Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Some take things a bit too far Don't tarnish our efforts by being vile

There are just some things that make me ill. Here we are as a Confederate community defending the rights of all Confederate rebels and somebody with a Facebook page starts making it trashy. A Facebook page called the South Will Rise Again, is putting smutty pics up talking of sexual things, when they ought to be putting up things to strengthen our cause, not turn people away. Sure I'm a healthy genuine male corpuscle, and I love looking at real women that can be had by a guy, not some porn star that none of will ever get a chance with, much more than a wink. But this trashing women on such a page, is just plain wrong. If the page creators and the group doing that is to blame shame on them. If it's somebody putting stuff like this and the creators of the page don't know its being put there, that's another story. All I can say this kind of thing insults everything our southern heritage stands for.

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