Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My honey , your feet sure do stink

My honey, but your feet really do stink! Surly not something one would hear from me with my hunger for anything leggy and my fascination of women in nylons, yet today when I went to the Doctors to get my annual FAA exam, guess what? I'm now cleared to fly again. But all the while this one aid there, had foot halitocious. I mean really bad foot odor. I wanted to say something, but hey don't rock the ship when your going for your FAA exam. That said, in a medical facility, where clean is the main watch word, you'd think that foot stink, beyond patient should be a thing that the main Doc there would say, hey, honey you gotta go home and disinfect your peds. I mean whew. Of course that's not the half of it. The gal doing the exam, while not a skinny mini by any sight, was carrying herself rather well. Then came in this one gal, who at first was easy on the eyes, but had serious vaginal smell. Most guys would just pass this off as a hormonal turn on. Feremones they call it. Yet I just about hurled. Now true maybe that was what she came to the med clinic for, if so I hope they did some sealing of her scent glands because anywhere else she would have people gagging. Do people no longer care about their hygene any more? I mean serious stuff. Putting the final touches on some things for the show tonight, but I can now get back to getting my feet off the ground again, oh happy day the wind is finally getting under my wings.
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