Monday, August 10, 2015

If your hungry and someone throws you a bone, don't throw it back!!

If your hungry and someone throws you a bone, its wise not to throw it back, the offer may only be made once.
Here's the scene, was sitting in the office here at the Wentworth, and this sorta good looking young gal comes in who apparently has been late on rent for a few times. Something on the situation that she is a beginning photographer. So I pitched the idea of her doing some work for me and the club. The response was, if I can find the time. Really, your running late with back rent and all and your resisting? Maybe you need to be homeless or near that once to realize that if someone throws an offer you grab it, not just treat it casually. I make these offers once the club likewise. Want to make a few extra dollars? Good the club and I have projects in this area of photography and video. We pay better than most despite what some might say, but you need to bite and carry the ball, we are not going to beg. There's all too many photographers and video producers in Salt Lake City, that are being contacted to jump on the project. As the website for the Knytes-of-Dixie and the radio gig, is being constructed. A state of the art website, and there's cash in the stash box ready to be paid to somebody that wants and needs the work. Who do you think has been paying for the shop, which is way over priced, and yes a lower cost alternative is being looked for, but dang it all too hell. Don't be too stuck up, as the bone is thrown only once by us, its wise not to throw it back. 
On the air early Tuesday morning at 08:00(8:00AM) for DixieAyre Radio. . Okay then, went to Legal Tender for lunch with a few of the Reaper Crew. The conversation was good, the food not so much. Quite frankly, the grub at Legal Tender is not the quality of the Reaper. Too much food, not well cooked.

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