Monday, August 10, 2015

At least we had one month of summer

Watched the movie Grease for the umpteenth time and I remember when the club wanted to do something similar as those tight pants Olivia Newton John wore during the final scenes of that film. Which we never could reproduce, as few of any other female body much less finding skin tight pants that form fitting was near to impossible. Question , with Yoga pants could that scene be duplicated today? Does make one wonder. 
Went to the soda pop machine here at the Wentworth, to get a Dr. Pepper. Put in the required $1.50, but one quarter held up on the lip of the coin slot. End result after two attempts, went to Wal-Mart and bought a six pack of Dr. Pepper. But wait this gets better, the switch that switches between the ac and heater here at my apartment, only gurggles. That's right the switch or something is messed up, but here's my situation. With everything that is wrong here and the list is many, from a population that is so stoned and drugged, that serious intellegence is not possible. People here can't think, or easily multi task. For instance, went to KFC here just outside of Evanston. Of course it was very busy, 3 times the fast food workers there were so overwhelmed that the kept giving out the wrong food to the wrong people. Finally most there waiting had to show their tickets, to get the right food. What should have taken only maybe 5 minutes, was nearly 20. But even with all of that, I must say that I'm better off right now than I have been in many ways for at least 10 years. Look at it like this, I have a albeit with a few things wrong, I have a great place to live, a decent bed even though I can't find any sheets for it, I have cable and Internet that I can afford. The radio station is just weeks from ready to launch in its full state, and I have a decent car although it has a bad power steering hose that needs replaced, but I have just about everything I need. Which is what is holding me back from leaving. Yet I can see the need to do so soon, before winter sets in and from watching the critters around me with deer coming down to fatten up, the wild rabbits stocking up, and all means a very cold, heavy snow coming, and I know that in the next month or two its time to begin the search for warmer more fruitful fields. There are some and I'm cyber hunting around, but I can see a move on the horizon. 
I didn't go to Church today. It seems as though and I could be wrong, but it seems as though I go to church for a few Sunday's and inevitably there's some holier than thou bigot there, that gets in my face about something. Granted they might not recognize what they're doing, but I'm of a feeling that reading my scriptures and worshiping from home is a better choice. I'm better off doing that than , beating the dog stuff out of one of those that feels a need to dishonor me in public. This is of common knowledge back in my home town and area of Hazzard and Twin Falls Idaho. Most people there know that out of the many things, in life you DON'T DISHONOR a KNYTE(Knight) in public. As this could easily make a wife a widow. So I elect just not to go to Church here. I'm going to consult the Bishop here, to see if I can transfer into another Ward.
Maybe the 4th Ward.
Okay then at least we had a month of summer , but soon its going to get cold.
Maybe those in charge of the environmental systems here at the Wentworth, will begin to service those systems before the rush.

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