but not in any condition to go to church. However I had such pain in my back that it was a challenge to move except to the head, and no way could I sleep lying down. I still am having a bit of trouble to see. Oh I can enough to get around and I figure that it'll get better, but it brought me to a point that I looked at myself in the mirror out at the shop, and thought what if you never have good enough eye site to fly or go tow again? What else do I have? Its of course doing radio, and creating films. Last month I was in a mind set of just putting radio and all on the back shelf , bust butt towing and even that right now need a bunch of things right now to do that and Snow is supposed to arrive Wednesday of this week. But it wasn't just that, the constant inability to cast for both on radio air and to build a base for the two films, is just not here in Evanston Wyoming. The hact of so many say yes their into it but never show. The fact that no formal facility is capable at least that I can find, add to that Internet bandwidth that would enable be to be constant and consistent has left me to looking at both Metro-Utah, as well back to Idaho. While Idaho isn't perfect the Bandwidth and all is a bunch better that what I have here.
Then there's the fact that my working with fine fillies makes SheWolf a bit touchy. I have always wondered why that is an issue, I've never gave her a reason to think that I'd step out or cheat on her. For that matter there is NO woman in this town or area for that matter that would even want to jump with this old wolf. But to be understanding I quit doing the media bit. Except I have came to the conclusion, that I just might have to. 
In the morning I go in for a CAT scan, to see if that's what's blurring my vision. Not that I can't see now but the question comes for how long. 
One of the reasons, that is kind of giving me a shove out the door, is this. Few weeks ago, our beloved Bishop, said he had a calling. Great. So go, get set aside , yet no noise about it since. Of Course the Sunday I fell in the tub, I was in no condition to go to church, but neither was anybody coming out from the church to see if I was okay. Ilene from the Pilot came over made me some soup and stayed until such time as she was certain I was okay, being bopped on the head is serious. Same thing yesterday, but no visit from The Bishop nor the church. And this is some place I want to get all cozy and comfortable with? 
More Tuesday night.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Sorry friends my body is broken and I can barely see . well enough to write,

This shit started Friday night last. Trucked into my Doctor to get me well again, trouble is 80% of the meds make feel so euforic that I see double, barely can get to the store to get groceries and so on but this is not the worst of it. Sunday morning in anticipation of going to church when as I was creeping out or the tub, slipped on a tiny tiny piece of soap feet went up my arm went into the toilet(good there was no pee nor poop in there) and hit the side of the tub, with the same hip that I injured last June . Which meant Keith(Knytes member) took me to the hospital, again, just as I had just barely got out of it for the removal of some gall stones which they missed the first time. So some simple X-Ray's and a body wrap, home I had to go, with orders that I stay put for 3 weeks and only go to the store. And Doctor. Past that its bed rest and stay at home. 

Then Monday, before my body decided to go hiatus , getting ready to go to the store, found that I had a slow air leak on General JaXson, so pumped the car up, only to find our local tire store didn't have a 14" tire. So a special order and Tuesday near noon tire repaired, for $89.00 . 
Got home took a gander at my bank account thing said I was over drawned. So took a run to the bank here. Short of putting the little elf through the wall, and some serious arm twisting and no longer overdrawn. The real med that's kicking my butt is this special cough syrup. Its got Promethazine along with Codine , together while a hell of a cocktail, make me seriously wasted , From double vision to heavy sweats. So all day today I'm home. Planning on cruizing down to the store just waiting for night time when not so much traffic is out. 
Finally and it may be good , maybe I'm not, but we now have a President Elect, Donald Trump. What changes are on the horizon, What will be the new cabinet ? Who will chair those agencies we work with like the Secretary of Agriculture? Secretary of Transportation Secretary or Agency director of the Federal Communications Commission? These are the places I'm looking at with the new administration. 
Last here, want to say Thank Irene, Keith's wife, for dropping by last evening and no SheWolf nothing kinky or hinkey happened, but Irene made me some soup , then helped me into bed. Then was here this morning to make me some oatmeal, which did not stay down, and even cleaned that up. 
Now I must say this to my Bishop, and something he should direct to the Ward. Being as ill as I was on Sunday, and all, there was no one from the Ward that even came by to administer to me so I could get better. Now granted I had not made any comment about this or let them know, But I always thought that the mission of Home Teachers was to show up once in awhile to see if your okay. Is it too much that at least once or twice a month if your not seen at church, to maybe go out and see if the few that aren't there are okay? More over and I feel this is a very out of site out of mind attitude. However I can say this and I'm damn blessed by this and why I work so hard for and on the mission of the Knytes, The Knytes make an effort to go to homes of members that we don't see or hear from regularly. Thing is, what would it have been like when I was near collapsed in my bath tub, if the Knytes didn't make a visit? With my hand to my wrist stuck in the toilet, and me passed out which meant I did't get the water turned off in the tub, the only way anyone could or would of known that I was messed up was the fact the Knytes did stop my. Thing is if they hadn't I could have died. 
Friends we are our brothers keeper. 
I'll get into this overnight. Plans on to be on air come early morning. 


