Sunday, August 2, 2015

What not to expect on Sunday and what you should

There are certain things you should never expect on Sunday's. First don't expect a decent newscast on any channel as the good anchors and reporters are well resting on Sundays. Two don't expect anything good or inspiring on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter, again people are not cruising the cyber highway as much. Last but not least, expect to go ANYwhere to get something decent to eat at least in smaller towns. Just ain't none. Oh sure some places THAT should be closed are open, but their chefs and wait staff is well not too happy to be there in the first place, so they do a lack luster job. Service is very slow , but not too many customers, cooks don't prep and don't do their best work, so you spend big money, get crappy food that gets to you cold, and not very tasty, and last, served by a person with a serious attitude.
Then there are those things you expect, but are really miffed if not delivered. You go to church, shake hands with everybody trusting they at least, washed their hands and take hygene at least seriously. You get a happy smile from the Bishop, and his cabinet, and if your lucky you might get a person or family that at least attempts to make sure your welcome there. Then you go to after Sunday School class, to Priesthood; where you expect some measure of civility and maturity, hey these are supposedly Heavenly Fathers chosen few. Yea right. What Craig Welling did or handled the thing this afternoon was wrong. Sure I should have been quiet, but I didn't even know the class had started. A simple, kind hey class has started, would have been good, but not an insulting mean get the hell out of here blast, like Craig did it. Granted maybe he was having a bad day, or morning, that's fine. But something so simple and small, and he gets on his pound his chest attitude. I don't give a crap if he is a Welling or anybody else. You don't ever dishonor a Knyte, as that in many places can get you pushing up daisies, or pushing up the spring crops. Our royalty is earned, not just there. Of course, he might not have known , but come next Sunday he will. Any mile there are other things you expect. Towing services to be operational, Fire Departments to respond, and the local law to get the job done. 
I know I should not harp on the treatment I got this morning at Church, and its not the first time and most likely wont be the last. However, outside of a very small handful of people at this ward, I have been treated like crap, or at least as someone that should not be there in the first place. Okay sure I'm not wearing a three piece suit. Sure I am a road warrior of both the 2 and 18 wheeled variety, and yes I have some doctrine challenges to overcome. However just because I'm not waling around like I'm anal retentive. Does not mean I should be stoned when I never did deserve it. Sure Jesus was stoned and crusified, but do I need to be, by people who claim to really love one another? A denomination, that preaches treat your neighbor and people as YOU want to be treated. To live one another as you love yourself? Somehow there's something wrong here. Each week, or so there's a new person showing up in church. Last week one was blessed and confirmed from being baptized . An older person. Now there is this thing where the congregation says , Can you support and welcome this person, by raise of hand?" Many say yes, but do they mean it? How many times does it take for the church to at least be honest, and flat say no, I can't support that person. Maybe then we could be on a solid foundation. I don't mean to make this a long drawn out speech or bad mouth our Ward, or the church, but ballheaded Eagle Manure, I have been held at an arms length here in this ward since I entered it. Had things been different, I'd have stayed in the Yellow Creek Ward, the congregation was much more heart warming and genuine, than the Uinta View Ward. Sure my current Bishop and all is very good, can't say enough good things about our Bishop, but the rest could use a bit more lessons on how to treat a new member. Especially one that has been a member of the church since birth , but has been crapped on all too many times by the church, not this ward, but others. I had pretty much left the church in Twin Falls. I started going to the River Fellowship there in Twin Falls. There was more support there and genuine love than I ever, ever felt at any LDS Ward. When a group of us in the Knytes had been ostrasized by mainstream churches, we'd ride down to the rest area in the Hazzard Valley off of US 30 there. The spot we chose was on the bank, of Oster Lakes there. Winter was a real bitch, but during the summer months, we'd meet, with nothing more than our cuts, bibles, and two guitars. We sang , read and spoke the word of God, and prayed. We'd have a lunch, and ride home. It was beautiful, the background, was such that it was deep enough water to where we could baptize new people, into our group, and for the reception of the Holy Ghost. There was no chain of command to do this, although it was done by area Knytes high council members, however that said, in our minds and souls we are ALL equal under Heavenly Fathers eyes. Not a egotisticle false, and damaging chain of command that says just because your of a certain Priesthood level you can do this or that. We all performed the blessings and shared the preaching and teaching. Plus no body was judging you for what you wore, or how you got there, on on what you got there on or in. There are those that would say, that leaders of the LDS faith, doesn't judge on superficial things. I say bullsbreath. I'm sure as those brave pioneers that hauled themselves across the plains and mountains to Utah and elsewhere, did not care what was worn to church or Sunday meeting, as I'm sure there wasn't a Mr. Mac store along the way. 
In closing I'd just like to say, to Craig Welling and a few others, not all of us were raised with a gold spoon stuck in our mouths, and two even though some of us were, we developed a kind heart, not a bitchy attitude. Maybe some day you might be where I'm at, economic wise. I forgive you, but dishonor me like that publicly , and we'll take that discussion outside and I'll demonstrate what happens when you dishonor a Knyte.

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