Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Have you ever noticed how many assholes there are in the Comments section? Most people Don't like honesty

Have you ever noticed in the comments section of a given, Facebook or news page you visit online. There will be at least 5 of those that are so infantile and so full of hate that you wonder, did they have a problem going to the toilet this morning? Or you see some gal you befriended and at least one or two people there will do a come on and can I date you comment. Come on people grow the Fck up. Is everybody so fed up with life that you can't find joy, or peace or something out in our world that you need to belittle everything? It's like I was reading a page on AdWeek, about a new campaign from Papa Johns Pizza. Yep, some jerk had to say something bad about someone albeit a giant corporation vendor wanting to make his product better. There are so many problems with people not wanting honesty, these days that all too many are finding a need to just trash other people. For me I work daily at finding the good in people, and nature. Wondering about innocent things that most ignore. Like asking the questions, like can a house fly hear? Or even a bit more racy, like why is it more women don't wear nylon stockings anymore? Especially those drop dead blonde gals on FoX News Channel. Many could use them as their bare legs need some sort of enhancement. No that not being mean, nor insulting, or body bullying . It constructive commenting. Especially if your on network TV. Getting back, do you try to be kind to others, offer them a cold soda during the hot sun if they have none? Have you ever stepped up, if you can, at say a Wal-Mart check out and see some kid or parent come up a few cents or even dollar short of the correct amount and said I'll help . Just yesterday, was at Legal Tender a local eating place here in Evanston. While I had money to pay my bill, one of our Priesthood members bought my breakfast. Without any question. We need this today.
Then there is the comments on such Facebook pages as Girls And Cars. At least two were there and you could nearly hear their mouths watering, but trying to trash the photo. Come on, the gals on those shots, are PAID models, usually dating a pro football player and none of us regular guys stand a chance. Even in real world life.
More Later got to get to the Doctor.

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