Saturday, August 8, 2015

Facebook is getting boring, Rosie was a name dropped during the Debate and Megen Kelly still has great legs

While still top of the heap, let's face it, Facebook is getting boring. The old saying of Same Shit, Different Day applies. Seems that originality and creativity is gone, all anybody does is copy stuff from one website and post it to their page, that if your a friend of that poster, you get it on your news feed. Little of that feed is anything that you never have seen before. Kind of like what I see when I read AdWeek. I even dropped a subscription to All Access, as it seems as what I read is the same junk. How about more focus on smb broadcasters in rural America, or that of those of us in webcasting, and LPAM/LPFM's ? This would be constructive. While terrestrial radio listenership is up, the fact is most get audio from streaming sites, not good old transistor radios. Really something bad, but its the sign of the times. 
Last nights first Presidential Debate on FNC, was to me little more that a one sided, Q&A rather than a true debate. Only the exchange between Paul And Christie resembled anything that was of a debate. The rest seemed just too much scripted or at minimum staged. What I did get out of it, was that Megen Kelly , being the only true Fox of FoX News, wearing an inviting black dress and while some leggings would get the look much better, still Megen still has the finest legs of any anchor woman on TV period. 
While we planned to be on air overnight, the power went off here at SouthernSteele Central, so both DixieAyre and HazzardAyre was not able to go on air, but we'll be on Saturday afternoon and Saturday into Sunday morning . 
Finally, and I think I dropped this by you middle of the month of July, but if not I'll drop this on you now. Got this notice from some gal in Ohio somewhere, saying she wanted to get tight with the old Wolf here. When someone says they picked you at age mid 20's early 30's and your nearing the 60 yard stick on the highway of life, and can't really say Why they pick you, that's a red flag, the next big black flag is when after just a few weeks you get a thing that asks the question, like I am broke and need money for some sorry sob story. This is an attempt to empty your bank account and break your heart. And when they admit they have been blocked from Facebook, and such that's a good sign that this gal is not what she seemed to be. Granted there's a lot of people that don't have a Facebook page or account. For me unless I know em and all I don't trust anyone that has not got at least some Facebook, or social media page. 
If you get an invite from a Denise Miller, don't bite, excuse me byte on that as its a fraud.
She's a fraud, and will break your heart .
See you on the cyber radio Saturday evening at 18:00 MST. 

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