Wednesday, August 5, 2015

American women need to wear nylon stockings more

I have been fighting a current fashion trend now for about 11 years. Somewhere in the midst of time of womens more intimate attire, the wearing of nylon stockings, pantyhose(yes there is a difference) and/or at least some leg coverings has went the way it seems, or should I say seams , as the 69 Charger or go-go boots. I caught this on Facebook
 and thought this pic would be much better if Penny(Big Bang Theory) would have been black hose on her legs. Let's face it some womens feet look terrible if not covered by stockings of some sort. If you look here, 
This example looks much classier than the one with Penny. Its comparable to custom trucks. You would never ever enter a custom show truck in a show without it having chrome wheels or at least painted well, so why would a woman especially on TV or a movie or even on a TV talk show not wear nylons or leggings of some fashion? It's also like the other day, and I think I touched on this in an earlier entry. There's this new gal that I noticed coming to church that's in my current Sunday School class. Sharp and pretty as can be, with one exception. She wears mid thigh mini skirts and dress's to Church, but her legs look so bad and her feet and toes, and she wears open toed heels in the 7 inch spiked version, that you think, hasn't someone ever told her, " Sister, if your going to wear that kind of an outfit, you need leggings. " I suppose nobody told her to wear hose. And her response would be , " Its none of your business" My thought is, There are times, for many women to re-examine the idea, and start putting on nylons again.

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