Friday, August 14, 2015

Sometimes real and honest is too much for some to bare

The end of another hot and sticky day here, although this wont last long as winter will be here soon. The AC here took a dump, so I'm dealing with the humid hot weather overnight. 
I'm trying to find an answer to a serious question. With it all, when I see TV ad's or promos for a radio station in Utah, that after a little research one finds its a corporate station, I think, doesn't this community deserve a local radio station that is just that local? More over with people on the air that are in the same town, rather than in some super studio somewhere in Hollywierd? Yet try as hard as we might , the Knytes can't find one local female to co anchor HazzardAyre. 
Sometimes something honest and real, can be that one thing that most of today's PC population can't handle, as being honest and real is no longer politicaly correct.

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