Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Don't treat your email in box as an afterthought There might be something important in there

You might be one of those people that don't run a business or are not in the publics eye every day and sometimes 5 times per hour, but for those of us in media as well as those running a business, notices in your email inbox might contain some valuable information. Here's an example. Had an appointment with Phil from AllWest this morning, but and it WAS a money maker caught a tow via email inbox to Rock Springs. So now need to reschedule, but thing is if I had not stopped and caught my inbox, email, I might have lost the ability to make $500.00 that pays bills. Of course when it comes to the radio show/station thing, the intel that I gather there means I have something to talk about on air, that brings you back to tune in, that makes advertisers happy and that puts money in the clubs wallet, and every $100.00 the club makes I get $25.00 of so that means checking your email inbox. If your trying to cultivate a long distance romance or at least a online relationship before you meet in person, reading your inbox email from your beloved or at least acquaintence means you really get to know someone, and at least let them know they are in your thoughts. It's like my Facebook page and all, many make a friend on Facebook, you see all their postings, but they go off line when you just say hello. Hey if I just wanted a wink, or a handshake, I wouldn't have plucked on the hyper link to be your friend. I only do that with people I know or have known especially distant kin folk. Your inbox email, might also contain reminders of a task that you might have put off, this might have came from community college course your going to teach, a church calling, a club meeting or project. Bottom line if your in business or of media, and even if your not, it does PAY to check your Email Inbox, don't just do it haphazzardly, do it often. 

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