Tuesday, August 11, 2015

All perceptions are not accurate Don't judge until you REALLY know.

This relates to a situation that happened yesterday near 16:00 hours. There was the closing bells here at the Wentworth, and I was chatting with this neighbor here that does photography. Our resident manager seemed a bit put off that I was conducting my business in her office, but hey here was somebody with a service I need. Of course there's more to this than meets the eye and I think our resident manager was thinking that I might be attempting to pick up on this young lady there. Not in the slightest. What few here in Evanston realize, is there's only two ladies in my life. One is my toew truck LexiBelle, the other is my dear lady in Jerome, Ellie May. Past that , I have no need or desire to hook up with anybody, on a personal basis. On a professional basis, I want a guy gal gig for the radio station, and some cover girls for the website that will showcase and spotlight our online radio station as well . Outside of that I have no alter agenda, and I'm getting damn sick and tired of having that come up around and bite me by the ass. 
Now then too, I heard that our resident manager is having some tough times. I say hey instead of shoving me aside, has she ever said I'll take you up on your offers? No. She says she knows how to design websites. Great, help design ours. That'd put a few bucks in her britches, rather than fight me and or the club, why not dive in and help, make some extra cash for herself and join the Reaper Crew team? I mean dang it all to hell. Granted just a few weeks even months ago, I was pushed against the wall money wise. But hey look now, there is a bit more green in my jeans and unlike many who would be content on sitting on their butts, sucking in state and federal aid dollars, I'm busting my ass to get above that, sure the shop flopped. Okay I'll agree it was a bit too expensive. But opening a MC shop and/or going towing was not what I braved the cold winter, and went through hell here in Wyoming for. I came to this stinking, stuck up, ungrateful village to create and put online and on the air a radio station for truckers, and southern heritage preservation. You'd think for someone that has a husband who drives a hot shot truck for a living and a son that wants to go trailer trucking that she'd want to dive in and help on a industry image booster and a service to all who move and deliver this nation. Now granted too, this might be easier to swallow if this was in a facility, not in the apartment here. As soon as I see enough to validate that , it will be. But as long as I'm doing 90% of the work on and of the station and all, its just as easy to run it out of my domicile. Now people including her, gets tired of me putting the village down. But dig this and this is leading to the continued search of the Twin Falls area of Idaho to move back to. As bad and as stubborn as Twin Falls Idaho is, and perhaps its because of reputation of the club and all, but when we did post an opening there, at least there were people THAT SHOWED UP, and many got hired and those are still making money, making money for the club and the radio network. Yet here nothing. Okay sure the resurrection of Lotty's into the Reaper did not work. But who in their right mind would lease a bar/resturant, that you can't even get a booze license for, that the owners want $4k a month to lease even while renovating it, at the tune of half a million, when you can't even get people to be on radio, how the hell am I going to justify getting the Knytes to finance a bar that would take two years at best to generate money? 
Now then why the hell am I still here? Because the club wants to at least complete this radio thing, and two haven't lit on a good place in Twin Falls to move back to. Add to that, had the my little truck not have been frozen last January into early February, I would not have even moved into the Wentworth here. But I have went through to much crap to give up now. 
Getting back on and up into the air, that in Tuesday's edition here, and I'll be on air this afternoon.

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