Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Most don't like looking in a mirror

Most do not looking in the mirror. Especially if the true image is one that is not too flattering. it's only then do you realize your image needs work. Same thing as when I used to walk in the studio at Woods Cross Utah. That big glass door that reflected everything, I looked like a fat uncle Jessie rather than the mere chubby Cooter, I pictured myself as. With towns and surrounding areas , what they imagine just may not and most likely isn't the real image that others see. For many here in Evanston, one has make excuses and formulate a response to those from slightly more progressive areas. For example, the Knyte' Charter President of the Twin Falls Charter of the Knytes swung back through this morning waking me out of a sound sleep that I'm on my way back to here in a bit, body is just not up on doing a show overnight. But I woke up, and Rick wanted to go to Breakfast. Three places, one the club boycotts the other one too yuckie and finally Legal Tender. Rick said its too bad there isn't a home town good food diner or cafe here like say the Depot Grill in Twin Falls, or Charlies in Burley, or even Sills Cafe in Layton. I had to make the excuse , its just Evanston. All those oil wells going dry, and the economic blanket getting pulled from under the town's foundation, means no one is in a big hurry to start something here. Although Rick did say he with the club would support such a thing as a good food low price diner here. 
Then there was the trip to fetch that money order for that gals water bill. The discussion of all the rumors and all of me and the club helping her would be misconstrued as something more than what it was. But one still had to make excuses. 
Reservations of stimulating economic growth in Evanston or the immediate area, I have seen before. I remember when I experienced this in the Magic that we called Tragic valley. The entire area was hesitant to invest in itself. The mind set was let that happen elsewhere. But finally enough old fart money and keep it small town attitude died off. All of a sudden Twin Falls exploded in growth. Business' moved in, and Twin Falls is becoming an industrial SMB giant. What happened? People decided they were tired of living in a living ghost town. Same happened in Burley, and Boise was already growing. 
I remember when Lehi Utah was the same way. Pretty much a bedroom community of Provo, and a farm town, Lehi took the torch and is now the 4th fastest growing city and area in America.
Evanston could be such a place. With its nearby proximity to Park City Utah the tourist and film making capitol of the west, Evanston could attract the excess of that stimulus if only it would get off its reserved, stuck up, not in our town attitude butt. 
In all these cases and its not just us, but I can say in all of these cases, the Knytes planted seeds. Those seeds grew, but again the image of some of those that did not want us there then , Have changed. But the image then was not too flattering, but they changed that image, now if the Knytes can change the stubborn image attitude of Evanston, we can say again we did it. Now if we can just get some reluctant people to join the team. 
HazzardAyre Radio is that first step, and yes we are hiring. Where else are you going to get a job in this area paying $20.00 per on air hour to just sit, play music and talk? 

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