Thursday, August 13, 2015

Did this happen to you too?

Did this happen to you too? Was looking over Evanston Classifieds on Facebook and tried to post a ISO(In Search Of) ad on there to see if I could get a engine for the Subaru. Right in the middle Facebook stopped. Completely froze, I had to hard restart my computer and reboot just about everything. This is not the first time this has happened. Seems as though since I changed over to WIN10 most if not all of my programs including the one I use to do the radio station and all does not work, or does not work like it used to. The new Voice Recorder app, on WIN10 is nothing like the useful tool that was on WIN7, so is there a solution? I'd like to know. Mike down at Cajun Computers said I shouldn't have to back up all my music and such, thing is most of that doesn't work right. Question is can one, reverse this and reinstall WIN7? I can see WIN10 being the dud, that WIN ME was, Microsoft needs to fix a few patches, and glitches.

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