Wednesday, August 12, 2015

An evening when two Knytes were in town

Few knew that there was two Knytes in the village of Evanston earlier this evening, but there was. Charter President from Twin Falls came through on an equipment haul to Green River. Met him at the shop, and we went to dinner at Suds Brothers, it was great talking shop, and club bizzness, along with just talking things going on at A1. Seems Rick is looking at retiring , but that'll change. Rick can't stay seated for too long, before he gets restless. He needs to keep trucking. Not a bad thing, as I'm about in that same pattern of thought. While I could and never do anything again, I need to be working, even if its not for too much money, and all its for the club, and the loyalty and brotherhood there is not replaceable. So I do what I can.
It was also great to have one of the heavy haul rigs from A1 parked at the shop, shows my barking is not some grand fantasy that all too many think it is.
Both HazzardAyre and DixieAyre Radio returns full time starting Monday, at 10:00 AM, we're putting the final touches on some newer equipment.
Now if we can just find some people to help run the programming and anchoring. Also starting the last week of August, we'll be moving the equipment to our studio/office down town, Evanston.

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