Saturday, August 15, 2015

Men like makin babies just not taking care of them

Men love makin babies just not too keen on taking care of them. Of course there's those guys that are just there for the makin. I was like that in my younger years, party hardy and then you get that sweet letter in the mail, although worded different sometimes , but it says, Greetings from the Social Services Department of the Idaho Department of Welfare. Oops, who was she, then you find out, hey buddy your a Daddy. Of course she could not tell you prior to you getting the letter that she was with child, nope, you have to find out the difficult way. No don't worry I ain't in that way now, I learned years ago, no matter how well she she says she's fixed, if you play without a rain coat, expect the expecting. Of course try to see the offspring you created. That's just not possible, after all she was in need of green, had no intention of marrying you, so she has child. Makes ya'll wonder why so many want to hook up with guys that don't have anything to begin with. But now he's attatched to a chain he can't break. Every month he has to rake out just over half of his income to her. Even then after the child is of age the Welfare , DFS, DCFS or what ever alphabet agency it is if they paid anything to the girl at first, your on the hook for that as well. Of course there's the cases of birth deffects, mostly because she couldn't stay off the narcotics during pregnancy, so you have to pay for a lifetime. Which you being older means YOUR lifetime. The odds of you winning a custody case against her to get rights to see YOUR child, is 99 her favor, you might get the chance to see your child, but don't count on it. I'm for having children. The making of them is part of life, but instead of women bitching about the delinquent fathers out here, how about lets talk the women who use baring children as a way to get public funds.
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