Wednesday, August 12, 2015

We help when no one else will, and HazzardAyre Radio needs on air talent

So saw this ad on EV Classifieds, some gal in our town needing help with a water bill. So Me through the Knytes paid her water bill less , late fee. This is what the Knytes do for a community, and people that truly need help from time to time, yet we're always the bad guys and those who don't pay employees. Thing is even if we do elect to pay someone, if your not in the mind to come fetch your money we are not going to chase you down. It's the old thing of you can lead a mule to water but if its too damn stubborn to drink it goes thirsty. 
Now do I think this gal is going to be fruitful for the club? On its radio station tasks or anything, maybe, or maybe not. That's not the idea. Jesus never said I'll help you, with a thought of what do I get in return, he just helped. Oh sure it'd be nice to have this gal make noise online and all about how nice we were, even going to the extent, of hauling her all the way to Wal-Mart to snag the money order. Again we help where we can.
HazzardAyre Radio is looking for lady on air anchors and co anchors for our online radio station. If interested in the best part time gig in the area, give us a call 307-679-7209.

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