Thursday, August 6, 2015

But are they real and are they TRULY local? Let's get the word out of HazzardAyre Radio

As HazzardAyre Radio and subsidiaries like DixieAyre Radio has began to grow in listeners I wonder are we growing enough? With that in mind, I have been watching ads from IHeart radio's 106.7 out of Salt Lake City Utah. Guess what the hosts are NOT local, not even in Salt Lake City. The ads for Hooker and Brook, are of people that do not even live in Utah. I believe radio ought to be hosted or anchored by those people that live in that community. Not in Los Angeles or NYC. I want to see truly local radio hosts live. I remember when I found out the Bob And Tom show was syndicated. Really? Total let down. However with all of that said I want to take a page out of the book of 106.7 and KBER 101.1. Putting us on TV, and bringing listeners to the truth of what we are and why we are albeit slowly but growing none the less.
Deets at 23:00 , but I want to leave you with this; If you read this, are an attractive female with a rebel personality, and want to make some spare dollars, get in touch at:
Time to get the word out. Oh and yes, I and the rest of HazzardAyre Radio's crew are local, live here, eat here and spend money here from Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming. We are HazzardAyre Radio/DixieAyre Radio, find us and 

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