Monday, August 10, 2015

Thou without knowledge

Some people should check their facts before opening their mouths or sending in a comment. Got a blip from someone always anonomuse that said something about me or the club being 86'd out of the Green T in Pocatello. Never was 86'd out of the Green T infact still have my chosen seat there, and folks that know what I want to chow down on long before I get there and on what day. The only place I was ever 86'd out of was the 91 Club there and that was by a Rumplestilskin looking bouncer there that got tense over me calling the cards on a bikini dancer there that played me and the club there. The little fart knocker caused me all too much money and all that if I ever do see him in person, well there's a big bunch of land in two nearby desert valleys there, where he'll never be found.
However there is a change in venu's for the awarding of both the Miss Hazzard County and Miss SAMCRO MC 2016 . Wyld Jacks just outside of Hazzard Idaho is the location. 
For more 411 on this tune in to the radio show Monday night.

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