Thursday, November 3, 2016

and now they're giving me some strange medicine in a custard.

And now fellow Wolvez, they're giving me some strange medicines in a thing that smells and tastes like a bowl of custard. It's filled with barium, and a few other choice medicines that make you sleep like Rip Van winkle. So this will turn off my lights until morning. 
See you on the radio in the afternoon.

Pretty bad when the company your part of doesn't even recognize you

Dig this fellow Wolvez. Went to looking for a new phone from Verizon. Now I know that AWireless just bought Diamond Wireless here and Ensignal Is here, but according to the grand royalty of Verizon don't have a dealer here, really? Of course there ought to not be one. The big fat fart I saw at AWireless that I paid out money to, yesterday was a bit short tempered, the sweet beauties that used to be there are gone, guess when the place was sold they boogied. Too bad Lance is not there and just selling real Estate. Guess its this way all over, wages are low, growth is stagnent and so on,{ sorry can't navigate too well , body is not firing on all 8 cylinders, plus can't get out of second gear , even if i double clutch it.} Thing is when I see this kind of thing, I think we must be doing something very well. Most of it is knowledge I gained learning from older peeps and one my age that is a millionaire and a guru of business acumen . Plus we learned how to use this Internet thing, and learned how to use it for much less cost than some have done.
Need a toew? Look that up on Google for Evanston, Wyoming, up comes us Highway Hooker Toewing, look up Harley Davidson Motorcycle repair? You get us, Look up radio station, on Yelp, we're the first that pops up plus we come up on Google's business pages. Granted like many business's we are hurting, and on somewhat life support, but the thing is we as a organization are growing and our small legit companies are living well. 
Question is, if we can be visable to the nation more over to the locals here, why can't Verizon and its retailers be that visable. 
See ya'll later

