Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Everything starts or restarts small

Everything starts or restarts small, the point of success is to never give up on your dream or concept. For example, and of course this was years and years ago, when this nation was a lot more optimistic. But a guy with a graphic artist, drew a mouse, with three fingers, and created one of the first moving cartoons. In the mid 1950's he brought all his magical characters to life in an old field in Anaheim California. He called the place the happiest place on earth. He created a small TV show for kids called the Mickey Mouse Club, and by now you know its Disneyland. Walt Disney had a dream, but it started very small. Advance that to the early 1980's, in a small dorm room at Harvard A young computer sciences student decides to create a one of a kind social gathering place on the World Wide Web. Today you know the company as Facebook. It just takes a few people or just one with a friend, that believes, and things can happen. I remember a long time ago in the early 1970's, a displaced radio jock, creates with three friends a pop/rock countdown show that was purely syndicated. That first show took 14 hours to record, but the people believed, that became American Top 40. 
While certainly not to that level yet, since 1975, the real radio voice of the highway and America's long haul truckers has been and is Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio, part of the family subsidiaries that is SouthernSteele Medi and of course HazzardAyre/DixieAyre Radio. With just weeks to bring the on air station to fruition in Evanston, SouthernSteele Media runs 8 radio stations in three other states . The southern Hazzard County, fight the system, radio that has made us the success we are, unmatched in any market, and the one radio network, all are trying to copy but never can or will duplicate, is growing, but there are times one has to look at where your planting seeds as to how much of yield that crop is going to produce. So far the field that is Evanston Wyoming is loosing a bunch of its ability to produce anything. Much less a radio Television network. But hey we keep trying. I put up a few flares on both Evanston Classifieds and Bridger Valley Classifieds. To see if there was still the ability to draw talent to be on air. The mating of a in studio on air of guy gal has been going on for years. Stern and Robin, Hooker and Brooke(106.7 Salt Lake City) so who says we can't? Reason we can't? Because we are the one radical station and network that is full throttle over the top radio, and that means the squeeky clean religious community we live in here is not as radical and rebel as they might proclaim. Its more rather reserved, and a fear of don't piss of the church attitude. But we keep working at it, and like Disney and Facebook and American Top 40, HazzardAyre will be that one source for the hot groove of tunes and attitude. 
Still have not heard from the gal we helped pay her water bill. But I can say we did a good turn, let's see if she does.

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