Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Talent pool is really getting shallow

Ever wonder why the same pitch girls and demonstrators on TV are pretty much the same? It's because the talent pool is very shallow if in fact its there at all any more.
In today's political correct environment, a client interacting with that on screen talent is taboo, as well as those gals that are wearing too tight of a attire. Of course there is the same old ads that still have some octane in them. Especially the talent and pitches from those just got to have products that you see on late night and overnight TV. Seems that same blonde, who was skinny once, and has got beefier, for stickeeze and all also demonstrates those things that look(probably are) Tupperware products. 
The talent as well as creative pool is very low in the well. 
However, SouthernSteele Media the media unit of the Rode Knytes Association, is auditioning for new on screen talent for our various clients. If your a woman from 18 to 65 years old, looking to be a feature ad talent, get in touch with us here at HazzardAyre Radio at 307-679-7209, or email,  to apply. 

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