Howlin from Wyoming

From the philes of how to remove GallStones here's one, even if you have your Gall Bladder taken out , there are times when because of food intake and or stress or both the damn things can come back. So as of Friday morning, I get to go to Utah for surgery to get the rest of the little Korn nuggets taken out. The surgery is pretty much go in and walk and drive home, still the Doc says I'll be out of commission for about two weeks, so not much radio shows, less time at the shop, since I will not be able to lift much or work heavy, and the result me more at home watching Laff TV , can't get enough of that channel, its funny. Once I heal I'll be back in gear here.
Okay then last night was fun, with me puking plus doubled over a hot water bottle, and pain pills , along with some serious meds usually prescribed for women with heavy cramps due to Mother natures monthly visit, I watched the CMA awards on ABC. The first hour of it was not bad. Garth Brooks sand with his wife Trisha Yearwood, Carrie Underwod, tried to do some old style country, Clint Black, Brooks And Dunn and a few others doing some memorable music, it was good. Then came on the pop kountry singers of today, and the entire show, at least for me went sour from there. The clips with Merle , JC , and Minnie Pearl were outstanding, but the newer slightly rock music had no place in the show. If they would have shortened those bits, and stayed on the trail of the older traditional kountry avenues the show would have been much better. Although a mere mention, at least they remembered Waylon and Jessie, which was great. Funny though much of today's Kountry singers and related shows ever mention Waylon. They mention his side kick, Willie, but not much Waylon. Kind of the feeling that Idaho with only 4 electorial votes and Wyoming with only three, seems our votes are while important , really don't get the attention from media or the electorial college. 
From my point of view and its here on a mountain top, I see that Waylon Jennings is the absolute greatest kountry musician and singer ever. Like wise our votes count or should. Louisiana has fewer but not by much than we have. California and Texas command the most , but I see a day when there will be the event that both the Southern Confederate states as well as the Mountain West Confederate states will say we have had enough, and decide to break away from the Union as we now know it. Which I'm all for. The main reason this has not happened already? Money,. Especially Federal aid money. All states depend on Federal Money to survive. If there were no Federal Money the people that depend on those government checks like Veterans and Social Security beneficiaries would be cut off. Nobody wants that so, There's not much chance of a complete break up of states. But I'm there should it do so. 
On the subject of the Confederacy. I'm all for it, my ancestors are so entrenched in the southern states with one large city and county named from my ancestors, <Montgomery> Alabama, Montgomery Georgia, and so on. Its no coincidence that my Grandfather was born there, my mom was born in a then, tiny town of Gilmer Texas. I came along on a haul through Conyers but didn't see daylight until we got to Jerome Idaho, there inside of an old Peterbilt Cabover single bunk cattle rig, sitting at the hospital, I saw the world from inside that bunk, no wonder I love trucks. 
What I see so often , is people flying a flag that was not as its depicted. See during the war of northern invasion, the Confederate Army flew this, 
 when in fact there were 5 flags for the south with this one 
 being the official flag. I also see so many refering to southerners as back woods idiotic hillbillies. With little if any schooling and not too much intelligence at least by book learning levels. I'm tire of this. Southerners are not all so called redneck, we are not all idiots and not college educated. I'm sorry to blow a hole in your screen doors, but us who are true southerners don't like nor appreciate being call hillbillies. Nor all rednecks. I also see that those saying they are all for seperation of the states and all, just doing a bunch of barking from behind a keyboard. As long as the noise is about arming ourselves its okay, but ask enough from most for $dollars to get a real intelligent battle going including supporting the only still running, albeit by a hair, but the only still mostly LIVE voice of the south and the cause. When I say that understand there is a great man and a leader who at one time took a run as the LT Governor of Georgia, by the name of Ray McBerry. Who created an online radio station called Dixie funded in part by Dixie Outfitters. I stumbled upon his network, during the formation of HazzardAyre Radio. His channel had lectures and historic items on it that I truly enjoyed. So I approached Ray, about collaboration. However he felt that our more aggressive approach was too much for his vision, but this made me and the Knytes even more committed. To establishing not only a radio network online but a real Confederate based TV network. The Knytes have a agreement with Dish satellite to launch the thing if we as a organization can pool together the financial resources. But If I throw out such a thing, to garner funds from the so called all for the cause, the idea gets pushed aside. Ignored and no one cares. But my ya'll can be for the south as long as the deposit is no deposit and its free. 
Any mile , depending on internet and computer ability, should be on air in the am at 4:00AM , on .

