Monday, August 3, 2015

You just got to give it some sizzle

In a world where men are truly men, and women being the angelic creatures they are, if your going to advertise and just flat put it out there online you just have to give that banner or pic some sizzle. Or you might as well just take whatever it is and put a match to it. I see blogs, and ads all the time, that have no wow factor. In the same world, the prospective viewer is going to take may a mere minute scan of your blog hedder or see you ad, if you don't have a super hottie enhancing the image you might as well not even bother. Boring gets heaped into the trash, yet a pin up girl as in the case with the AyreWolvez or HazzardAyre Aviation gets noticed. Oh sure you'll get the standard Gloria Steinmates or libber that will say women are not just meat on the hoof, or in high heels for you to gander at and sell up your jeans. However unlike the GAY's and all men, at least REAL men, like the fragrant look of a hot looking gal posing with an aircraft, bikers love a gal in tight leather with a Harley, truckers love a sweet kountry gal with a new Mack, or Peterbilt, the list goes on but ya'll get the drift. 
So that being that for those that need to know a gal in nylon hose and a bit leggy, can spice an ad or banner ad. That makes one look longer and that equals getting a phone call.
Okay on my day, decided not to venture to Twin Falls, the General is still leaking and smoking, so got a appointment at Chads, get it fixed, drive Lil Wolf for the month, then take care of the relocation on September to October. Did get breakfast from one of our Priesthood members, but with the rain, and General having a bleeding problem, rather than risk messing the General up, decided to remain on station for a month or so get things tied up and focus on flying and radio. 
In closing if your going to go to the effort of doing any kind of visual attention grabbing advertising ad a hot babe with the ride, chopper or plane, as You just got to give it some sizzle.
L8R Aviators

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