Friday, September 16, 2016

A creation that came from divine inspiration

On the border of Wyoming in the village of Evanston, emerging from the ashes of a time that was is a radio/tv/media company that is evolving that is certainly out shinning and overshadowing all in the area and region. That media firm is called SouthernSteele Media, and its active platform is called HazzardAyre . HazzardAyre Radio, HazzardAyre Gazzette the printed published version of the official news publication of the Knytes-of-Dixie and the real SAMCRO MC, as well as the AyreWolvez Military Aviation Association. There is also HazzardAyre Television, and its subsidiaries RodeWolf Pictures, and 214 Video. The company is totally owned by SAMCRO MC/Knytes-of-Dixie. With a board of directors, and command structure that is second to none. With that in mind briefly lets look at SouthernSteele's origins as well as the creation of HazzardAyre.
In 2003 following the freezing of assets of its main financial resource due to a law suit over a misstep of buying a annuity, the Knytes then known as the Hazzard County Knytes Kustmz Association, knew they needed to create a legal way to generate ways of earning money to facilitate the organizations humanitarian programs. At first the idea was to just do something albeit a bit distasteful to many, but investing in a porn production company, but with out complete control, and not very mainstream, As wanting to retain a conventional family atmosphere and view, it was seen as doing something new. In 2004 with various TV shows on both building and crafting road bikes, as well as some restoration of old farm equipment was going on. The two organization the AyreWolvez and Knytes' decided to start to produce TV series' for military aviation enthusiasts, and real life bike rebuilds and restoration. In the small town of Morgan Utah there was a bar that nearly broke the organizations, but gave life to what and where to build the heart of SouthernSteele? In the mid point of 2005 the AyreWolvez were searching for a main research and operations base . The decision was made to make the town of Cokeville Wyoming's airport the central flight center for the AyreWolvez. Over 8 months the city fathers were not to keen on the idea and thus gave the Wolf-Pack the boot. Today the AyreWolvez remain based in Twin Falls Idaho. However the money made from rebuilding and restoration of military warbird aircraft kept the organization going and growing very well. 
With SouthernSteele firmly based in Buhl Idaho, the next step was to gain access and reach beyond the restrictive terrestrial radio waves. So streaming radio was desired but few knew how to get there. From the construction of a operational web site to the embedding of the radio station, no body seemed to know the small pieces to get there. Mid 2009 a move to Gooding Idaho, gave us the human resource that I often give the title of Nurse GoodBody. What she didn't know she was not afraid to find out. When the gig in Gooding collapsed because of the stupidity of the local Post Office, (law suit still pending) I had pretty much gave up on anything media. So did the club, well sort of. Until one night in 2011 right in the middle of a dead sleep, of what to call the vehicle and platform, where to put it and so on. After the failed attempt of a AM OTA station near Rupert Idaho, the push was on, build with extra horsepower a network station that brought together the interests of and desires of, southern history and military aviation history. All of a sudden I sat up mid sleep, Hazzard Ayre(air) . Where the Dukes of Hazzard or at least Hazzard County, and AirWolf collided like a imploding star. That mini seed planted in tiny Burley Idaho reached to Utah, through mid year 2014. Fall of 2014 there was the discovering of a old radio Over The Air(OTA) station here in Evanston Wyoming. After many months and all following the elections that license will be awarded to The AyreWolvez and because of the connection, the Knytes-of-Dixie. However HazzardAyre Radio is only the first piece. plans are for furthering HazzardAyre into a TV Network for cable/ satellite distribution, a open road channel for towing owner operators on XM/Sirius, Satellite Radio, a motion picture production and video company, as well as a telecom second to none. 
For as many months the idea was to move away from here. The decision, has become why move ? Use the location as well as expand our footprint because of the proximity to Metro Utah. 
This is HazzardAyre , this is the power of SouthernSteele.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Its not about Sex its about Gender there is a difference

One's tastes and appetites become different as one grows older. Where once a female intern or on air talent was seen both from a professional point as well as a delicacy that might be consumed on a recreational basis later. Once the idea of having sex on air, or such might interest me. I no longer even think much of dipping my worm in anybody. That said the opinions and thoughts of the humanoid female mind is interesting, and having one that has experienced much of that even in a short period of a lifespan, is groovy. 
By now our new hire is home with her feet up relaxing with her canines on a Sunday, for me I'm mentally outlining how much of this will go, while considering how to retain my home's utilities, as well as help the organization that financially maintains HazzardAyre Radio. I fell short this month of $600.00 . The initial $300.00 was to aid in the obtaining of a prothsesis for a wounded warrior of our own Wolf-Pack. Keith Mitchell, went down out the otherside of Afghanastan. Upon finally coming to an abrupt stop, Keith's  legs were crushed. One had to be amputated. Over the last two years or so Keith has been in the hospital, more times than I can count, with infections, physical therapy and so on. All the while, getting the VA and others to help take care of his home expenses, wife, kids and so on. The AyreWolvez Military Aviation Association a subsidiary of the Knytes-of-Dixie has been paying the majority of Keith's home expenses. The biggest one is of Keiths middle son, who has a form of Autism, AssBurgers Syndomn, so I can't spell it. Any mile, the hospitals, and all the therapists on that has been high. So having a sense of restriction of capitol outlays such as an office studio outside of the Lair here, was not seen as a needed thing. Why pay for an outside place if there wasn't anyone but me doing the shows? With Codi(hopefully) on board that now can go forward. But is Evanston Wyoming the place to build the flagship over the air station for HazzardAyre the right place? Consider Salt Lake City, Utah where Google has just put down a footprint for fiber optic 1gig Internet. Might not it be that the organization plant our seed in SLC rather than or as a side dish of Evanston, Wyoming? In essence once trained for our operation the way we do it, put Codi in , at the Salt Lake City studio, and do the twosome over Internet? 
For some odd reason and maybe its just me since I don't have ovaries to think it through, if there is a couch in the studio, right away there are those feminintiles that automatically think , " ah, he wants to have intimate relations" not just on air talk. These days at least for me, I'm just not interested in sex. It does not excite me, it flat does not interest me, and does not always occupy my mind. These days, I'm more hot trucks, trick bikes and muscle cars. If it don't burn fuel, and does not have tires or fly, I'm not that into it. Once upon a time getting laid or such in studio was a dream. That dream is pretty much gone. Sure Stern and Imus did that, but Evanston Wyoming and damn well LDS restricted minded Utah, Wyoming, Idaho is not New York City. What could be done there can't be done here. Or at least as easy here as there. So why have a lady second chair? Simple, women have senses like that 6th sense that at times can be a curse and a blessing. That 6th sense can detect bullstuff faster than a fib detector. Of course if your hitched and she is tuned into her 6th sense, it can also aid in the course of buying a home, buying a car or doing business. She can tell you if who your dealing with is feeding you a line or if he or she is being honest. 
Having a feminintile in the studio, to voice the human female thoughts on a topic is a great addition which is why I look so hard for one, that I can interact on air with. The other reason for much of this in studio honey search is that if I have to share a 10X20 studio with someone, I'd rather share it with a lady that with a smelly guy, even a Knyte. It's no longer the toew kiss, nor touchy feely, its about having something in studio that sounds sweeter than I. 
Today at HazzardAyre and all its not about Sex, its about Gender and there IS a DIFFERENCE. 
See you on air at 13:00 after Church.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Do you really love your career or is it just another job, how dedicated to it are you?

Do you really love your career or vocation or is it just another job, just to stay alive or for survival. The two are not always mutually inclusive. The differences are fairly straight forward. Working at McDonalds or WalMart is a job to survive. Sure you can have aspirations of climbing the ladder to an owner or manager, but most often, its a way to earn to eat and pay rent. On the flip side a career is a profession, that you stay with with visions of a long time vocation. Like radio. Our new hire was due in this overnight, but figure she'll be in, in the morning while the show can freeflow. She is one that I think and I could be wrong, but she's one that sees radio as a long term career. So she's making sacrifices to fly up here from Arizona, if nothing else than to kick tires.
I had figured on being on air overnight and all but computer decided to hurl, so doing diagnostics to remedy the malady. I think the sickness invaded when I clicked on Glen Beck's BlazeTV site. Which is a good example of the demonstration of a person looking to make a career rather than just another job. Tomi on Blaze TV, is one helluva commentator. She can interview and still make sure the idea for her point of view is retained. Not only does she have enough eye candy, but her guy-pal is a Navy Seal, and at only 25 years old, this gal is going somewhere in broadcasting. Not only does she have her own show on Blaze, but she delivers like few others. Which is why I'm trying to find a contact way to get in touch and see if a bit of finesssing might bring her over to HazzardAyre. But lets back away from broadcasting for a minute or two. 
I when not here in studio am behind the wheel of a tow truck. To some driving a tow truck is just a job. To me its a dedicated life time vocation and profession. Okay going out in the bitter cold in snow up to your hips is not the sweet part of my day, but when I bring back a ride to pavement and get paid I can look at that and say I did that, and that's a reward unto its own. But I'm dedicated to it. That's partly why I stay up all night and have a phone with me at all times. As well as my portable handi talkie. I read all kinds of publications, go to classes and so on, to become better at what I do. 
Sure the politicians and progressives in America do not want you to progress, ISIS and others want us as American's to keep our heads in the sand, heads up our butts, and not attempt to better ourselves. My way of thinking, piss on those foreign and domestic forces, and do this thing my way, if I fail and fall flat on my ass , so what? I get up, re-evaluate the situation and go at it again. And so it goes, 24/7/365 . So same is nearly for this radio thing. Since age 12 I have been spinning records, and barking on the air behind a mic in some capacity either over the air, on TV, or cyber radio. Its not for the money, its for the purity of the art. And it is an art. As such since I have developed these skills, I love to teach these ancient , but skills none the less to others, like my new second chair, or anyone else, no matter the gender to know how to do quality, none computerized, personality radio. 
See you on air this afternoon at 13:00 MST .